c4eva Spoke! (2010-11-03)

[2010-11-03 09:58AM] <c4eva> just a word of waring on the sed "disc swap", although this passes the timing check, ap25 also returns data from its check which will be wrong with the wrong disk and will get you banned!
[2010-11-03 10:02AM] <c4eva> the trigger for ap25 is still being investigated, but assume a list of titles of some sort or some check, not the xex!
[2010-11-03 10:04AM] <c4eva> no ap25 traffic was ever logged with fifa 09
[2010-11-03 10:08AM] <demon1300> c4eva, it is known yet whether AP2.5 can flag you in an offline state?
[2010-11-03 10:09AM] <c4eva> demon:yes it can
[2010-11-03 10:10AM] <c4eva> console flag
[2010-11-03 10:13AM] <c4eva> ssv3 will be required for any game that activates ap25
[2010-11-03 10:13AM] <xanoN> c4eva: does that mean old games that dont have ap25, that we burned, as ssv2 are safe?
[2010-11-03 10:14AM] <c4eva> xanon:yes
[2010-11-03 10:16AM] <Al_lee> c4eva do you think it is possible that they activate ap25 with a title update on old games?
[2010-11-03 10:16AM] <c4eva> possible
[2010-11-03 10:23AM] <c4eva> slim will come with lt+

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