c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-19 #fw)

[2011-03-19 11:35AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> anybody have info about kind of slim
[2011-03-19 11:35AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> rootkit
[2011-03-19 11:37AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes,my own :)
[2011-03-19 07:49PM UTC] #fw <peeves> there will be a new Kreon firmware to read the sectors ap 2.5?
[2011-03-19 07:52PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> peeves:a new 0800 soon,will allow ap25 dumping of all 50 challenges with a user supplied dae.bin!

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  1. avatar Tyran says:


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    • avatar powerdemon292 says:

      i think everyone just need to stfu, let c4eva do his job, and we will be happy in the next few months, if you care that much about getting backups just play ur orig game for awhile, or donate, or go learn programming and help him…. this is a business and he is obviously trying to do a good job.

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  2. avatar Mirdefe says:

    Secondo me ci prende per il naso…., non ha nulla di pronto.

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    • avatar Mirdefe says:

      Ridicolo da 4 mesi ancora non ha prodotto nulla,pensa a fare solo soldi e non produce nulla , non e' ingrado questa volta.

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      • avatar punkabbenzo says:

        scommetto che quando uscirà il FW tutti commenterete con :"ohhh c4eva sei mitico, sei il migliore" ecc..
        ora nn avete il FW pronto, e quindi c4 è una mer*a nn fa nulla, c prende in giro…

        siete migliori d c4? siete più capaci!? bene, quella è l'x360, quello è il lettore, e quello è il pc, accomodatevi! -.-"

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  3. avatar amrhosny says:

    WDF !!! look C4 no one cares about ur talking just share the FW !!
    But I really wanna know guys is 9504 more that 0225 ?! i believe not many have 0225 not 9504 or what do you think ?!

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  4. avatar Soxx says:

    this site is becoming a chit chat site instead of C4eva news :(

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  5. avatar Trumak says:

    WTF stop talking stupid things – just finish this s**tty firmware!

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  6. avatar Fubrus says:

    You are a clown….. the firmw 9504 is ok , but you don't release… c4eva You let me down….

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  7. avatar Rambo182 says:

    Another Troll news

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  8. avatar kendel` says:

    let me tell you something c4eva, if you think that you the only one making firmware you wrong, soon your website will be full of dust,when people see a new firmware,people would stop going to your site, soon slim heaven fw!!!!!!!!!

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    • avatar Admiral says:

      So, what are you doing here? Why other programers don't make firmware yet ? One word – bu…s**t Man!

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    • avatar cal.79 says:

      STOP being so f*cking impatient and complaining about the hard work of many individuals who CHOOSE TO DO THIS FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!!!
      If you cant step up, shut up !

      Keep up the good work guys, some people actually appreciate it !

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      • avatar Аноним says:

        ахахах Бесплатно?? ты тупой лось и идиот , кроме того что деньги идут от X360UsbPro , так ещё и прошивка нам обойдётся в немалую сумму

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  9. avatar kendel` says:

    The only thing I tell you, is not to be your rival in fw, is for only you to see and understand that being in the way that you generate for only what you know you're doing, but really there are other people who have the knowledge like you, and your little by little you will be just a distant memory in the firmware for Xbox 360. Good luck and god bless

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  10. avatar Fubrus says:

    you're a funny mood … good, I hope that someone else is interfering in the scene xbox 360, so everyone should not depend just on you …

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    • avatar Gerric says:

      Opino lo mismo que tu, como en ps3 hay muchos firmware de donde escoger y no conformarse con estos ineptos de c4eva

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    • avatar Vice says:

      True that brother. I hate one one company controls a specific market. Thanks c4eva for hardwork. You deserve my respect regardless. I just wish you were more honest as I can see you are a snake. Thats life though I guess in the marketing buisness

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