c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-13 #maximuslizard)

[2011-03-13 17:15 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> I feel like he is certainly waiting on release
[2011-03-13 17:16 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> If the fw came out today, people would just buy more lizards
[2011-03-13 17:16 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> etc
[2011-03-13 17:16 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> instead wait
[2011-03-13 17:16 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> and try to get more
[2011-03-13 17:16 UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> no hurt :) and no im not! fw is hardware independent!
[2011-03-13 17:17 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> So it's just taking longer?
[2011-03-13 17:17 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> I've just seen these rumours going around
[2011-03-13 17:17 UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> We all have
[2011-03-13 17:17 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> And without much verification from you they've seemed plausible
[2011-03-13 17:27 UTC] #maximuslizard <corim123> Sorry to have accused you of holding it back, but just give us some info here. I just want a little verification that these rumours are invalid
[2011-03-13 17:30 UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> slim fw is not held back, not tied to any hardware vendor! you guys will be able to use it as well!
[2011-03-13 17:31 UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> C4 have you guys taken a look at the 0500 yet?
[2011-03-13 17:32 UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> soon
[2011-03-13 17:32 UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> they are very hard to find :)
[2011-03-13 17:34 UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> it just happened that i was working on the same chipset bluray drive awhile ago :)
[2011-03-13 17:35 UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> must mean it'll be easier to figure out what to do when the time comes
[2011-03-13 17:40 UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> yes

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  1. avatar superfireball says:

    Thanks for letting the logs go in even if they are a little late :) .

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