This site has been developed with the express intent of offering a faster, more reliable, and permanent means of compiling and archiving information provided by Commodore4Eva ("c4eva") on the subject of Xbox 360 and Xbox One firmwares.

Information is gathered from public channels on EFnet IRC in which c4eva participates and, at times, from private/team channels (when deemed suitable for public knowledge and approved by c4eva).

Logs are posted here automatically whenever c4eva speaks, at times including a portion of the conversation leading up to his statements/responses for contextual purposes. Periodically, these raw posts/updates are manually edited so as to retain only those parts of the conversation which are relevant.

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DO NOT post comments asking questions like "When will X be released?", or "When will c4eva do X?". All current status information and ETAs, when applicable, are noted in the Status Table on the front page. If it's not listed there, it's not known, so don't ask. All questions of this type will be deleted by the Admins.