c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-12 #fw)

[2011-03-12 11:05AM UTC] #fw <when> c4eva I respect you but seriously when is firmware to be released a year from noe 6months?
[2011-03-12 11:06AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> when its ready

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  1. avatar Death Angel says:

    Thats all you say "when it is ready"

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  2. avatar Tyran says:

    tępy jebaniec niech lepiej powie że nie potrafi

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  3. avatar BLA BLA says:

    that's very great .. you'd better not post these kind of stuff . that's no news for us . it's just a signal that you live. as long as you're not from Japan (RIP :( ) we al know that you live so we expect smth more than a hello, goodbye or when it's ready.

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    Can we see the 0225 firmware in two months after the 9504 firmware
    I donated money, but the results …
    it will be done when its done

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  5. avatar Massimiliano says:

    9 weeks
    5 hours
    0 min
    4 second


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  6. avatar Freacking BOX says:

    I miss the time wen C4eva work alone !!!!!!

    Please Comoodore come back to the scene !!!

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  7. avatar Кэп says:

    Да этот мудак просто стебется над всеми,сука продажная!!!

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  8. avatar Crocdee says:

    XBOX720 will be out by the time " It's Ready" lol

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  9. avatar Elivelton x360 says:

    pow é brincadeira neh , essa fimware 9504 vai ficar em testes ate todo mundo ficar nervoso e quebrar seus 360 slim !! hahah tah dificil ficar esperando

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  10. avatar Mim mesmo says:

    please dont give ears to those people, we know that you're working hard to release it soon.

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