c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-17 #x360usb)

[2011-03-17 07:21AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> hello
[2011-03-17 09:02AM UTC] #x360usb <TX072> when x360usb will be in shops?
[2011-03-17 09:03AM UTC] #x360usb <AuXBoXx> supposed to be around 25th march
[2011-03-17 09:04AM UTC] #x360usb <TX072> FW for slim will be too in that time
[2011-03-17 09:04AM UTC] #x360usb <AuXBoXx> only c4eva knows
[2011-03-17 09:06AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> maybe/maybe not :)

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  1. avatar Mauri says:

    Estoy Arto! Espero sea cargada, y lo libere pronto…

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  2. avatar Vice says:

    Hey at least he is saying maybe/ maybe not. I was getting sick of the word "soon". I am suprised he used a different word this time. Dosent matter they both mean the same thing

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  3. avatar Быдло из России says:

    Ёбаный ты педорас, ты уже заебал сцука, всё тянешь резину, блеать, в тесте проша и в тесте, "выйдет когда будет готова", когда уже? Буржуй ты ебаный, тут терпелка у любого не выдержит, я вот уже не выдержал. Ты в моих глазах просто чмо и хуй. Подавись своей прошивкой уёбок }:D

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  4. avatar _janissary_ says:

    just tell us how long you need ? 1month, 2months ?

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  5. avatar sean1212 says:

    C4eva is playing with us and he think is cool so fuc* him

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  6. avatar Anonimo says:

    todavia no sacan el 0225?
    c4eva danos fechas

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  7. avatar F4eva Firmware forever! says:

    Like i said, when usbpro stay ready for sell, fw will be too, great coincidence not? just like that.
    Now C4eva is a employee from Team Jungle and Team Xecuter
    just see the twitter text of @TeamJungle on december 2010…

    "Team Jungle & Team Xecuter Present: Hitachi iXtreme LT+ v1.1 Merry Christmas"

    Team Jungle and Xecuter presents or C4eva present?! WTF?!

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    • avatar Vice says:

      He has been holding back the firmware for usb pro. So tool bags who say he isnt are dumb. He has every right when to release his firmware, however, he is still a commercial name who profits off us

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  8. avatar lucas candido says:

    Vai libera ou não ? ==. se não eu compra um PS3

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  9. avatar hacktheplanet says:

    Да эта гнида опять тролит , скатина , когда он уже своим троллингом подавиться и сдиранием денег

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    • avatar Быдло из России says:

      Категорически согласен. Я б ему в щи прописал разок, буржую этому, задохлику. Сссццука о уже бесит блеаать }:В

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  10. avatar master says:

    All people are waiting since 8 months & nothing !!! nothing…we all have to wait until the X360 USB PRO be in online markets…that when c4eva will lunch the LT 9504….I hate team xecuter…

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