c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-05 #fw)

[2011-03-05 10:14AM UTC] #fw <rashid360> wot happens to the 0225 fw? it changed to in progress on c4evaspeaks, did something goes wrong in testing?
[2011-03-05 10:14AM UTC] #fw <JeeBoy> 0225 backdran from test, was it a big issue or just a small fix to soon get back to test?
[2011-03-05 10:14AM UTC] #fw <LANG> its on the same page
[2011-03-05 10:15AM UTC] #fw <rashid360> lemme see
[2011-03-05 10:16AM UTC] #fw <rashid360> ' minor change to do 0225 ' hmmmm
[2011-03-05 10:25AM UTC] #fw <JeeBoy> its sad to read all the stupid comments on c4evaspeaks, if everyone just buy a X360usb that would be great or donate or something instead of crying and be pissed of that theres no fw for slim.
[2011-03-05 10:41AM UTC] #fw <pudgetta> so when will be flash to 225
[2011-03-05 10:46AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> when its ready!
[2011-03-05 10:50AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 9504 is in testing! cod:bo playing fine on 9504 slim!
[2011-03-05 10:52AM UTC] #fw <Simonmir> will be 9504 released together with 0225 or will 9504 released first ?
[2011-03-05 10:54AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 9504 first, 0225 later with write solution!
[2011-03-05 10:58AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> testing will take longer due to the serveral realtime check routines to overcome.need to ensure realtime stealth is covering our tracks! :)
[2011-03-05 11:00AM UTC] #fw <DirtyDan> is the fw of the 9504 similar to the 0225? or did you need to start from scratch on the 0225?
[2011-03-05 11:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> only a slight change from 9504 to 0225!
[2011-03-05 11:01AM UTC] #fw <pudgetta> so the problem is writing
[2011-03-05 11:01AM UTC] #fw <rashid360> i have ordered x360usb, would it be enough for a 0225 fw writing solution? or would i need something more?
[2011-03-05 11:02AM UTC] #fw <M007P> c4eva 0225 writing soon ? thanks
[2011-03-05 11:02AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> more on 0225 writing solution will come later!
[2011-03-05 11:03AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> for now lt+ slim needs thorough testing!

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  1. avatar gl says:


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  2. avatar hell_sea says:

    i didn't see that coming :!:
    even though i have 9504 …. but i can't say how horrible would be for others who have 0225 :arrow:

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  3. avatar Tyran says:

    Ile jeszcze kurwa będzie testów ?

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  4. avatar ture says:

    Чё суки довыебывались, блять. В следующий раз слушать надо меня.

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  5. avatar gl says:

    I realized for Christmas will be released, as promised

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  6. avatar Massimiliano says:

    Yeah thanks, but approximately when coming out the 9504?

    2-3-4-5 days?


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  7. avatar tiran says:

    please can someone tell me how can i find if my xbox is 0225 or 9504?

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  8. avatar Bad Russian says:

    The Greath News 4EVA!!!!!))))))))) А мне пох, у меня лежат два бокса с 9504 один 4gb другой 250gb, а еще на одном Slim сч заменянным приводом играю)))) Так что кризис мне по барабану.))) Ржу над амерекосами и всей остальной пиздобратией которые еще вчера ему член готовы были отсосать, а сегодня самого отвафлять)))))) Такие вот они ПЕНДОСЫ.

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    • avatar Bad Russian says:

      Sory my f**king english and beautiful russian))))))))

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    • avatar anonimys says:

      ты на высоте :D

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      • avatar Bad Russian says:

        Да нее, братан, просто я в очередной раз убеждаюсь, что америкосы фальшивые и льстецы, одним словом говнюки они, хотя среди наших тож такие бывают)))

        Yes, her brother, I just once again convinced that amerikosy false flatterers, and, in one word s**t, although they are among our identities are)))

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  9. avatar 0225 says:

    My drive is 0225 :/

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  10. avatar El Majico says:


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    • avatar SUSSUDIO says:

      perchè assurdo? te la compravi prima la xbox, così non aspettavi

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      • avatar El Majico says:

        Senti bello io ho preso la slim a Dicembre quando il nostro Mago proclamava l'uscita ormai prossima della modifica, siamo a Marzo e ancora niente, allora poteva dire che non si sapeva quando usciva invece ha fatto solo isuoi interessi facendo comprare a parecchie persone la slim

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        • avatar Babilozzo says:

          Io invece penso che il nostro Mago faccia solo bene a prenderci per il culo, intanto perchè il 95% delle persone che usano il fw hack, non lo fanno di certo a scopo di backup dei propri dischi originali, (se mai ne avessero uno) poi non vedo il problema di fare mille discussioni, perchè basta che ti compri il gioco se ci vuoi giocare! più semplice di così!! haha! ciao.
          But I think our Wizard does only good to take the piss, because while 95% of people who use the fw hack, not something they do in order to back up your original disks (if they ever had one) I do not see the problem then make thousands of threads, just because you bought the game if we want to play! easier than this! haha! Hello.

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