c4eva Spoke! (2011-02-13 #fw)

[2011-02-13 04:15AM UTC] #fw <AR_156> is there any method to extract the key to swap drive on a Slim 0225? Tarablinda not working…
[2011-02-13 04:20AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ar156:yes :)
[2011-02-13 04:29AM UTC] #fw <sswb27> tarablina isn't for 0225
[2011-02-13 04:29AM UTC] #fw <sswb27> 9504
[2011-02-13 04:30AM UTC] #fw <AR_156> so what is for 0225?
[2011-02-13 04:30AM UTC] #fw <sswb27> ask c4
[2011-02-13 04:31AM UTC] #fw <AR_156> lot of sites says 0225's key can be extracted but nowhere say how
[2011-02-13 04:34AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ar156:x360usb/jf,very easy!
[2011-02-13 04:36AM UTC] #fw <avion> can you write slim fw also using x360usb/jf c4eva ?  or will we need additional hardware
[2011-02-13 04:37AM UTC] #fw <darknezz1> now do you have to eject it first and then power off to avoid being flagged or will powering off before 3 minutes be enough?
[2011-02-13 04:37AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> avion:9504 yes, 0225 write solution is forthcoming!
[2011-02-13 04:41AM UTC] #fw <darknezz1> so if i boot an unpatched ap25 game on lt+ 1.1 do you have to eject and power off or will just turning it off within 3 minutes be ok to avoid the flag?
[2011-02-13 04:41AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> dark:ok
[2011-02-13 04:41AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> c4eva: can i use a extra 9504 liteon drive on my 0225 liteon, flashed with the upcoming 0225 fw?
[2011-02-13 04:41AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> cause is the same model
[2011-02-13 04:42AM UTC] #fw <sswb27> sounds like alot of work to spoof slims
[2011-02-13 04:42AM UTC] #fw <darknezz1> does anything happen after the 3 minutes with the blank screen or does it just stay blank because i think i got it off before 3 minutes
[2011-02-13 04:42AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> bananinha:yes
[2011-02-13 04:44AM UTC] #fw <darknezz1> c4eva, does it go back to the dash after the 3 minutes or anything like that?
[2011-02-13 04:46AM UTC] #fw <djbeta66> c4eva: will both versions of slim come along or separately?
[2011-02-13 04:46AM UTC] #fw <djbeta66> I mean, liteon slim, not hitachi
[2011-02-13 04:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> currently debugging extra slim fw stealth features, looking good so far, more soon!as i said x360usb to dump 0225 key very easy!
[2011-02-13 04:48AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> so the problem is flashing
[2011-02-13 04:48AM UTC] #fw <yfzrider> so you can avoid ap2.5 failed challenges flagging you if you just power off fast enough?
[2011-02-13 04:49AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> Brand – Philips: Lite-On
[2011-02-13 04:49AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> Model – DG-16D4S
[2011-02-13 04:49AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> FW Version – 74850C
[2011-02-13 04:49AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yfz:yes if using lt+
[2011-02-13 04:49AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> i saw that at ebay
[2011-02-13 04:49AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> the new liteon with a old fw
[2011-02-13 04:50AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 0225 write solution is coming!
[2011-02-13 04:50AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> we can swap the 0225 liteon with that one
[2011-02-13 04:50AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> i hope so :p
[2011-02-13 04:51AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> banan:no, will need 9504 or a 0225!
[2011-02-13 04:52AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> hmm
[2011-02-13 04:52AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> yeah
[2011-02-13 04:52AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> but i mean using the upcoming 0225 fw on that drive
[2011-02-13 04:53AM UTC] #fw <bananinha> cause is a dg-16d4s model
[2011-02-13 04:53AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> banan:no,must be 9504 or 0225!
[2011-02-13 04:53AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> drive

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123 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-02-13 #fw) (Including 20 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Deivid says:

    I'll stop reading this site, do not say anything precise, and it makes me more tense.

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  2. avatar Lopez says:

    All of those guys are retards. No one is asking for a date. Idiots. Its been 6 months. They are making us wait for 6 months so that they can sell a stupid device to earn money. And c4eva fanboys are defending him by saying he does this free. Bite ME !!!!

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  3. avatar El Majico says:

    Rilasciate sto firware dai!

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  4. avatar xboxmedic999 says:

    Leave him alone with the bitchin on about "we want it now not later" " enough talking about it just release it" If you are that eager for it go and design your own and sod off bitchin on about C4EVA. If it wasn't for C4EVA you wouldn't have firmware to use. I really just cant believe how selfish some people are when your not even paying for it!!!!! If i was him i woulds say sod you all! He's trying to make it safe to use or else whats the point in having it. If Microsoft change something then those changes have to be implemented into to the firmware before its released. Its like having a car and then saying the brakes dont work to good but its ok the public want the car so we can always sort it out after, there would be a uproar when when people was crashing! They wouldn't say its ok i rushed him to release it so it dont matter. If you was to get banned you would be mightly F#@KED off you could play online.

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    • avatar Nelon says:

      I will continue you to bitch. You know why because I have been lied to by Team Xecuter and fasely mislead by Team C4eva. I have given money in donations and have been patient but what do I get in return a big middle finder in my face. This situation is like what Lionhead did to pc gamers with fable 3. Lionhead promises fable 3 pc to be released in October and almost 6 months later pc gamers have no idea when it will be out or why it is being delayed.

      The people making excuses for C4eva are decreasing. Majority of these comments are fed up with him. I bought a slim because he made it seem it is coming out soon. I have been WAITING OVER 6 f**kING MONTHS THINKING EACH WEEK ITS GONNA BE OUT. C4eva, "coming soon" "soon" finishing up nicely" "more soon" "so much to do and so little time" "looking good so far more soon". Guess what he will say in early March, "Coming soon".

      I am willing to donate to real hackers but no one steps foward? We have people hacking the pentagon in washington but no one else is willing to hack the slim 360. f**king bull s**t!!!

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      • avatar DaWrnch says:

        I have took up software enginnering just because of all this bullshiznit…I am tired of hearing, hey we got a slim flashed first week they were out but we are playing on them..to test…haha…not you….Same song and dance now they are saying we will need to buy one of the new tools that from on the 28th of this month to do our flashing….JOKE!!!

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      • avatar xboxmedic999 says:

        So judging by your comment your obviously AMERICAN whom proclaims to "Donate" in the funding towards hacking the slim drives? It would seem that you have childhood issues that you are finding hard to come to terms with? Maybe you was promised something as a child but never got it? You bought a xbox360 slim not because c4eva promised you but your a freeloading asswipe who thinks the world owes you a favour because you "Proclaim to donate and got nothing in return" If you was that important with your so called donations then you would be designing a firmware yourself with you high class team of hackers! Oh ive just read you haven't because your pennies from mummy and daddy do buy people that easily. With regards to making excuses for C4EVA and TX i wasn't they will release when they are ready not when children like yourself spit your dummy out of your pram and demand. Now go and sit on the naughty step and think about growing up fool.

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  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    Credo che entro fine mese lo rilascerà

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  6. avatar YOYO says:

    This guy C4eva work on a Team , and all they do is Sell s**t like the x360Usb, they want to sell hardware to make Cash , Wondering if there's any other hacker out there, Better than this guy, He keep saying Coming soon , blah blah blah, I got my slim Because He said he will release the FW for the Slim By Xmas, and still nothing. If is not safe to play online oh well Release it!!!
    a lot of us don't play online , n Leave the Online for later.

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  7. avatar Guardian says:

    when the firmware..I'm waiting 6 month…but is safe for Live or not?

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  8. avatar sliking says:

    Come on people its his work and he will decide when to release it. If he does decide to release it with the xecuter USB pro can you blame him? c4eva has a good relationship with team x, and they provide the funding to support him i.e they supply a lot of drives to him so he can do the hack. He dont just get 1 drive and then hack it. He will fry a few whilst trying to do it. so my guess is that a lot of slim owners have never flashed any 360 before so they wont have any tools to do the job. So if he released it tomorrow then people would probably buy the new maximus lizard. So if he just saves it until the USB pro is released then there are two options for people to choose from and it helps team x recover some of the funding they provided. It's just business sense.

    Annyway, that theory of it being released with the USB pro has been denied by team x many times, so I guess time will tell.

    Also if you read back a little bit to the 22/01/2011 someone asked if we can expect lt+ for slim in the next month or 2! c4eva replied with "yes" so you have some sort of ETA. Those of you saying release an unsafe version, go get an old liteon and swap the pcb into your slim's drive case. There has been ways to play backups on slims for ages now and there are plenty of tutorials on how to do it. If you need a key from 0225 slim try the lizard if your so desperate

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  9. avatar Nelon says:

    WTF… C4EVA. Stop defending him you are part of the problem it is geeting delayed. If more people stood up to him he wouldnt be doing what he is doing now. Obviously no way in hell will c4eva release the firmware before team xecuter releases x360usb pro. Team xecuter denies this but its true. People are not that stupit to believe their propaganda.

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  10. avatar xbox360fan says:


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