c4eva Spoke! (2011-02-17 #fw)

[2011-02-17 08:40PM UTC] #fw <frodiddy> is this slim fw ever going to be released/
[2011-02-17 08:44PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> it will be released!when its done!

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  1. avatar MarHol says:

    Stop crying and saying stupid things! these people is working to us, 4 free!! if you want a FW, try to made one!! but stop s**tting the Site with stupid coments and WAIT!

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  2. avatar Mc.Neill says:

    Like MarHol said you really should be thankfull for getting the FW for free. And a Thank You for c4eva and questions like: "How may I help" we be more usefull then having no clue about the materia and s**tting the people that are helping you…

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  3. LET'S WAIT 2 WEEKS guys IF FW WOULDnt released HATE C4EVA EVER!!!

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  4. avatar BORN TO PLAY says:

    this is not c4eva, see the nick!, he allways talk as c4eva, but this time he talk as c4eva_.. with a underscore…:S

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  5. avatar Kev says:

    It'll get done when it's done!, this s**t takes time and I'm guessing C4eva has a job and this is a sideline, so it'll take time.
    All those a-holes out their that want it now, get educated, you need to realize what a mission it is to reverse engineer software. It takes talent as well as knowledge.
    C4 you are indeed a god, or at least a close approximation.

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    • avatar gero says:

      geez guy don't you think to be a little exaggerating?

      anyway my opinion is that if it is true as many ppl say that the fw will be released in 2 weeks c4eva team could (as this point) give us a more precise date as we have all been waiting for a long time…
      at the same time he/they do not owe us anything and they can do whatever they want.. even though it would be nice to know…

      after waiting for months I am glad to have been able to find sites where buy games for few quids!

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  6. avatar ethanol says:

    c4eva, please dont mind bad comments, dont rush things in any way, we the people who can wait, will wait half a year is thats what you need to release a flawless fw. just dont rush anything, take your time. some of us feel you may feel pressure, just dont mind agressive comments. and tahnk you for all you free work xD

    sorry4bad english

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  7. avatar quicks says:

    Just bought 3 games, hope it keeps me busy until the fw is out, if someone knows, I have only a laptop, no desktop pc, what do i need for flashing the drive on slim (liteon)

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  8. avatar nima says:

    not long ……………

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  9. avatar sosnul-face says:

    а чо кроме с4евы кулхацкера больше нету штоле? который взломает консоль 100%
    как взломали плойку

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  10. avatar тратата says:

    Вот блять ебаные тормоза. Весь мир ждет, а вы блять мутите свою хуйню какуе-то чтоб бобла больше в карман положить… Хотя бы дату назвали, чем кормить завтрами постоянно и мозги всем трахать.

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