c4eva Spoke! (2010-09-29)

[2010-09-29 04:01PM] <Mentall> any xbox 360 slim mods
[2010-09-29 04:05PM] <c4eva> not yet!
[2010-09-29 04:07PM] <Mentall> Harder then the new 93450c
[2010-09-29 04:12PM] <c4eva> yes

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5 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2010-09-29)

  1. avatar microtrendcine says:

    please somenthing new about non jtag with new dash beta thanks?

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  2. avatar sanicidro says:

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys rock………. xmas has come early……everything went smooth as butter…games are playing nicely…..it is a great day…………….

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  3. avatar Alejandro says:

    Maestro necesitamos para LT 0225!!!!!!!

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  4. avatar master mind says:

    thanks again c4eva but can u tell me y i cant install the xgd3 games on my console………and thanks a looooot……………..please responde 4 me on https://www.facebook.com/Master.of.Mind94

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  5. avatar Marc says:

    Salve ragazzi volevo sapere una cosa, io o aggiornato la mia xbox con il nuovo aggiornamento 2.0 con questo posso andare sicuro in online no ? Grazie !

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