c4eva Spoke! (2011-02-17 #fw)

[2011-02-17 08:40PM UTC] #fw <frodiddy> is this slim fw ever going to be released/
[2011-02-17 08:44PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> it will be released!when its done!

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  1. avatar goodfaking says:

    :D DDD it's so funny :D DD think it's never done :D

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    • avatar ture says:

      it will be released!when its done!"
      Я тут подумал и понял! Вот что – мы не правильно переводим коменты:
      "it will be released!" Надо переводить не "Релиз состоится!", а так – "Ее отправят в релиз!"
      и "when its done!" не "Когда будет готов!", так – "когда он [релиз] будет сделан [ими!]"

      Т.е. кагбы речь не идет о том, что он сам что-то делает!

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  2. avatar danlod says:

    Tell us a date …

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  3. avatar formalin says:

    Useful information…really :/ Besides being ironic, let's wait 2 weeks like someone has already said. It's logic, just think about it. ;) For those, who don't understand why, read back some posts and their comments.

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  4. avatar Rewqaz says:

    Уебок с4, отсасывай далбше у мелкомягких, я ухожу на зы3. Засунь се поошивку в очко и пусть мелкомягкие тебе ее протолкнут. А когда все свалят на зы3 тада вы с мелкими будете отсасывать друг у друга

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  5. avatar Dedo82fi says:

    it seems like clearly that firmware for slim will not relase before x360usb pro ,so stop tell it and belive , when x360 usb will send firmware for slim will be relased .
    Is simply

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  6. When it's done…
    Thats what the crators of Duke nukem Forever used to say since 1997. ^^

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  7. avatar MarHol says:

    Can i update my Xbox Slim? or is better not to do nothing and wait?
    Thx you! =) Im impatient, waiting for Slim news! =)

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  8. avatar Sicktus says:

    stop talking s**t c4eva and release that slim fw !

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  9. avatar Zomer says:

    Go f**k yourself and stick that FW up in your ass, i'm gonna develop my own firmware.

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  10. avatar hacktheplanet says:

    At this point i think that he's joking with us…. If so, it isn't funny c4….

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