c4eva Spoke! (2011-01-25 #360news)

[2011-01-25 11:06AM UTC] #360news <FiB3R> c4eva: how long will ap25 extraction stay under wraps?
[2011-01-25 11:06AM UTC] #360news <FiB3R> if "extraction" is the correct term
[2011-01-25 11:08AM UTC] #360news <c4eva> until an easy method is developed
[2011-01-25 11:23AM UTC] #360news <c4eva> right now,coding slim fw, stealth on steroids :)
[2011-01-25 11:25AM UTC] #360news <[Athos]> c4eva do you think you'll release when Lite-on is done or will you wait to finish the Hitachis too?
[2011-01-25 11:27AM UTC] #360news <c4eva> sliw liteon first

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11 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-01-25 #360news) (Including 3 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar alejandro says:

    what do you mean with stealth on steroids?

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    • avatar r0ck says:

      dont know exactly what that is supposed to mean …
      you might want to interpret it as "stealth feature (live playing without getting banned) is working at its best/ like c4eva wants it to work"

      I think the live part (which I dont need personally) took the longest to code for him. Everything else which is essentially (read/write fw) should be done.

      That's what I THINK….

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  2. avatar Fasix says:

    Mmmmm…., "until an easy method is developed", meaning? the new 0800 will not be enough?
    by the way, but the state of development will never be in testing?

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  3. avatar nima says:

    sliw liteon first

    When liteon is releasing? :?: :?:

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  4. avatar Helloooooddii says:

    Hi C4Evaaa
    Today Is 2/6/2011

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  5. avatar frazzeld says:

    Sounds like good news is on the horizon

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