c4eva Spoke! (2010-11-01)

[2010-11-01 04:11PM] <c4eva> ap2.5 already defeated, backup fable 3 running fine on beta dash! more data required for analysis!
[2010-11-01 04:12PM] <demon1300> C4 are you planning on releasing the new LT+ for the old consoles? ie. not slim?
[2010-11-01 04:12PM] <c4eva> demon:yes
[2010-11-01 04:14PM] <ceptaz> c4eva, is it confirmed that current FW and older games will be safe in the new dash?
[2010-11-01 04:15PM] <c4eva> ceptaz:unknown at present!
[2010-11-01 05:11PM] <c4eva> very good here, dash out?
[2010-11-01 05:11PM] <c4eva> version please?
[2010-11-01 05:13PM] <c4eva> so it begins,dash version please?
[2010-11-01 05:13PM] <loftY> c4 2.0.12611.0
[2010-11-01 05:14PM] <c4eva> very good, thx, same version im already working with
[2010-11-01 05:15PM] <c4eva> ok, logs will be done soon for analysis!
[2010-11-01 05:26PM] <c4eva> i will be analysing live and ap25 with new dash, so will know more soon!
[2010-11-01 05:27PM] <Souls1> C4 are you still working on hitas? Will they eventually be released =)?
[2010-11-01 05:31PM] <c4eva> more soon!
[2010-11-01 05:31PM] <Souls1> C4eva: seen my question?
[2010-11-01 05:31PM] <loftY> c4 will lt+ possibly come out this year?
[2010-11-01 05:32PM] <c4eva> no
[2010-11-01 05:33PM] <unlucky> c4eva so there will be a LT+ for lite-on and benq drives
[2010-11-01 05:33PM] <c4eva> yes
[2010-11-01 05:36PM] <c4eva> souls:was working on it , not for a while now!
[2010-11-01 07:02PM] <c4eva> all looking good so far!
[2010-11-01 07:09PM] <c4eva> ok, have logged the update process, analysing!
[2010-11-01 07:06PM] <c4eva> please wait, i am stepto my toilet for a break!
[2010-11-01 07:09PM] <c4eva> ok, have logged the update process, analysing!
[2010-11-01 08:33PM] <c4eva> logged entire update process, no vendor packets, only standard inquiry and key exchange, so update process safe!
[2010-11-01 08:37PM] <c4eva> fable 3 not safe! ap2.5 active for that title with new dash
[2010-11-01 08:37PM] <******> heya — if you're around, can I ask you for clarification on something?
[2010-11-01 08:38PM] <c4eva> yep
[2010-11-01 08:38PM] <******> people weren't sure if your "no" was in response to seeing Soul's question, or to the new fw being out this year
[2010-11-01 08:38PM] <******> [2010-11-01 05:31PM] <Souls1> C4eva: seen my question?
[2010-11-01 08:38PM] <******> [2010-11-01 05:31PM] <loftY> c4 will lt+ possibly come out this year?
[2010-11-01 08:38PM] <******> [2010-11-01 05:32PM] <c4eva> no
[2010-11-01 08:39PM] <******> I just wanted to be sure, cuz I know people will constantly ask about it hehe
[2010-11-01 08:40PM] <c4eva> that was to soul, no lofty
[2010-11-01 08:40PM] <c4eva> not
[2010-11-01 08:40PM] <******> ah, thought so, thanks for clarifying ;)
[2010-11-01 08:41PM] <c4eva> as soon as we have enough data on ap25 then there will be something
[2010-11-01 08:42PM] <******> yeah, sounds good
[2010-11-01 08:47PM] <c4eva> testing more game titles soon for ap25!
[2010-11-01 08:51PM] <c4eva> still analysing fable 3 with live, lots of data coming in, more soon!

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  1. avatar ebrahem says:

    My friends asked how the possible two running back because of Replicated Last Updated

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  2. avatar o0madridista0o says:

    hallo and nice work ,
    i have an xbox360 with a spoofed lite on to a sumsung
    can i play backups with XGD3 with the LT 2.0 ??

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