c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-17 #x360usb)

[2011-03-17 07:21AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> hello
[2011-03-17 09:02AM UTC] #x360usb <TX072> when x360usb will be in shops?
[2011-03-17 09:03AM UTC] #x360usb <AuXBoXx> supposed to be around 25th march
[2011-03-17 09:04AM UTC] #x360usb <TX072> FW for slim will be too in that time
[2011-03-17 09:04AM UTC] #x360usb <AuXBoXx> only c4eva knows
[2011-03-17 09:06AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> maybe/maybe not :)

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55 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-17 #x360usb) (Including 10 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar JoNKoW says:

    hello c4 how you doing :P lol

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  2. avatar Tyran says:

    fantastic info "hello"

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  3. avatar JoNKoW says:

    its an automated irc log not an wikipedia

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  4. avatar gl says:

    hi )

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  5. avatar Chalala says:

    Verygood man say "Hello"
    "Hello" The word is impact to all people waiting.

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  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Cabron de la mierda, deje de estar jugando con las personas, pirobo hp

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  7. avatar brutwurst says:

    c4eva = Martin Solveig… :D :D

    HELLO!!! OHO OHoooo

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  8. avatar Rambo182 says:

    This is unnecessary NEWS! it's not suppose to put on this website! GARBAGE!

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  9. avatar samurai71 says:

    maybe today i will go to change my xbox360 (fw 0225) with a ps3 modified! I'm very tired to wait c4eva…. I want to thank the team xecuter and the other guys but a lot of time is passed and no solution is yet arrived! I don't want to lose any other money for original games…. i'm very disappointed… I waited for 3 months… and nothing….. x360usb is another way to lose my money….

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    • avatar Dalle says:

      Yeah, im sick and tired to, i got my 9504 at launch and still nothing….
      I wish that SOMEONE ELSE could do a fw, but sadly noone can -.-

      I mean i toog less than o month to crtack ap 2.5 on ALL the fat drives but when it comes to one drive in the slim it takes forever, and the fw cant be THAT different since it basicly do the same thing…

      c4eva is an a**hole, good for the scene but overall and a**hole that doesn't seem to give a s**t
      cus this is taking TO LONG and hes a bit arrogant in his answers, no info at all…

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      • avatar STAFFO says:

        Firmware IS different since the new LiteOn's is able to do even more checks than the phat with the new dash.. If you guys actually knew what you were talking about, you wouldnt be posting all your crappy speculations here..

        But have fun with on your new ps3.. 2 less idiots in the xbox scene :)

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  10. avatar bruce says:

    A pezzo di merda???? Fammi un bombolone c4eva te la stai tirando , mettiti in culo xbox 360 slim , fat e usb pro e poi anche un dito se ti entra , ci stai pienando i coglioni

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Hai ragione fratello…. Ma quando si muove sto pseudo hacker della minchia…. E' da 2 mesi che deve uscire sto fw… Secondo me non ha fatto niente… E' solo un buffone pagliaccio…..

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        scommetto che quando uscirà il FW, entrambi farete i bravi leccaculo… ohhhh grazie c4eva, sei il migliore! *_*

        deficenti… alla fine abbiamo capito che sta aspettando l'x360pro… tanto vale aspettare n'altro pò….

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  11. avatar B0o3e says:

    C4 Group is the best… :D

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  12. avatar gl says:

    how about to xbox live (god) issue and play free ?

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  13. avatar aki says:

    کسکش مادر قحبه شاید اره شاید نه کس ننه ملت مچل تو اند دیوث یکساله که ملت سر کار گزاشتی هیچی ندار

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  14. avatar anonimys says:

    there is a way to dump the key from the drive 0225 http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.p…ic=729109&st=0 people say it works if the key is to flash the old drive

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  15. avatar blazek566 says:

    [2011-03-17 09:06AM UTC] #x360usb maybe/maybe not :)

    he is now fuc*ing with us :(

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  16. avatar ХерМоржовый says:

    C4eva always very informative

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  17. avatar sean1212 says:

    Who we can ask c4e qestions :D

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  18. avatar sean1212 says:

    How *

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  19. avatar Marcus Rambo says:

    everybody s**t now and when c4eva release firmware everybody will have it…

    Sry for my bad english :)

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  20. avatar Gerric says:


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  21. avatar Mauri says:

    Estoy Arto! Espero sea cargada, y lo libere pronto…

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  22. avatar Vice says:

    Hey at least he is saying maybe/ maybe not. I was getting sick of the word "soon". I am suprised he used a different word this time. Dosent matter they both mean the same thing

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  23. avatar Быдло из России says:

    Ёбаный ты педорас, ты уже заебал сцука, всё тянешь резину, блеать, в тесте проша и в тесте, "выйдет когда будет готова", когда уже? Буржуй ты ебаный, тут терпелка у любого не выдержит, я вот уже не выдержал. Ты в моих глазах просто чмо и хуй. Подавись своей прошивкой уёбок }:D

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  24. avatar _janissary_ says:

    just tell us how long you need ? 1month, 2months ?

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  25. avatar sean1212 says:

    C4eva is playing with us and he think is cool so fuc* him

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  26. avatar Anonimo says:

    todavia no sacan el 0225?
    c4eva danos fechas

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  27. avatar F4eva Firmware forever! says:

    Like i said, when usbpro stay ready for sell, fw will be too, great coincidence not? just like that.
    Now C4eva is a employee from Team Jungle and Team Xecuter
    just see the twitter text of @TeamJungle on december 2010…

    "Team Jungle & Team Xecuter Present: Hitachi iXtreme LT+ v1.1 Merry Christmas"

    Team Jungle and Xecuter presents or C4eva present?! WTF?!

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    • avatar Vice says:

      He has been holding back the firmware for usb pro. So tool bags who say he isnt are dumb. He has every right when to release his firmware, however, he is still a commercial name who profits off us

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  28. avatar lucas candido says:

    Vai libera ou não ? ==. se não eu compra um PS3

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  29. avatar hacktheplanet says:

    Да эта гнида опять тролит , скатина , когда он уже своим троллингом подавиться и сдиранием денег

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    • avatar Быдло из России says:

      Категорически согласен. Я б ему в щи прописал разок, буржую этому, задохлику. Сссццука о уже бесит блеаать }:В

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  30. avatar master says:

    All people are waiting since 8 months & nothing !!! nothing…we all have to wait until the X360 USB PRO be in online markets…that when c4eva will lunch the LT 9504….I hate team xecuter…

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  31. avatar Nubie says:

    Kiedy ten potwór będzie CFW? Oderwij głowę, kurwa pedałem …

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  32. avatar яяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяанонимус says:

    Пидорас мелкософтовский это чева, сука ажиотаж поднял своими обещаниями на эти Слимки(((((

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  33. avatar hugobumms says:

    9504 WEEKS – 0225 MONTHS 0500-HAHA is the topic in the irc-channel x360usb :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

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  34. avatar h_e_n_r_y says:

    … Is it me you're looking for?


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  35. avatar mario says:

    he have just admit that he is wating for the x360usb to be release

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  36. avatar TheLeon says:

    Hello everybody.

    Help me please! I've slim 250gb. If I change LiteOn 0225 to other. Is it work? (firmwared: liteon, hitachi……)

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  37. avatar Диони says:

    Чева этот ваш внатуре хуесос! Может бля, а может и нет…

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  38. avatar Anonymous says:

    when nothing was posted here, you all were crying "we want news!!"
    and now you are crying "this is not important"!!

    humans are wierd creatures!!!!!!

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    • avatar Vice says:

      I guess our not human then because they way you talk you sound perfect and above us…. We want news of eta bitch. Like 10 years 5 years 3 years 2 years 1 year 6 months. It isnt hard to over-project a date. The reason he dosent is because he wont release until 360 pro sells well.

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  39. avatar OrTwice says:

    Everybody is writing complaints of what is c4eva doing. YOU have the option,
    - if you can code the fw by your own just do it!
    - if you cant be quiet an wait for the release!

    All the owners of a slim are waiting for months for the fw but there is no reason to be barefaced!

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  40. avatar liteonfreeze says:

    at the end of the f**king day I doubt its tied to any hardware, since you idiots don't realise that the firmware is independent from any hardware, such as the Maximus Lizard or the X360usb. Meaning it doesn't matter if he releases it earlier, since a lot of people have bought the Maximus Lizard

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  41. avatar El Majico says:

    c4eva sei simpatico come un calcio nelle palle

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