c4eva Spoke! (2010-11-28)

[2010-11-28 05:49AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> the first byte is 05 and should be 06
[2010-11-28 05:49AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> don't believe me , check it yourself in the ap2.5 data
[2010-11-28 05:50AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> all ap2.5 games have the 1st byte as 06
[2010-11-28 05:50AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> the ap2.5 data is 205bytes, and the 1st byte is 06 not 05
[2010-11-28 05:57AM UTC] #fw <******> yes2pray: the ap25 ss's that abgx360 patches are the ones c4eva created you know
[2010-11-28 05:58AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> then how do you explain the 1byte difference, which would break the signature, however, somehow doesn't boot on certain ms28 samsungs?
[2010-11-28 05:58AM UTC] #fw <******> ask him
[2010-11-28 05:59AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> well, hell, mulleter got a bunch of people banned with the kreon bug, when it kept crc'ing bad data to everyone
[2010-11-28 05:59AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> its the same thing again ;)
[2010-11-28 05:59AM UTC] #fw <ePhicient> mulleter, lol
[2010-11-28 06:00AM UTC] #fw <yes2pray> its about time agbx got everyone banned and everyone knows about it ;)
[2010-11-28 06:00AM UTC] #fw <******> I think people would tend to trust c4eva, over your unfounded claims, yes2pray
[2010-11-28 06:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> assassincreed ap25 data is correct: 0005
[2010-11-28 06:02AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> each boot of an ap25 game only uses a subset of the ap25 data

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