c4eva Spoke! (2011-02-17 #fw)

[2011-02-17 08:40PM UTC] #fw <frodiddy> is this slim fw ever going to be released/
[2011-02-17 08:44PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> it will be released!when its done!

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  1. avatar goodfaking says:

    :D DDD it's so funny :D DD think it's never done :D

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    • avatar ture says:

      it will be released!when its done!"
      Я тут подумал и понял! Вот что – мы не правильно переводим коменты:
      "it will be released!" Надо переводить не "Релиз состоится!", а так – "Ее отправят в релиз!"
      и "when its done!" не "Когда будет готов!", так – "когда он [релиз] будет сделан [ими!]"

      Т.е. кагбы речь не идет о том, что он сам что-то делает!

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  2. avatar danlod says:

    Tell us a date …

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  3. avatar formalin says:

    Useful information…really :/ Besides being ironic, let's wait 2 weeks like someone has already said. It's logic, just think about it. ;) For those, who don't understand why, read back some posts and their comments.

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  4. avatar Rewqaz says:

    Уебок с4, отсасывай далбше у мелкомягких, я ухожу на зы3. Засунь се поошивку в очко и пусть мелкомягкие тебе ее протолкнут. А когда все свалят на зы3 тада вы с мелкими будете отсасывать друг у друга

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  5. avatar Dedo82fi says:

    it seems like clearly that firmware for slim will not relase before x360usb pro ,so stop tell it and belive , when x360 usb will send firmware for slim will be relased .
    Is simply

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  6. When it's done…
    Thats what the crators of Duke nukem Forever used to say since 1997. ^^

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  7. avatar MarHol says:

    Can i update my Xbox Slim? or is better not to do nothing and wait?
    Thx you! =) Im impatient, waiting for Slim news! =)

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  8. avatar Sicktus says:

    stop talking s**t c4eva and release that slim fw !

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  9. avatar Zomer says:

    Go f**k yourself and stick that FW up in your ass, i'm gonna develop my own firmware.

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  10. avatar hacktheplanet says:

    At this point i think that he's joking with us…. If so, it isn't funny c4….

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  11. avatar MarHol says:

    Stop crying and saying stupid things! these people is working to us, 4 free!! if you want a FW, try to made one!! but stop s**tting the Site with stupid coments and WAIT!

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  12. avatar Mc.Neill says:

    Like MarHol said you really should be thankfull for getting the FW for free. And a Thank You for c4eva and questions like: "How may I help" we be more usefull then having no clue about the materia and s**tting the people that are helping you…

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  13. LET'S WAIT 2 WEEKS guys IF FW WOULDnt released HATE C4EVA EVER!!!

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  14. avatar BORN TO PLAY says:

    this is not c4eva, see the nick!, he allways talk as c4eva, but this time he talk as c4eva_.. with a underscore…:S

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  15. avatar Kev says:

    It'll get done when it's done!, this s**t takes time and I'm guessing C4eva has a job and this is a sideline, so it'll take time.
    All those a-holes out their that want it now, get educated, you need to realize what a mission it is to reverse engineer software. It takes talent as well as knowledge.
    C4 you are indeed a god, or at least a close approximation.

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    • avatar gero says:

      geez guy don't you think to be a little exaggerating?

      anyway my opinion is that if it is true as many ppl say that the fw will be released in 2 weeks c4eva team could (as this point) give us a more precise date as we have all been waiting for a long time…
      at the same time he/they do not owe us anything and they can do whatever they want.. even though it would be nice to know…

      after waiting for months I am glad to have been able to find sites where buy games for few quids!

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  16. avatar ethanol says:

    c4eva, please dont mind bad comments, dont rush things in any way, we the people who can wait, will wait half a year is thats what you need to release a flawless fw. just dont rush anything, take your time. some of us feel you may feel pressure, just dont mind agressive comments. and tahnk you for all you free work xD

    sorry4bad english

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  17. avatar quicks says:

    Just bought 3 games, hope it keeps me busy until the fw is out, if someone knows, I have only a laptop, no desktop pc, what do i need for flashing the drive on slim (liteon)

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  18. avatar nima says:

    not long ……………

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  19. avatar sosnul-face says:

    а чо кроме с4евы кулхацкера больше нету штоле? который взломает консоль 100%
    как взломали плойку

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  20. avatar тратата says:

    Вот блять ебаные тормоза. Весь мир ждет, а вы блять мутите свою хуйню какуе-то чтоб бобла больше в карман положить… Хотя бы дату назвали, чем кормить завтрами постоянно и мозги всем трахать.

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  21. avatar ture says:

    Хуйли ты тут пиздишь еблан? иди работай, пидорас!

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  22. avatar BRUCE says:


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  23. avatar erut says:


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  24. avatar John Doe says:

    if i was c4eva after reading all those complaints i would never release it for free…
    He's doing us a favour and as i stated months ago.. it was obvious LT+ would be released after xecuter usbpro

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    3-10 0225 9504 FW release DATE

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  26. avatar SLIM NEWS says:


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  27. avatar Алкоголик из Москвы says:

    опять отшил всех… да и хер с ним… пусть работает, главное чтобы вышла и уже все равно когда.

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  28. avatar pavel says:

    Если вам сёравно когда выйдет , то ждите ещё лет 5 , уже через год будет xbox 720 следующее поколение консолей ,а тут ещё и слим сломать не могут , о чём можно говорить , я считаю нагло врать людям что скоро скоро а на самом деле лежать на диване и хавать гамбургеры , задрачивать , делать вид типо он что-то делает … Блин надо продавать консоль только зря деньги тратил

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    • avatar Белый says:

      Не будет никакой 720, школьник.
      Майки уже выпустили консоль нового поколения, это кинект.

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      • avatar Павел says:

        Не позорься как кинет , консоль? ты чё полудурак? как может быть аксэсуар консолью? , я бы даже это веб камерой на половину назвал , где таких берут даунов , читай новости , что 720 уже в разработке и они написали что быстрей всег омы увидим в 2012 её , так что во тименно школьник убейся и молчи в тряпку , ах да и я не могу быть школьником я в институте учусь покранемере с тобой недоразвитый

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        • avatar Белый says:

          Когда научишся писать правильно по русски, тогда может и поверю что ты и не школьник.

          720? В2012?
          Давай пруфлинк или молчи в тряпочку.

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  29. avatar 777 says:

    Пусть c4eva засунетпрошивку и эти сраные устройства себе в пердак !!!

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  30. avatar жду 0225 says:

    Бля! Давайте быстрей с прошей! Хоть дату скажите точно!!!!

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  31. avatar Заебался ждать!!!!!!! says:

    Давайте быстрей прошивку делайте! Хоть дату скажите!

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  32. avatar evilpin8 says:

    chupalo c4eva culiaoooooooooooooooooooooo

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  33. avatar Bulletstorm says:

    ыыы до сих пор ждете чтоли? жалко вас…
    я месяц назад не сдержавшись слим поменял на пс3
    прошил kmeaw, играю прямо с харда, даволен. Но все равно хочется экзы бокса попробовать

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  34. avatar ХерМоржовый says:

    Чёж он как дятел заладил из месяца в месяц "скоро" "скоро" "скоро", сказал бы что взломать не могу или не хочу, ждите не раньше чем через год, и все бы от него отстали, ан нет ебёт всем мозги своим "скоро"

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  35. avatar YOYO says:

    Folks We need someone to take Over this a55h0le. I hope we can get to see a replacement ASAP

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  36. avatar 777 says:

    еблан заморский этот c4eva со всей своей свитой. Цену себе набивают чтоли ??? Была б у этих ублюдков хоть капля уважения к нам – он бы почаще сюда заглядывал и общался с народом, который от него чего-то ждет. Этот же упырь появляется тут через две недели на третью и сообщает уже несколько месяцев подряд одну и ту же "НОВУЮ" новость про дату выхода прошивки, которая называется "СКОРО IN PROGRESS".
    Тем кто хочет поразвешивать сопли на тему "c4eva старается для нас, наберитесь терпения и уважения к этому гениальному …и т.д." – идите в задницу. Не надо было тогда ничего обещать и держать всех в неведение по-поводу даты выхода прошивки, тем более что и так уже понятно, что прошивка скорее всего есть, просто эти упыри хотят срубить деньжат. Поэтому – c4eva может идти в задницу, все восхваляющие его – идите вслед за ним !!! )))

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      Вы большой важных мудак!

      You are a big important a**hole!

      sorry for my russian :)

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      • avatar 777 says:

        ты, мразь на личности то не переходи. Твою вонючую задницу никто не трогает – поэтому сиди молча. Когда овцам разрешать говорить – поднимешь руку и будешь говорить.

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        • avatar juanitopel says:

          First: Please insult me in english , google translator its not good enough for translate your words/insults.
          Second: It calls my attention that ALL comments in Russian are insulting, there is no Occidental group dedicated to crack consoles? , i mean , for you can insult in your own language?????????????
          Three: it's been said many times, but …. Make your own team!!!, and export your fw to us!, thats a great idea, dont you think?
          Four: I dont have anything against russian, chinesse, o american people, i just hate idiots.
          and Five: I hope that google translator works for you so you can understand what i'am trying to say :)

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      • avatar TyPuK says:

        Теперь во всех постах пишем: sorry for my russian !

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    • avatar SUSSUDIO says:


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  37. avatar Fabry151515 says:

    4eva !!!! the firmware for xbox 360 slim , where is??????? please !!!!!!!!1

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  38. avatar Tut Larson says:

    Сайт из англоязычного превращается в русскоязычный.. даже извиняются.. я не могу..

    Website of the English language turns into a Russian .. even apologize .. I can not ..

    sorry for my russian !

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  39. avatar l4c0st3 says:

    Почему русский здесь много? Да потому что русский народ любить халяву и бедные они! На лицензионный диски денег у них нет!

    Why there are many Russian? Yes, because the Russian people love freebies and poor they are! On the license disc of money they have!

    Sorry for my russian!

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  40. avatar Заебался ждать!!!!!!! says:


    Sorry for my russian!

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  41. avatar arash says:

    micro$oft is so pleasure,xbox 360 slim can not be hacked after 6month and i think it remains
    shame on you with this f**king hacking and fw releasing
    you made the micro$oft happy

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      i think it's not, M$ could sell many more consoles with firmware, who "lose" are the game developers. I could not buy any game because a dollar here equals 4 units of our currency, I mean, U.S. $ 1 = ARG $ 4, but I bought the xbox with Kinect and two joysticks :) …mmmhhhh
      which reminds me that, C4, please ……………..REALEASEEEE THE FFFFFFFFFFWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
      haha, i'm joking I know you will … ………. would you? :) :( :) :(

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  42. avatar c4eva dead says:

    c4eva dove cazzo sei!!???

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  43. avatar Babilozzo says:

    I guess all russians writes on this site is not very humans, (hehe lol) she is a damns bots (similar to robot on irc) and some lamers on the net is happy to put its in for purpose only to makes crazyness guy like one is Sussidio! lol! :P I think no more spam on this site, but admins will give to add antibot code right to leave a replies, is a better way for me. Ciao. :) :idea:

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  44. avatar LFC says:

    Доставляете парни )) Да будет прошивка, относитесь с пониманием, люди хотят срубить бабла за свою работу, по-моему все хотят получить филочку за сделанную работу? Это очевидно и не так уж плохо. Если хотите халявы – ждите, если нет – лиценз никто не отменял ;)
    C4eva fast! :)

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  45. avatar Krosent says:

    Школоло из России успокойтесь и хватит мат через слово пускать…..надоели уже своих родителей идите так называйте :!:

    Shkololo from Russia and calm down enough to let through the floor mat ….. tired already of his parents go to the so-called


    "Sorry for my russian!"

    надоели ))) ну на последок)
    "Sorry for my russian!"

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      this is my last reference to this topic
      Russian guys understand this : the people who do not speak russian we can not understand you.
      Google translator translates a s**t, except that it is what you write, example:
      "Shkololo from Russia and calm down enough to let through the floor mat … .. tired already of his parents go to so-called:!: " WHAT ???

      So, please make your own "news from c4eva blog" or make sense of what you write, my language is not english but i can adapt myself.

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  46. avatar Русский и умный says:

    Люди, кто не знает то можно купить левые поинты и скачивать с Live лицензии себе на жесткий диск. Стоит копейки. 10000 points = 8$. :D

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  47. avatar Русский и умный says:

    Покупайте левые point s 10 000 = 8 $. И будет вам счастье :D

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  48. avatar Sicktus says:

    du schwule arschgeburt, zügle lieber deine dreckige zunge, sonst reiß ich sie dir aus deinem maul raus.

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  49. avatar Поцык says:

    Пасаны, нахуй так жить?

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  50. avatar andi says:

    Ich glaube das wird ein schlechter Start für das USBPro.
    Die Stimmung ist schon so schlecht, und wenn dann noch rauskommt das die FW extra zurückgehalten wurde um vielleicht eine große Party zu machen oder so, das geht nach hinten los. Schlecht gelaunte Kunden sind niemals gut !

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  51. avatar XBOX 360 Buenos Aires says:

    TEAM EXECUTE, do not get the enlarged, forbidding to those who ask for the firmware and if they are the ones that make you money, you suck technicians eggs are in the forum will be filled with money, thanks to asking when firmware goes, these pompous and stupid banning all who ask for the firmware on the slim, without the majority of people in the world who want the firmware you're not anyone. The flashing gizmos that you're getting the bags to the firmware for the slim, there is no global market elit Xbox 360 Arcade or fat, you're doing business with anyone who asks for when the fw of the slim, do not be stupid. C4eva, promised something for Christmas, it came out, okay, but the TEAM Stupid EXECXUTER not prohibit asking about FW is they who will pay for flash or XboxUsbpro. Treat them well.

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  52. avatar brutwurst says:

    shut up!

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  53. avatar C3PO says:

    shut up you cunts, if you want it, freaking do it!

    u're getting this for free!

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  54. avatar nima says:

    not long ……………………

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  55. avatar Don C. says:

    Hey C4GAYA
    are you a sadist or whats wrong with you?
    why is it so hard, to tell the truth?!
    What do you expect to achieve by that?!
    You Tell us a Date and BASTA, folks will wait or not, but everybody will stop spamming that crap here!
    Otherwise GREAT JOB ;-)
    Oh aaand….i also would let em pay for the Flash!
    HAIL to John Doe!! Maybe C4eva never keep money in mind….

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  56. avatar mark says:

    the firmware had done from 1 month about boys, only team executer for do more proficts relase it on xbox360usb …..
    c4eva you are a coder not hacker …..for moment you're lucky that you're only that hack xbox360 and gain like team ex …. but if geoohot ,geremia , and other cooperate for hack it…….

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  57. avatar pollhackens says:

    what is your problem, dudes?? be patient! You´re acting like stupid children. go for a walk, breath fresh air and/or do something useful. This is just a f**king VGC. Life is much more than waiting for a f**king FW. Try out…

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    • avatar Lion Head says:

      You are acting like a child. Do not use the F word and maybe I will actually respect your existence in this world. Dont make excuses for C4EVA because all it does is make you look immature. I almost feel bad for you because you are a troll. Go ahead neg rep me know that each time someone does I am holing up my middle finger to the computer screen just for you. Enjoy,

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  58. avatar /b/-tard says:


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  59. avatar Lion Head says:

    I think we should all calm down. However, C4EVA is not doing us any favors and these comments hating on him are growing. There is a reason for that and it will continue untill he lives up to his bargin with Team Xecuter and us. Yes he does it for free but that does not excuse him from misleading or not report factual data. If I promise you that I will build a special tv for you for free then I have taken responsibility for accomplishing that and I must live up to me contract regardless if I build a tv for 300 bucks or free. You still expect the special tv to be built since I claim I can do it for "x" amount of dollars or labor. If you are not given a solid answer for when it will be released or done then you will ask for a date or time untill you eventually get one. If the builder or c4eva knows when his "free labor" is available he should be ethical and moral and tell us when. If he was just more open about his free labor half of these negative comments would not exist.

    I would rather pay for something and have a general idea of when it is done then not pay for it and have no clue when the product will be released. Honestly C4EVA others and I would gladly pay for your product in exchange for a bit more empathy and truthfullness. Also I know this product will not be free since people will be lead to think your firmware only works with X360USB Pro. So far you have given the middle finger to me and every other future customer who respects and is willing to pay for your work.

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  60. avatar Batman says:

    Once again! The Firmware is NOT coming out. It is just a marketing strategy by team xecuter to sell X360usbPro!

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  61. avatar nima says:

    2/25/2011 ??????????????

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  62. avatar Tutta Karlson says:

    c4eva всех киданул, а американская школололота уже заипала

    c4eva kidanul all, and the U.S. have shkolololota zaipala

    sorry for my russian!!!

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  63. avatar Bubu says:

    Hi I want to ask when firmware for NES is coming out. You said it come when its ready and am still waiting and rely on you. Thanx for your work guys. I did not touch my NES so far waiting for your FW. Hey stop asking they do it for free. The FW for Xbox slim will come same as FW for my sweet NES. Please C4eva finish NES first as you have promised it.

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  64. avatar alone says:

    молодец,полезный комментарий :)

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  65. avatar John Doe says:

    "Another dumb rumor is that the Slim FW is being locked and made exclusive to the X360USB PRO."

    Even i can do jump software checks on hardware unless they're centralized on an internet database (like I-LOK, WiBU or Snychrosoft protection), would be a pointless move, but i don't think it's true.
    Business is moving fast, that's a clear spot about FW coming soon…
    Anyways without bashing you should know since the beginning that FW would come AFTER x360usb

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  66. avatar Павел says:

    Во-первых школьник ты и всегда им будешь , а заастрять винмание на прыщавом пиздаболе , который показывает как он взрослый , а сам слово школота юзает , о чём можно говорить , про 720-ку уже давно все говорят , а если ты полудурак и не умеешь юзать гугл твои проблемы , прыщавый уродец , ты так и останешься задротом на всю жизнь , завидуй мне что у меня хотя бы девушка есть а у такого задротского куска дерьма её никогда не будет . И 720 будет уже даже дизайнов придумали кучу!

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    • avatar Deniska says:

      парень, полегче. Kinect выпущен с целью продлить жизнь Xbox360 минимум на три года (тоже самое и с Move для PS3). Кому и пара выпускать новое поколение – так это Nintendo Wii, консоль исчерпала свою оригинальность и графически устарела. Читай официальные релизы, а не флуд с разных сайтов интернета.

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  67. This is f*ckung stupid…
    I'we waited since august to flash my god damn slim, but its allways the samy story, another project pops up that are waaay more important than the slim… it took him 1month to crack and realease ap2.5 for all the Phat drives, but 6 months for one driver in the slim?

    It just doesn't add up…. I cant see any reason why the slim liteon should be any harder than all the liteon fw he's allready done, i mean the drive is in the same console, and does the same thing so it MUST be the same fw…it was months ago a read/write solution for the 9504 came, with key and everything but that didn't seem to help?

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  68. avatar hacktheplanet says:

    domani va ai tester!!!

    domani tester will you!

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  69. avatar ZeRG says:

    gimme a prooflink

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  70. avatar sliking says:

    No i dont know ant specific times! it goes to testers tomorrow, thats as much as we know for now. as long as there is no bugs or issues, then i dont see why it would be more than a week or two. but that is my own opinion and should not be taken as fact.

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  71. avatar TyPuK says:


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