c4eva Spoke! (2010-11-13)

[2010-11-13 03:33PM] <Crass> is it possible to spoof our current drives to appear as samsung drives and bypass ap25
[2010-11-13 03:34PM] <c4eva> crass:osig is checked as part of ap25
[2010-11-13 03:34PM] <ChosLive> I spoofed 4 o 5 Slims to diferent drives, and only 2 times it don't works with Kinect (Play DVD) However, other slims read all (unless Fable 3 xD)
[2010-11-13 03:36PM] <c4eva> chos:new dash at some point checks slim drive fw, once it has spoof will cease to work
[2010-11-13 03:36PM] <Crass> c4eva will LT+ firmware be available to hitachi v79 drives?
[2010-11-13 03:37PM] <c4eva> crass:maybe
[2010-11-13 03:38PM] <Rooner> C4eva have u tested AC brotherhood?
[2010-11-13 03:39PM] <c4eva> yes, i have ac:b, all is good!
[2010-11-13 03:44PM] <c4eva> lt+ testing begins this weekend, not long now!
[2010-11-13 06:24PM] <dvs0n3> unless u have a hitatchi drive or a sammy, but sammys seem to be hit and miss, works for some and not for others
[2010-11-13 06:25PM] <c4eva> dvs:ap25 is checking osig
[2010-11-13 06:26PM] <Loggio> +c4eva – what is osig?
[2010-11-13 06:27PM] <c4eva> original drive signature for motherboard
[2010-11-13 06:31PM] <c4eva> osig is interesting, they took out kernel check due to rrod repairs, now ap25 had to have it,otherwise everyone would be a sammy, now rrod repairs may not boot if osig wasnt updated!
[2010-11-13 06:35PM] <c4eva> its gone past just live, they want no backups booting period!
[2010-11-13 06:37PM] <alfonsy> I read somewhere that this ap 2.5 can be different for each game … so every new game might not work the same way as the previous one and may need a new fw update?
[2010-11-13 06:38PM] <c4eva> fw will be fine!
[2010-11-13 06:39PM] <MomDad> it'll work for any AP2.5 challenge he said
[2010-11-13 08:11PM] <PagaN> c4eva fable3 and asasin have same ap25 checks ?
[2010-11-13 08:12PM] <c4eva> ap25 checks are game specific
[2010-11-13 08:12PM] <Crazyaces> c4eva do u know why samsung does not have ap2.5 >
[2010-11-13 08:12PM] <c4eva> because it doesnt have the code for it :)
[2010-11-13 08:13PM] <[Jedi]> c4eva, AP2.5 – thats a name you came up with or does it show in the dash binary somehow ?
[2010-11-13 08:13PM] <MomDad> that's what the specification is actually called, [Jedi]
[2010-11-13 08:13PM] <Universel> c4eva, i suppose we will need new software/hardware aswell, to dump the new sectors and inject them in iso ?
[2010-11-13 08:14PM] <[Jedi]> MomDad, specification that came from MS to game developers ?
[2010-11-13 08:14PM] <_Oggy> New 0800 and xbc would be liky
[2010-11-13 08:14PM] <_Oggy> Likely
[2010-11-13 08:14PM] <c4eva> yes
[2010-11-13 08:16PM] <z00m> c4eva, so if ap2.5 is game specific. Could ms implement new checks with an update and render the new drive FW useless again ?
[2010-11-13 08:18PM] <c4eva> zoom:fw will be fine
[2010-11-13 08:19PM] <Mastahh> c4eva original slim now can be updated to new firmware and after that it can be LT+ flashed with no problem?
[2010-11-13 08:20PM] <Universel> how do you dump and test ap25 games for now? is it a secre? :)
[2010-11-13 08:20PM] <c4eva> mastahh:yes
[2010-11-13 08:20PM] <c4eva> universal:yes
[2010-11-13 08:32PM] <MadGenius> <+c4eva> thanks for all your hard work man, we love you. Maybe consider putting out a non-LIVE version of the FW for those that dont care about LIVE. It would have to be easier on you.
[2010-11-13 08:32PM] <_Oggy> C4s always been committed to stealth
[2010-11-13 08:33PM] <_Oggy> And im
[2010-11-13 08:33PM] <_Oggy> Sure he is busy enough
[2010-11-13 08:33PM] <c4eva> ap25, live or no live, doesnt matter
[2010-11-13 08:35PM] <wwJFnet82> my fable 3 doesnt show AP25 in ABGX???
[2010-11-13 08:36PM] <MomDad> wwJFnet82: Fable III doesn't have that flag
[2010-11-13 08:38PM] <c4eva> with new dash xex flag is irrelevant!
[2010-11-13 08:38PM] <MomDad> yeah, so that becomes an unreliable method to determine
[2010-11-13 08:44PM] <^}MAX{^> c4eva, If the xex flag is not used to check for AP25, do you know how the dashboard knows what games to check for ap25? or the own xex triggers the check?

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  1. avatar Макс says:

    так народ объясните мне как запустить ACB на Samsung дашборд у меня от Kinect

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