c4eva Spoke! (2010-12-19)

[2010-12-19 06:57PM UTC] <c4eva> made improvement to hitachi, tested now for over 12 hours, no open tray
[2010-12-20 11:55AM UTC] <c4eva_> ok, have hitachi 1.1 ready [Editor's note: meaning ready for the beta testers/final testing]

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  1. avatar moco says:

    OMG!! O_O

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  2. avatar Dario says:

    come on :) now is the moment of 0225 XD right? XD

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  3. avatar Randi says:

    Is there an approximate time when it will be done/released? Thanks.

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  4. avatar Jason says:

    Yea, when he's done. Be happy with what you get. He doesnt have to do this at all.

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    • avatar Biggus Diccus says:

      So here's a n00b question, but what specifically is the latest version going to do that the current one will not do? I am having my box flashed and the guy that is doing it is waiting for this to be released, but I was just wondering what the difference will be?

      Thanks to the guy who is doing all this work, as much as we are all in anticipation of having it, I understand that these things take time, and I appreciate the work you are doing on it.

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      • avatar Biggus Diccus says:

        Wow…so someone can take the time to dislike my simple question, but nobody can take the time to actually ANSWER it?

        Haters gonna hate I guess lol

        Oh well…there are D-bags in every forum I guess…

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        • avatar CV says:

          Very, very simply put. The advantage of LT+ for Hitachi is that this firmware would potentially allow you to play your backups online, it also (assuming you have a 78/79 drive) allows you to make use of SSv2 plus the new AP2.5 replay sectors (which are needed for playing some of the newer games, such as Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) it also stops your console being flagged for an AP2.5 failure (which could potentially lead to banning).

          The current Hitachi firmware is detectable, and has been for quite some time, so if you were to go online with the old firmware your console would likely be banned. With this firmware however, it should be safer. (Note: Safer, not safe. Even this firmware may be detected at some point!).

          Hope this helps.

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        • avatar Cal.79 says:

          Well for a start if you ask for specific information you need to give specific information ! What drive are you about to flash ? model/make and so on. With every release of firmware there is usually an .NFO file with the firmware giving you SPECIFIC information on the firmware ie bug fixes and improvements on the last firmware revision ! In short get firmware, read .NFO = question answered :p

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          • avatar Cal.79 says:

            But the whole point of realeasing LT+ for hitachi revisions 78/79 is to overcome the problem of AP25 checks as the drive revision simply cant handle AP25 (as far as i am aware) without f/w that can do AP25 you simply cant play AP25 games (acb, nfs & fable 3)
            Hope this helps :D

          • avatar Biggus Diccus says:

            Yes that does help thank you. I have a Hitachi drive. So are you saying without the update we are all waiting for I cannot play copies of NFS at all or only online?

  5. avatar Ced says:

    hello c4e,
    thank you for the work, you has provided a no stealth version of LT+ for non live user.

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  6. avatar phillip says:

    When will the lt + firmware be released for slim or the new ck3 that makes it work

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  7. avatar Dark Neo says:

    That was so nice, always surprise at any people who was interested in the scene. I want to send some info, but for now i dont have any to do, just wait for the slim lt. I feel so happy because the mod for my console comes soon.

    Thanks for all, and for your work its awesome. xD.

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  8. avatar Cal.79 says:

    The constant work people like C4E, team x, team jungle and everyone else involved put in is incredible ! Especially as they never ask for anything in return ! We get all the firmware, tools and even tutorials for our 360's for nothing and you still have people constantly b*tching about release dates….wtf ?
    Try being patient & saying THANKYOU for all the hard work and efforts of these guys. Without them there would be nothing.
    Thanks to all involved for all you hard work :p

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  9. avatar mambo74 says:

    Excellent work to all of you, can't wait for the 9504 LT+

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  10. avatar rollencole says:

    Hay thanks for all your hard work you are a true craftsman.

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