c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-17 [priv msg])

[2011-03-17 08:48AM UTC] <*****> Hi, can you tell me something about your ps3 project ? Will you try to hack the ps3 BD fw ? or you abandon this project ?
[2011-03-17 08:49AM UTC] <c4eva> its on the list
[2011-03-17 08:50AM UTC] <*****> thanks for your answer :)
[2011-03-17 08:51AM UTC] <*****> you will probably try to do this after 0500 ?
[2011-03-17 08:52AM UTC] <c4eva> yes
[2011-03-17 08:56AM UTC] <*****> I'm very appreciative for everything you do for the scene :) Thanks :)

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16 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-17 [priv msg])

  1. avatar mario says:

    after finish the ps3 project c4eva would release the 9504 hack XD

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  2. avatar Cesar says:

    Caraaa solta logo esse FW par ao slim

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  3. avatar blazek566 says:

    i dont think so…he needs to test the fw for 9504 and thats alot of time :evil:

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  4. avatar Tyran says:


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  5. avatar Anonimo says:

    c4eva deja de estar jugando y libere 9504 y 0225

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  6. avatar brunoooooooo says:

    ci hai rotto il cazzo!! nn ti esponi mai quando sara suo tempo!! ma vattene a fanculoooooo!! Strunz!! il Fw per la ps3 se va avanti cosi lo fara tra 30 anni,..

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  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    Para Navidad del 2015 pronto :wink:

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  8. avatar xbox360 Buenos Aires says:

    Para la Navidad 2015 PRONTO !

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  9. avatar bruce says:

    lappami i coglione imbecille e mentecatto, te ed il team xecuter , ma chi lo compra uqella minchiata di usb pro , per leggere le 0225 basta un chipset superiore a ih8 intel
    eseguite dosflash 32 e leggete la key con liteon v3, giu' i segreti c4eva!

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  10. avatar Deivid_ says:

    PS3 é o cacete! bora esse 0225 logo ae véi! :D

    PS3 my ass! go for 0225 man!! :D

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