c4eva Spoke! (2011-01-19 #fw)

[2011-01-19 08:22PM UTC] #fw <comradele> so will this new update require yet another firmware like LT or just new SS files?
[2011-01-19 08:22PM UTC] #fw <booyah> comradele: not from the way it looks
[2011-01-19 08:22PM UTC] #fw <comradele> so neither? sorry i just joined and i almost updated my xbox until i figured id check in
[2011-01-19 08:22PM UTC] #fw <comradele> glad i didnt
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> so do we just need the new ap files then?
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <esqueue> Wow, seems 360 is the only console who have security down pack. With the efuses and now this.
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <Servbot> so we need to stop play COD and Halo
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <esqueue> o.o
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <loftY> yo c4eva
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <booyah> heyo c4eva
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> hello c4eva
[2011-01-19 08:23PM UTC] #fw <ralph25> hey c4
[2011-01-19 08:25PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello, looking into new dash,more soon

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54 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-01-19 #fw) (Including 5 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar brutwurst says:

    you are our man! ty c4!

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  2. avatar gero says:


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  3. avatar r0ck says:

    oh great…. first the LT+ delay and now this.

    I'm beginning to consider selling my slim and getting an old 360 instead

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  4. avatar Phill Bell says:

    ….Still Alive :)

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  5. avatar hobbo says:

    black opps not working and mod warfare 2 with new update (black screen when loading) any 1 confirm ! :(

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  6. avatar Mahmoud says:

    How About Working ON Slim :( ???

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  7. avatar hell_sea says:

    what are the news on slim?
    i cant wait any more :(

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  8. Make ur day :-)

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  9. avatar alex says:

    will update flag the consolle??
    thanx for your work man!!!

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  10. avatar Anonymous says:

    He said nothing why did you even say thanks

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