c4eva Spoke! (2011-03-31 #fw)

[2011-03-31 08:48AM UTC] #fw <c4eva-> fw in testing-no issues so far, jf in testing -looking good, making sure there are no issues!

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  1. avatar Simon Sez says:

    Good, release on its way now, maybe even today. Would be nice 904 is hooked up on pc.

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  2. avatar graziano says:

    ok, ma è interessante sapere quando è pronto il firmware 0225…grazie!

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  3. avatar tech9 says:

    c4eva this whole thing isn't cool anymore. me and the other people was asking because your information politics is a pain. I AM very thankful for your work but what is your comments for its like getting a big dildo in a virgin a**hole. Who cares about the nfo????? No comment is better than such a f+++ information.
    NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE NFO NOBODY IS INTERESTED IN A ACTUALIZATION after Saturday Today to write testing going fine write nothing until you release it or something unexpected happens then you get the respect.
    If you write after months and everybody is hitting the F5 key in hope to see the release info and WHAT was there a info ABOUT the INFO?!!!! Common man this is a bad joke.

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      who f*cking cares your st*pid opinion!!!! you ain't funny either, but yes moron

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Dude – wtf are you talking about ? he doesnt say things in IRC channels to have news posted everywhere – he is speaking to a few guys about progress and retards like you take it out of context. No one gives a s**t what you think. if you are crying so much fora fw – then make your own – you didnt pay for it. so STFU moron.

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  4. avatar Tomas says:

    the only bad think is c4eva can't say to us what day it will be released… just, test good.. when its ready ,soon…… it's probably killing us man!!! we need release date!!!

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  5. avatar Tomas says:

    And in theese days everybody can confirm that you are working very slow.. but anyway… thanks..

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  6. avatar Deniska says:

    я затрахался ждать

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  7. avatar simone says:

    a stronzi ma questo c'ha pure na famiglia. mica può pensare agli stronzi che vogliono sta tutto il giorno a giocare. DIOKAN

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  8. avatar Tomas says:

    man, you can't laugh from jap people..You are showing disrespect for them.. don't do this..they are strongly affected.. god bless japan.

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    • avatar Juan Fernadez says:

      f**k you Japseye lover. Stupid retard Japs build nuclear power plant on coast and fault line.

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      • avatar FAiRY says:

        You sir are an Idiot do you think the Japanesse build the nuclear power plant there because they wanted this to happen the answer is NO. From what I have seen they might aswell be the most calm people in the crysis they are in eg. no riots no stealing, I bet If this would happen here people would just panic like the world will end. Enough said

        +1 Tomas

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        • avatar TXGAZZA says:

          Screw them, the sea was there before they built it and so was the fault line.

          Japanesse? Its Japanese, spell properly. Crysis as well, its crisis. Crysis is a game.

          If that happened here, Im sure we would have the sense to get the f**k out of there.

          Now can we keep to the topic. No more racist remarks. :!:

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    • avatar F4eva Firmware taking forever! says:

      they don´t belive in god, just budda! so god can´t help them.

      F4eva! this firmware becomes a joke, bad joke.

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  9. avatar taxidriver says:

    You sad f**ks are you that desperate for some attention and too pussyhole to start on a real person. Get a f**king life sad f**ks

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  10. avatar graziano says:

    a stronzone, modera i termini…

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