c4eva Spoke! (2010-11-18)

[2010-11-18 07:49PM] <c4eva> testing backups on live!
[2010-11-18 07:50PM] <Loggio> +c4eva: you had any hickups along the way?
[2010-11-18 07:57PM] <c4eva> loggin:not really :)
[2010-11-18 07:59PM] <TerryTibb> Morning c4eva, there's a title update for Black Ops, is this the kind of thing you'll log for new checks or do we assume that because a BO backup still works after the TU, that ap2.5 isn't active?
[2010-11-18 08:04PM] <c4eva> already checked bo update,looks good,clean xval
[2010-11-18 08:04PM] <kokonelos> can i ask again aboyt nfs?
[2010-11-18 08:05PM] <kokonelos> is its playable with lt+?
[2010-11-18 08:06PM] <c4eva> kok:yes
[2010-11-18 08:08PM] <Supaninja> C4eva the new lt+ will report like original fw against live checks?
[2010-11-18 08:09PM] <c4eva> sup:yes
[2010-11-18 08:10PM] <c4eva> hello
[2010-11-18 08:12PM] <ceptor> c4eva im sure you may have been asked before, but should we worry about back security? as in ap2.5 being implemented into older games and most anticipated, black ops?
[2010-11-18 08:14PM] <c4eva> ceptor:you will be protected with lt+
[2010-11-18 08:16PM] <kayo90> @c4eva: c4eva, before upgrading to the new dash and put the new LT +, we must first put the stock fw, update the dash and then put the new lt?
[2010-11-18 08:17PM] <c4eva> kay:not required
[2010-11-18 08:14PM] <Visti> So what I'm wondering is this: If the box is already flagged on new dash, IE not playing AP2.5 games, will the new upgrade to LT+ then enable playing these games again?
[2010-11-18 08:17PM] <c4eva> visti:yes
[2010-11-18 08:18PM] <DogGunn> what's the drive firmware coded in anyway?
[2010-11-18 08:18PM] <DogGunn> *how do you code for it
[2010-11-18 08:18PM] <DogGunn> asm?
[2010-11-18 08:18PM] <c4eva> yes
[2010-11-18 08:20PM] <bmw_nor> C4eva, will a new 0800 and SSv3 be required?;[2010-11-18 08:20PM] <c4eva> bmw:yes, eventually
[2010-11-18 08:21PM] <boozeq> c4eva: did sb from MS contacet you offering  a job?:)
[2010-11-18 08:23PM] <c4eva> fundamental changes were made to lt code to accomodate ap25 data, hence extra testing!
[2010-11-18 08:25PM] <c4eva> booze:no :)
[2010-11-18 08:26PM] <bmw_nor> C4EVA, can the shitty kreon be used? using abgx360 gui to inject ssv3 in future.
[2010-11-18 08:27PM] <Supaninja> @c4eva – will the new lt+ compatible with all slim drives avaliabe ATM?
[2010-11-18 08:27PM] <c4eva> supan:later
[2010-11-18 08:29PM] <c4eva> bmw:use kreon to dump game data only

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