c4eva Spoke! (2011-01-23 #fw)

[2011-01-23 09:33AM UTC] #fw <Kecske> Is there any info on the new Hitachi 0500? Is it better than the Lite-on 0225? How does it compare to Lite-on 0225 in terms of quality?
[2011-01-23 09:37AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> knowing hitachi,not good!
[2011-01-23 09:38AM UTC] #fw <loftY> y0 c4eva
[2011-01-23 09:39AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> hello
[2011-01-23 09:42AM UTC] #fw <detail> hi peeps got prob , any one know fix  i have console had benq in , drive died, put samsung in now not reading orignal mw2 and copied black ops sinse update
[2011-01-23 09:48AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> detail:ap25! :)
[2011-01-23 09:49AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> dont use a sammy!
[2011-01-23 09:51AM UTC] #fw <AD`> morning c4eva_, I know you have been asked this plenty before. Do you think the PS3 BR firmware is highly likely?
[2011-01-23 09:51AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> yes!
[2011-01-23 09:52AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> ps3 fw will be done!
[2011-01-23 09:52AM UTC] #fw <AD`> but he said he would pos move on the ps3 when the 360 is finished
[2011-01-23 09:53AM UTC] #fw <boxxstar> why would a ps3 bd fw be needed though?
[2011-01-23 09:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> because we can, and the challenge!
[2011-01-23 01:10PM UTC] #fw <berry> Is it safe to play xbox1 games?
[2011-01-23 01:10PM UTC] #fw <berry> with lt+ 1.1
[2011-01-23 01:11PM UTC] #fw <warcious> berry: you mean on xbox live?
[2011-01-23 01:11PM UTC] #fw <berry> yes
[2011-01-23 01:12PM UTC] #fw <berry> but does anyone know wheter xbox1 games are safe??
[2011-01-23 01:13PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> berry:safe!

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37 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-01-23 #fw) (Including 8 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Tyran says:

    this is not but

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  2. avatar mapmap17 says:

    And again not "9504/0225 goes out for testing!" :(

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  3. avatar Deivid says:

    The question is: is realy c4eva talking all the time? some times the chat looks like a noobie channel, people asking basics things about spoof drives or abgx etc. very strange

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  4. avatar Batman says:

    who is c4eva who is c4eva_??????

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  5. avatar r0ck says:

    of course its c4eva. It's just when you loose your connection in IRC and rejoin the channel , you will have a _ attached to your nick unless you use the ghost command.

    Besides you can tell from the vHost and IP if its him or not. So I dont think that the other ppl were too dumb to not recognize a fake c4 vHost and IP….


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    • avatar admin says:

      Further to r0ck's answer, logging is triggered against c4eva's specific unique hostmask, regardless of his nick. You can rest assured that any quotes posted on this site with variation of his nick, be it with an underscore or otherwise, are in fact from him.

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  6. avatar nima says:

    Time to Slim's release?

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  7. avatar Roman says:

    How much longer to wait?

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  8. avatar Umair says:

    Hi c4eva.. i need ur help .. i bought the 360 a year ago which was already modded . i had been playing on live since then . i updated it on live on 19th jan 2011 .. and faced the same problem like evryone else.. cannot play black ops and halo reach .. i found out that my 360 has a samsung drive which was spoofed.. originally it had a lite on drive. im running LT since LT+ has not been released for samsung .. now i cant get LT+ nor can i play blak ops etc and other new games.. black ops n reach were working fine before the update .. i contacted a person n he said the only solution is to replace the drive and get LT+ .. its quite expensive to change the drive :( . can u tell me if LT+ will be released for samsung .. or can i play the patched games on my samsung with LT .. need help plz ! :/

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  9. avatar keerian says:

    f**k ps3 by now! We need news for slim!!!

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  10. avatar peter9 says:

    hi c4eva,where can i download black ops with new patch iso?

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