c4eva Spoke! (2011-02-17 #fw)

[2011-02-17 08:40PM UTC] #fw <frodiddy> is this slim fw ever going to be released/
[2011-02-17 08:44PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> it will be released!when its done!

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  1. avatar arash says:

    micro$oft is so pleasure,xbox 360 slim can not be hacked after 6month and i think it remains
    shame on you with this f**king hacking and fw releasing
    you made the micro$oft happy

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      i think it's not, M$ could sell many more consoles with firmware, who "lose" are the game developers. I could not buy any game because a dollar here equals 4 units of our currency, I mean, U.S. $ 1 = ARG $ 4, but I bought the xbox with Kinect and two joysticks :) …mmmhhhh
      which reminds me that, C4, please ……………..REALEASEEEE THE FFFFFFFFFFWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
      haha, i'm joking I know you will … ………. would you? :) :( :) :(

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  2. avatar c4eva dead says:

    c4eva dove cazzo sei!!???

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  3. avatar Babilozzo says:

    I guess all russians writes on this site is not very humans, (hehe lol) she is a damns bots (similar to robot on irc) and some lamers on the net is happy to put its in for purpose only to makes crazyness guy like one is Sussidio! lol! :P I think no more spam on this site, but admins will give to add antibot code right to leave a replies, is a better way for me. Ciao. :) :idea:

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  4. avatar LFC says:

    Доставляете парни )) Да будет прошивка, относитесь с пониманием, люди хотят срубить бабла за свою работу, по-моему все хотят получить филочку за сделанную работу? Это очевидно и не так уж плохо. Если хотите халявы – ждите, если нет – лиценз никто не отменял ;)
    C4eva fast! :)

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  5. avatar Krosent says:

    Школоло из России успокойтесь и хватит мат через слово пускать…..надоели уже своих родителей идите так называйте :!:

    Shkololo from Russia and calm down enough to let through the floor mat ….. tired already of his parents go to the so-called


    "Sorry for my russian!"

    надоели ))) ну на последок)
    "Sorry for my russian!"

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      this is my last reference to this topic
      Russian guys understand this : the people who do not speak russian we can not understand you.
      Google translator translates a s**t, except that it is what you write, example:
      "Shkololo from Russia and calm down enough to let through the floor mat … .. tired already of his parents go to so-called:!: " WHAT ???

      So, please make your own "news from c4eva blog" or make sense of what you write, my language is not english but i can adapt myself.

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  6. avatar Русский и умный says:

    Люди, кто не знает то можно купить левые поинты и скачивать с Live лицензии себе на жесткий диск. Стоит копейки. 10000 points = 8$. :D

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  7. avatar Русский и умный says:

    Покупайте левые point s 10 000 = 8 $. И будет вам счастье :D

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  8. avatar Sicktus says:

    du schwule arschgeburt, zügle lieber deine dreckige zunge, sonst reiß ich sie dir aus deinem maul raus.

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  9. avatar Поцык says:

    Пасаны, нахуй так жить?

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  10. avatar andi says:

    Ich glaube das wird ein schlechter Start für das USBPro.
    Die Stimmung ist schon so schlecht, und wenn dann noch rauskommt das die FW extra zurückgehalten wurde um vielleicht eine große Party zu machen oder so, das geht nach hinten los. Schlecht gelaunte Kunden sind niemals gut !

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