c4eva Spoke! (2011-01-29 #fw)

[2011-01-29 10:41PM UTC] #fw <Snaqejack> I?ve been away for the last week or so, but is it safe to update to the newest dash?
[2011-01-29 10:41PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes

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  1. avatar hustler says:

    hi. we dont want live, please release non s FW for now ,and then work on other thing like live …

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  2. avatar Jack04 says:

    Yes where is the FW for the 9504 is it ready or not if so release…

    If not give a date not ever yes will be or soon…. :idea:

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  3. avatar xNx says:

    Hey guys,
    Don't waste your time by posting comments here, C4eva and TX do what they wants.
    I'm sure, They don't read this comments.

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  4. avatar YOYO says:

    This dude C4EVA is just keeping us Hopping on something fake , hopping he can crack it the new Slims 360 drives.
    It's Lame if you're waiting for this M@#%$@ F$%#$ to release a new Firmware with No ETA.

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  5. avatar John Doe says:

    Sincerely, SLIM has already been cracked since time.
    Now TX started gathering resellers so their usbpro is near to launch, as you know slim stuff is c4eva + TX work. It was obvious it would be out at launch. donations apart, it's the only way to get some cash from lt+. I fully understand,

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  6. avatar nima says:

    All have a question about Slim firmware
    But does not answer any c4
    And answers on issues that no point is

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    • avatar hell_sea says:

      نیما انگلیست خیلی بده..پیشنهاد می کنم چند تا کلاس بری…
      اینجا فقط انگلیسی می نویسند..در ضمن…سی 4 این پیام ها را نمی خونه..از بابت فریم ور اسلیم هم می تونم اینو بهت بگم که قرار است همراه با انتشار یا همان فروش usbpro
      بیرون بیاد..اینها که می بینی …خیلی زمان برده فقط بخاطر اینه که منتظر هستند که کم پول جمع کنند… و با فروش یو اس بی پرو باز بیشتر پول بگیرند….نگران نباش تا حداکثر 1 هفته اینده فریم ور خواهد امد…ولی نمی تونم قول بدم ..همانطور که گفتم به release date USBPRO
      بستگی داره…خوشحال شدم یک ایرانی اینجا دیدم… در ضمن من امین هستم…
      امید وارم جملاتم قانع کننده بوده باشه… :D

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  7. avatar Rats says:

    Thanx for tha info…Slim 0225 write is not Possible…to tell nothing is also something!!!

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  8. avatar xbox360fan says:


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    • avatar mac97 says:

      hey, team xecuter says that the firmware will be released in February here are the specific words:
      Beta Test Results Are In & Retailer Opportunities
      26 Jan 2011
      We have spent the last week shipping test versions of the X360USB PRO to Beta Testers to iron out all variations of bugs and also to improve features and performance. The v2 of the prototype has proved to be very solid and we were able to solve a number of issues with v3 thanks to our Beta Team. The final prototype, which has been branded v4, will be shipped this week, THEN WE CAN FINALIZE THE DESIGN AND FIRMWARE READY FOR LAUNCH IN FEBRUARY . We will be posting various videos and guides over the next few days and we will also give many website owners the opportunity to be listed as a retailer, some from the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and other countries have already been selected. We will let you know in the next day or so how you can apply to be part of this exciting business opportunity.

      link: http://www.x360usb.com/index.html

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  9. avatar np says:

    Kakto on poidzaebal uje so svoimu odnoslojnumu otvetami.
    Ili delay tiho a potom vypuskay na svet proshivku
    ili davai informaciyu, a to kak sobaka na sene.

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  10. avatar gero says:

    from what C4eva said the fw will be release in February or March…so at this point we all just need to calm down and wait…it will not take much longer..

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