Some Additional Info as the Christmas Eve Release of iXtreme LT+ v3.0 Nears

With the final testing stage of BenQ and phat Lite-On underway in preparation for the scheduled Christmas Eve release of c4eva's iXtreme LT+ v3.0, we thought we'd drop some additional bits of info into your Stockings in the form of answers to some recent questions.

Version 3.0 of iXtreme LT+ for BenQ and Lite-On (both phat and slim) does in fact retain support for truncated backups, although it is strongly recommended to use full burns made with a compatible Lite-On iHAS drive flashed with the iXtreme Burner MAX fw. Support for truncated backups, however, remains excluded from Hitachi in its forthcoming 3.0 version.

While abgx360 v1.0.6 remains in progress, the new version of Xbox Backup Creator can be used temporarily as an alternative for injecting the necessary new AP25 topology data files into existing backup ISOs. XBC doesn't perform the same degree of validation of topology data files, and provides no means to verify their authenticity or correctness, so be very cautious if using files from unknown sources until abgx360 is released. In addition to extracting/injecting AP25 topology data files, the new XBC also works with the existing 0800 v3.0 ripping firmware to dump backup ISOs that include proper topology data from original game discs. At the time of writing, it has yet to be definitively determined whether the new XBC will be released alongside LT v3.0, or if it will be released later. The new abgx360 is still under heavy development, and will release in due time.

Recently, there have been some rumors and bogus info spread by a sad individual that is attempting to trick and confuse people with fake release dates, false info, bogus IRC channels and Facebook accounts (note: we don't post on Facebook, only Twitter), and mislabeling things as "official" when they are in fact not. We'd like to remind users that the only official sources for news and info from c4eva and the team are here at, the #c4e channel on EFNet IRC, the Team-Xecuter, JungleFlasher, and abgx360 websites, as well as reliable news outlets such as Xbox-Scene. Be wary of news or information from other outlets that don't cite the official #c4e IRC channel or one of the aforementioned sites as the original source.

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82 Responses to Some Additional Info as the Christmas Eve Release of iXtreme LT+ v3.0 Nears (Including 13 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar ANONYME says:

    Thank you *

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  2. avatar landon says:

    Keep the good working c4eva, thank you so much
    All my thanks team jungle, team xecuter & the guys behind XBC & abgx, keep the good work.

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  3. avatar hater says:

    abgx… no words. i wonder when it will be released? maybe christmas 2012… still no xgd3 support. ridiculous

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  4. avatar eltexmexalex says:

    You can download TUs at

    Just remember use the correct source

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    • avatar The Pro. says:

      for what is this? can you explain me please? thanx

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        This was being used to get around games that would not boot due to new ap2.5 challenges. You can read more about it on the team xecuter website.

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      • avatar eltexmexalex says:

        I might be wrong thinking that topology data is TU(Title Updates). I was thinking that you patch the iso with XBC manually with TU file. If this is wrong how is it patched with xbox backup creator?

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        • avatar Anonymous says:

          No, just no.

          TU = Title Update, that much you had right, it's not going to have topology data on it, though. But if you throw an AP 2.5 backup in with the proper TU on a flash drive, voila, you can boot backup as it dances around the AP 2.5 check.

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        • avatar SteelSmack says:

          TU = Title Updates. It holds nothing as far as topology data… so you're wrong. =D

          XBC will rip the topology data right into the .ISO with an original. I imagine it will be possible to inject the topology data into an existing .ISO. You'll of course need a Lite-On/BenQ 0800 ripping drive to use XBC to get the topology data.

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  5. avatar inkdmn says:

    Best news ever! thanks C4eVa and teams…merry christmas to all!!

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  6. avatar MrFeedableSheep says:

    I wanna have yo baby..!
    I want chu to be da fatha of my children..!
    I want to make little C4eva's wit chu..!
    …No Homo! XD

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  7. avatar theraver says:

    Great news, thanks c4e and the team for all the great work. this however means i and many other 360 flashing providers will be bombarded with xbox's over the festive period. I am greatful for the work, effort and testing that goes into c4e's work anyway! thanks once again and great to see an actual ETA this time!

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  8. avatar NakedFaerie says:

    Awesome work. :)
    It will be a merry Christmas for us :)

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  9. avatar Joaquin Gutierrez says:

    Will slim lite on como out in december as well? Keep up the good work., SOMEBODY PLEASE ANSWER

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  10. avatar Tituaa!! says:

    He Spoke!!! Lol

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