c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-04 [priv msg])

[2011-03-04 04:28PM UTC] <******> just wanted to ask if it'll be both 9504 and 0225 that we'll be testing
[2011-03-04 09:52PM UTC] <c4eva> 9504 but only minor change to do 0225

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  1. avatar xbox360fan says:

    0225 IN PROGRESS ………………………….. WHAT A STUPID THING

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  2. avatar thematrixr says:

    omg no 0225 T.T dam i was waiting for 0225 fw. i don't go to buy the xbox360pro until to fw 0225 come. srry my bad english.
    mierda que fuñenda

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  3. avatar Chuck Noia says:

    ae vou poder durmi feliz :D

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    f**k off

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  5. avatar NiCKSoNka says:

    f**king xbox slim 0225…

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  6. avatar Alejandro says:

    How long is going to take this "minor change"?

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  7. avatar gl says:

    ВСе нормально, тестируют 9504, тк 0225 – практически аналогичен с 9504, то зачем тестировать и его(0225) ? Если тесты 9504 пройдут хорошо, то и 0225 будет сразу готов!
    Не беспокойтесь!

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  8. avatar Weslley says:

    so to esperando o 9504 ainda bem que por enquanto nao ta dando nada to loko pra destravar logo meu xbox nao aguento mais jogar demo

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  9. You Son of a bitch. Why are you Holding this f**king Firmware back?
    Team executer sucks with their strategy of Holding everything back to sell their s**t!!!
    f**k u all for waiting since months!
    Dont believe those Trolls anymore.

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  10. avatar xNx says:

    Xecuter said true, 0225 = No ETA!!!!

    We're tired of waiting, please change the minor change sooner.
    I don't now what to say, too angry.

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