c4eva Spoke! (2010-11-17)

[2010-11-17 08:35PM] <Universel> i read that the 1.6 no stealth firmware beats the ap25 protection?
[2010-11-17 08:35PM] <Universel> is it correct?
[2010-11-17 08:36PM] <c4eva> universel:no
[2010-11-17 08:43PM] <demon1300> c4, are you able to give us an estimate of how many hours you've spent on the entire LT+ project
[2010-11-17 08:45PM] <c4eva> alot
[2010-11-17 08:49PM] <c4eva> testing ap25 backups on live,all good, clean xval!

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