c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-13 #fw)

[2011-03-13 11:58AM UTC] #fw <Redx508> so why you need probe to recover sammys and benq from bad flash ? Lizar
[2011-03-13 11:58AM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> you meen bricked
[2011-03-13 11:58AM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> ?
[2011-03-13 11:58AM UTC] #fw <Redx508> yea
[2011-03-13 11:59AM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> well its not coded to handle bricks yet
[2011-03-13 11:59AM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> only reson
[2011-03-13 11:59AM UTC] #fw <Redx508> ok
[2011-03-13 11:59AM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> but there is alterat for the time being
[2011-03-13 12:00PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> alternate*
[2011-03-13 12:00PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> better then none
[2011-03-13 12:00PM UTC] #fw <[Ex0r]> x360usb
[2011-03-13 12:00PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> tats right
[2011-03-13 12:00PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> waiting for xusb
[2011-03-13 12:00PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> jf can unbrick
[2011-03-13 12:00PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> not x360usb
[2011-03-13 12:02PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> hello redeath, wrong again!
[2011-03-13 12:02PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> iam likeing xusb more
[2011-03-13 12:02PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> wrong
[2011-03-13 12:02PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> tell me
[2011-03-13 12:03PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> c4eva would you like to alborate
[2011-03-13 12:03PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> cheaper ,better , tested product, with more to come!
[2011-03-13 12:04PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> that dont prove nothing to me
[2011-03-13 12:04PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> you say im wroung
[2011-03-13 12:04PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> tell me
[2011-03-13 12:04PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> jf handles all flashing correct
[2011-03-13 12:05PM UTC] #fw <prankster> lol
[2011-03-13 12:05PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> well ?
[2011-03-13 12:05PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> im wating
[2011-03-13 12:05PM UTC] #fw <prankster> even copping it tight from the man himself
[2011-03-13 12:06PM UTC] #fw <prankster> lol
[2011-03-13 12:06PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> tested product 100%
[2011-03-13 12:06PM UTC] #fw <prankster> c4eva_, thanks for support on the matter
[2011-03-13 12:06PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> i guess this is the point i get banned so it can be covered up
[2011-03-13 12:06PM UTC] #fw <prankster> lol
[2011-03-13 12:06PM UTC] #fw <prankster> not me i aint ops
[2011-03-13 12:06PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> no need to explain, product speaks for itself!
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <prankster> indeed it does
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> no it dont
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> i asked you
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <prankster> lizard is fail in so many ways
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> you said i was incorrect
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> you cant give me an aswer
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> answer*
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> and you are :)
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> well
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <prankster> your product speaks for itself
[2011-03-13 12:07PM UTC] #fw <prankster> redeath
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <prankster> lol
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> it speaks ?
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> iam sure xusb will flash Hitachi day1 :)
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> no jungleflasher will handle it from day 1
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> not xusb
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <prankster> lol
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> see my point
[2011-03-13 12:08PM UTC] #fw <prankster> we never said it did the flashing
[2011-03-13 12:09PM UTC] #fw <prankster> so whats your point?
[2011-03-13 12:09PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> well how am i incorrect
[2011-03-13 12:09PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> and you say its better
[2011-03-13 12:09PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> 360LIZAR you said the lizard has jf on it ?
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <prankster> do u know anything at all about x360usb?
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> yes the code that does all the flashing
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> yes shure
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> i only have to loo at it
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> so why wont it flash Hitachi ?
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> look*
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <prankster> the code max would love us to share? fuck him, code it himself
[2011-03-13 12:10PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> we got hitachi write working
[2011-03-13 12:11PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> no biggy
[2011-03-13 12:11PM UTC] #fw <prankster> should have worked from day one, considering max’s experience with it
[2011-03-13 12:11PM UTC] #fw <prankster> do you still need the dvd in drive as with fwtb lol
[2011-03-13 12:11PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> yes from the old maximus toolbox days
[2011-03-13 12:11PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> as some suprises there
[2011-03-13 12:13PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> hardware is doing its thing as well, so you are wrong! :)
[2011-03-13 12:13PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> bah
[2011-03-13 12:13PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> what does that tell me
[2011-03-13 12:13PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> you say im wrong ,and wont even tell me why
[2011-03-13 12:13PM UTC] #fw <prankster> portio works from the device perfectly
[2011-03-13 12:14PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> yes but jungleflasher handles it all
[2011-03-13 12:14PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> at beest it might just intro
[2011-03-13 12:14PM UTC] #fw <_360LIZAR> best*
[2011-03-13 12:15PM UTC] #fw <Redx508> jungleflasher dont like the lizard
[2011-03-13 12:15PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> wrong again :)
[2011-03-13 12:44PM UTC] #fw <Terram_ru> c4eva_ can we expect fw before summer?
[2011-03-13 12:49PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> current slim fw is performing well, will be released when its done independent from any hardware and will be free to all!
[2011-03-13 12:49PM UTC] #fw <RegniX> c4eva_ thanks for your hard work man! what % is completed 9504 and 0225 ? thanks a lot! :-)
[2011-03-13 12:49PM UTC] #fw <HarryGear> thanks c4 for appreciate all the hard work
[2011-03-13 12:51PM UTC] #fw <JeeBoy> <c4eva_> still 9504 will be first out?
[2011-03-13 12:53PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 9504 first, 0225 second, not long between them!

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12 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-13 #fw) (Including 3 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar John Doe says:

    i always defended c4eva, but this time he's on really bad-made marketing stuff

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  2. avatar Deivid_ says:

    choose your side, lizard360 vs xboxusbpro! On the day he decides to sell products, appears to play a good competitor. c4eva not aware of that. My problem is a f*ckin Slim sealed waiting to play f*ckin downloaded games while the fake hacker makes money with that sh*t tool. Each to his own problem.

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  3. Мне так нравится этот маскарад ))) Ну теперь то я думаю все разглядели нижнее подчёркивание у ников наших соперников (Чева и Лизард ) :lol:

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  4. avatar ethanol says:

    x360usb pro all the way. long experienced team, guaranteed to work an all drives, no extra hardware, looks cool. do i need to say anything else?

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    • avatar Deivid_ says:

      Yes yu need, search about Lizard before post here friend, don´t be a fanboy of xecuter team easly, it´s well created tool, you don´t need even a pc to unlock a drive, the usbpro crap need a pc end don´t do nothing more than connect the drive to pc like sata does, Jungle Flasher that´s do the rest, Lizard do Full unlock without nothing more, who is the best tool?

      I hope for a tool´s free method to dump and write on 0225, really hope for this, even if need to cut tacks or soldering. Let´s see.

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  5. avatar BLA BLA says:

    So , C4EVa you alwais say that "when it will be done it will be done", you don't give us at least an aproximate launching day. OK I understand that, it's taking to much work to do.
    But when you tell us " 9504 first, 0225 second, not long between them! " that means the time is not so relative and the date is well known, or very well scheduled.
    Anyway we can do nothing !

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  6. avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

    We know that 9504 first, 0225 second, but we need to know when slim fw wil be released!!!!! when!!!?

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  7. avatar Karel says:

    What a fight there…
    I consider my self a patient user, I've waited since the first video came out showing the Slim hacked. I've never asked for any ETA, I have respected c4eva's work and his own times, but this time this smells a little different. When c4eva said (in january) we could expect the fw before 2 months, I believed it, but now I am "loosing hope", I don't know guys, but when c4eva (or Team xecuter) says this is not marketing, I cannot believe it at all. Anyway I don`t blame him, all this work deserves something in change. The matter here is that he/they should be sincerous with us.

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  8. avatar Deivid_ says:

    " current slim fw is performing well, will be released when its done independent from any hardware and will be free to all!" Bulls**t! free I trust that will be but don´t need a hardware tool!? sorry but I don´t trust on this, if so, release the god damn thing and stop wait for xboxusb arrive to costumers!
    You dont release because people will download it free and buy Lizard tool to do the work, and you do not sell usbprocrap, so yu hold till arrive to sell, it´s CLEAR like crystal.
    The truth is that yuo are selling your reputation! sorry for you.

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    • avatar sliking says:

      Does maximus supply c4eva any of the drives? NO THEY DONT! Good luck to him! without team x and c4 there wouldnt be any fw. its s**t I know, and he could be a little bit more informativive. But he isnt and dont owe any of you anything. So just wait patient and it will be released "when it's ready"

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  9. avatar Shiva says:

    FW comes when microsoft thinks they have sold enough slims and made enough profit and when they think they can afford it. LOL…after announcement of Slim FW by C4eva Microsoft sold even more Slims…and when the next gen Xbox is in the pipeline, they give green light to c4eva…if it comes at all…who knows…i wonder when you people realize that they acutally work for M$ :-) …M$ Conspiracy!
    M$ has to admit that a lot of people only bought slims becoz they hope to play backups and save money. Otherwise they would have bought PS3 LOL….

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