c4eva Spoke! (2010-11-10)

[2010-11-10 04:10PM] <rodgerdaa> seriously need to get lt+ sorted though
[2010-11-10 04:10PM] <Forza3> its in the works my friend
[2010-11-10 04:11PM] <c4eva> working on it :)
[2010-11-10 04:14PM] <rodgerdaa> c4eva have you ever been approached by ms to work for them??
[2010-11-10 04:14PM] <c4eva> no
[2010-11-10 04:16PM] <euz100> how's the ps3 blue-ray firmware comming along?
[2010-11-10 04:17PM] <c4eva> euz:will look at that when finished here, got sidetracked!
[2010-11-10 04:17PM] <rodgerdaa> c4eva have ms tried to shaft us big time this time with ap 2.5?? titally new f/w??
[2010-11-10 04:19PM] <c4eva> rodger:no
[2010-11-10 04:22PM] <rodgerdaa> c4eva have you any news on lt+ for us today?
[2010-11-10 04:24PM] <c4eva> host supplied checks was always the holy grail for them as they know we control the fw and cant see what the host is doing but no matter! :)
[2010-11-10 04:26PM] <demon1300> C4, exactly how many new checks are involved in the new AP2.5?
[2010-11-10 04:27PM] <c4eva> 13 unique ones so far!
[2010-11-10 04:28PM] <demon1300> so you think there could be more than 13… :-|
[2010-11-10 04:30PM] <c4eva> demon:yes, i would think so, too easy to overcome otherwise!
[2010-11-10 04:32PM] <MegaLord> c4eva can FW+ detect unknown checks?
[2010-11-10 04:32PM] <c4eva> there are other checks just for slim, so more work for that one!
[2010-11-10 04:32PM] <Forza3> C4eva, would it be possible to for Microsoft to run ap2.5 checks remotely at anytime?
[2010-11-10 04:33PM] <c4eva> lt+ will cater for any ap2.5 challenge!
[2010-11-10 04:37PM] <Forza3> C4eva, out of the slims how many fw versions are there and how many look positive to create CFW's currently?
[2010-11-10 04:41PM] <c4eva> slim, 2 fw versions so far, they went to great lengths to hide drive key in 0225! no matter! :)
[2010-11-10 04:38PM] <c4eva> lt+ eta – when its done and tested with more titles!
[2010-11-10 04:39PM] <demon1300> have you tested any new kinect titles c4?
[2010-11-10 04:39PM] <c4eva> no ap2.5 checks seen on older games so far, only fable 3, testing the water with that title!
[2010-11-10 04:48PM] <|Dreams|> c4eva, any info in you collaboration with demonhades on ps3 fw
[2010-11-10 04:48PM] <c4eva> ps3 fw comes next after all this!
[2010-11-10 04:49PM] <cmiz87> will the ps3 fw do the exact same thing as the xbox fw? right now there is already homebrew out to run games off hard drive
[2010-11-10 04:51PM] <c4eva> cmiz:yes you cant play on psn with jailbreak :)
[2010-11-10 04:55PM] <patzfan> C4eva can you please verify one thing, is the only relatively unsafe rip Fable, or have you spotted any other newer releases
[2010-11-10 04:56PM] <c4eva> only fable so far but thats not to say a new title might have ap2.5!
[2010-11-10 05:05PM] <c4eva> first benq and fat liteons, then comes slim!
[2010-11-10 05:06PM] <c4eva> further progress has been made, all good so far!

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