c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-18 [team channel])

[2011-03-18 12:12AM UTC] <c4eva> more code added to lt slim, added ram stealth via rootkit also, total stealth (fw and ram) achieved

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33 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-18 [team channel]) (Including 8 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar lobocobra says:

    Grande trabalho c4 espero em breve lt slim

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    • avatar Deivid_ says:

      Não se engane amigo, ja está pronto, ele so está soltando as infos do que ele fez a algum tempo pouco a pouco, pra não ficar evidente.

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      • avatar Gerric says:

        A quien le importa solo Bla Bla y nada de nada
        Who cares only Bla Bla and nothing at all
        Wer kümmert sich nur Bla Bla und gar nichts
        Кто заботится только Bla Bla и вообще ничего не
        Qui ne se soucie que Bla Bla et rien du tout
        Chi se ne frega solo Bla Bla e niente affatto
        چه کسی مراقبت Bla Bla تنها و هیچ چیز در تمام
        Who cares alleen Bla Bla en al helemaal niets

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  2. avatar Crocdee says:

    Still NO PROOF he has done anything. Not buying the x360usb until they show us or releases the FW. He's not getting my $$$ until then

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  3. avatar no one says:

    Not buying anything until it is released and few people used it to confirm all is fine.

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  4. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    Dear all,

    He has contributed to scene before with his awesome works. I hate them who talk dirty on him.
    Even I do not know he did nothing with Slim LT, though I appreciate his works. He has every right to publish it as his own.

    And also think all, he is not an employee to all of us. We can only request. Shame to them who don't do that. Be modest and pay respect to someone who is working for greater good.


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  5. avatar scottishdude says:

    whats he x360usbpro got to do with anything crocdee, you don't need to buy it, its for making flashing easier dude nothing to do with lt for slim, c4eva has said then as well as team xecuter on many occasions, you don't need to buy it if you don't want it, the firmware isn't locked to a hardware provider, so relax, its be completed soon folks, just have some patience, although the firmware might probably come out a little after the usb pro is released, this is the xbox scene, the whole community do things in tandem,

    dont buy it then but its your loss, its just to make things more convenient

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  6. avatar apierce1289 says:

    I agree if more code is what's needed to keep us safe while playing are cough: backups :cough then I'll be happier knowing I'm as safe as possible on xbl :)

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  7. avatar Crocdee says:

    Scottishdude you cant flash a 0225 drive if you dont buy a x360usb. Let me know if Im wrong. The drive is locked and you need it to be able to flash. Cant do it any other way

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    • avatar mik says:

      Thats bulls**t nobody said that 0225 can not be flashed with an normal SATA Card so wait for more information and dont confuse people with your s**t.

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    • avatar STAFFO says:

      And this is c4eva's fault? No.. Blame microsoft instead.. They made that drive..

      But yes, there are ways besides the X360USB, but the usual ways like using a via card and a lot of other sata chipsets simply wont work with the 0225 drive, which again you should be blaming M$..

      If you dont want it, dont buy it.. But stop moaning here..

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      • avatar Crocdee says:

        Who's moaning. Just stating the facts. He has shown no evidence that he has firmware running on the slim except swapping the drive. Show me proof that any slim drive can run CFW and Ill buy it. No CFW and the x360 USB Pro is useless

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        • avatar STAFFO says:

          Why should i prove something i clearly isnt stating?

          This: "Still NO PROOF he has done anything. Not buying the x360usb until they show us or releases the FW. He’s not getting my $$$ until then" along with other comments is moaning..

          He doesnt need to show you anything, you dont have to buy anything, so why state the obvious in such a way if it isnt moaning? Ohh, so you were..

          It's like saying: "I dont wanna go to grandma's house and eat cake unless i get an icecream!" which is childish..

          And it isnt useless unless your retarded and dont know what its capable of..

          Have fun..

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          • avatar Crocdee says:

            Sounds like your Fukkin Xecuter and C4eva u the A$$. You should be there No.1 fan and salesman. You know whats it's capable. How do you know? No one has it. Stupid Retard
            Release 26th March. Doh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. avatar liteonfreeze says:

    @Crocdee: at the moment you can't flash the 0225, full stop, the x360usb makes no difference, he still hasn't even worked out a write method for it. he hasn't even opened it last thing I read. so wheres your source

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  10. avatar mik says:

    Can somebody ask c4eva, why he write that fw for 9504 is ready but dont release it ?
    I dont ask for eta only if he needs more testing time. I mean if i develop something i dont write "Yeah everything works and booting fine" but i need more testing time ?

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    • avatar Gmy says:

      That is called the software cycle process. You develop, test, fix bugs and go at it until the code is atleast near perfect. That is what every software development company does before releasing their product to the vast market. The ones complaining for him to release it would be the first ones crying if they were banned from live and/or the fw simply did not work up to par.

      Does it seem like it has taken for ever? Yes. Especially if you check this site everyday.. haha. But the fact of the matter is that this is being provided to us all by the grace of his commitment. What ever the reason for the delay, who cares. It will come when it comes. If you are depening on this to make money, get a real job!

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