c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-01 #x360usb)

[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> people are saying on #fw that there neva has been slim fw and Neva will be, its all been a build up to a giant april fools joke.
[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> if true neva a funnier thing
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> better tell all the testers they are booting backups with stock fw then?
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> :)

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  1. avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

    so funny…

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  2. avatar Soxxx says:

    Release Imminent? Wow, ohh wait April fools Lol ! :wink:

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  3. avatar amrhosny says:

    .l. !!

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  4. avatar Fabrymod says:

    C4eva , today release the firmware? only 9504?

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  5. avatar Deniska says:

    congrats with 1st april!

    p.s. not funny anymore

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  6. avatar TOEVERYONE says:

    my ass is a chicken?

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  7. avatar Shark24(9504) says:

    It's Apprils fools joke only and it's very sad, cause I'm waitining this fw from december… like most peoples… :(

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    • avatar cal.79 says:

      It has taken a fair bit of time i agree but no doubt its for a good reason. i.e realtime checks new ap measures etc….. Its not the release date of the firmware that bothers me its this new disc format everyone is talking about ! Is game data going to still be written with a standard dual layer drive or is something new on the cards ?????? Time will tell, lets hope the new format can be patched via abgx or something similar to the .dvd file before the burn. if not then new f/w might not be the issue actually burning & playing backups might cause a lot of problems !!!!!!!!!!!
      Lets hope is all good !

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      • avatar Wog Boy says:

        Yeah that's true. They are saying that you wont be able to burn the new disc's. When they are pressed they are forced over the size of a normal DL Disc. So in order to burn a copy you have to over burn the disc. Cant be done. Only way is that they somehow compress or cut something from the disc. Playing Backups might be over :(
        But Fukk'em where there's a will there's a way
        We can beat m$. Bring it on. There gunna get raped up the Ass again. hahahaha

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  8. avatar Kev says:

    Neva gonna give u up!!!!!! :D

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  9. avatar Fishing says:

    so?? april fish

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  10. avatar gl says:

    Хватит нас мучать, выкладывай прошивку!!! :D

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  11. avatar Fabrymod says:

    C4EVA , are you there?

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  12. avatar formalin says:

    Read the whole conversation, because it says somewhere:

    [2011-04-01 10:55AM UTC] #x360usb fw release imminent!!

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  13. avatar Shark24(9504) says:

    So what, that imminent? it's just joke, it means nothing at all…

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  14. avatar Аноним says:

    вы все лоси он вас кормит … ещё раз для тупых потворяю , если и выйдет прошивка то сразу и 9504 и 0225 , раздельно невыгодно

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    • avatar Shark24(9504) says:

      pacimu ty dumaies sto tolko v miestie mozet vyti, atkuda u tybia takyjie mysli? (prasti za takoi rusky jazyk)

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      • avatar Аноним says:

        сам подумай , никто не будет покупать ящерицы , если не будет прошивки , это тупа бесполезная фигня , а понт от 9504 … ихмало а 0225 сейчас почти у каждого , делай выводы , + он всех тут кормит а они ему жопу лижут …

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    • avatar Darkness says:

      Да яуже это писал пендосы нас не понимают нубаки тупые))

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  15. avatar Rihanna says:

    I live the way you lie lalala :)
    Cry! b*tches Cry !
    This happens when there is No appreciation :D

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  16. avatar JoNKoW says:

    tumps up if you think this is not funny anymore !

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  17. avatar chupacabra says:

    We are the champions
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    Cause we are the champions of PATIENCE


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  18. avatar jaycboy says:

    Well i was excited so i opened up my slim its a 0225 damn so av all this hype will he wont he is there trace cuts ya a cunt ya asaviour troll bollox to go thru again….keeps mi occupied tho :p

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  19. avatar Ludovic says:

    tic tac tic tac tic tac 8mois tic tac tic tac encore 8mois ?

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  20. avatar MEGA LoL says:

    And again 1 Day with Bla bla bla..
    Sim FW will be never get released ! C4EVA is only a JOKE !!
    please rename your NICK to C4LOOSER

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  21. avatar bruce says:

    stop c4eva stop ore relase or you're only a loser

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  22. avatar LIQU1D 5NAKE says:

    U lot are absolute jokers, c4eva ha never let us down before, just give the chap some time and good things come to those who wait!!!! Te last time he said fw release immanent was for the last LT one and after he said immanent he released it within hours! Hopefully soon

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  23. avatar javilin33 says:

    whats up with the nickname? c4eva, c4eva_, c4eva-
    how on earth am i supposed to know which one is the real one?!?!

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  24. avatar Estiven CR says:

    creo que tienen razon ya es mucha la espera c4eva liberalo hoy plisss :D

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  25. avatar Estiven CR says:

    se supone que son el mismo ¡

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  26. avatar rory2005 says:

    think c4eva needs to now let people know if the imminent release was an april fools thing or the real deal.

    what does he call imminent 1 hour or two years?

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  27. avatar dan cragg says:


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  28. avatar Lynel says:

    i hate waiting this is so boring i played 20 demo Whaha. now i want to play full games ( i am crying)

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  29. avatar Stefan says:

    "imminent" wow a new word !!!
    before ist was : "soon" "maybe "maybe not" "next few ****" "not long now"…
    but "imminent" wow nice !

    Why noone is able to give a Date ? Theres a video out JF 81 working flashing a Slim, so it should be possible to give the People a Date..

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  30. avatar Lynel says:

    Hey guys my slim MFR DATe 12-23 It has a yellow sticker mine is 0225?? but in http://www.360drives.com
    12-23 MFR date (like mine) Xbox 360 Slim 250GB
    KinectBundle(like mine) United States(like mine ) NTSC (Like mine) Hitachi-LG DL10N ( is this true ??) and how look team number LOT number and motherboard??? please help

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  31. avatar ludovic says:

    et on fait des dons pour cette team la blague une belle bande de menteur

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  32. avatar beorange says:

    i only play demo games and old games 2
    this is really boring
    ill wait few more days before getting the ps3 too bad i don't like ps3 but need a flashh….

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    • avatar beorange says:

      this is my 3rd x360 man
      i hope no rrod this time or red point
      i dont like ps3 i dunno why so we are all waiting for good news
      so lets see.
      i can't say bad thing about c4eva yet maybe he is right an working good so we have no choice but to wait…

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  33. avatar raffaele says:

    siete tutti una massa di coglioni che andate dietro c4eva del cazzo io per fortuna ho una ps3 carico i giochi iso sul hd e gioco tranquillamente senza cd e voi andate dietro una modifica di merda che bisogna ancora comprare il dvd pfff coglioni voi e coglione c4eva vai a farti fottere evvia la ps3 e la sua modificaa ahauhauhauhauhuha coglioni

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  34. avatar Fabrymod says:

    C4eva you are a clown or not? PAPAPARARARARA !!!! C'MON RELEASE THE FIRMWARE!!! You said that the firmware released today….. is real??? REPLY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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  35. avatar Anonymous says:


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  36. avatar HUPUI says:


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  37. avatar chupacabra says:

    yes, today, every day is the same, "today will release" next year maybe, qhen every body get a X360USB, before this dont believe any more

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  38. avatar JoNKoW says:

    C4eva i don't trust you anymore you said it would be out here now for a long time and i still need to believe that you saying playing live will be safe if you not update can we trust you on that than i think you need to work on youre spelling cause everybody will lose it if you go on like this mate ! We still love you but be more clearly !!

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  39. avatar veg says:

    How do the f**k you can joke about waiting and patient??? It's not funny, rly.

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  40. avatar Anonymous says:

    :p :p :p :p

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  41. avatar Jasonjustice041 says:

    My F5 key is completely worn out now!!!!!!!!!!!

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  42. avatar Slim fw says:

    cmon C4Eva pleeeeeasseee

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  43. avatar Slim fw says:

    GOGOOG pleeeeassee

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  44. avatar Firmware freak says:

    I cant believe someone like C4eva, that have thousands of people that actually depends on him for something, is making such an idiot joke like this one, saying Release iminent, toying with us like this. Come on man, if its not true, then please, dont even say it, we will have respect for you because of everything you have done for us and keep doing, but please, dont do it.
    And please people, dont came here and say its C4Eva_ because it has been splained thousand times. C4Eva_ and C4Eva are the same people, unless someone hacked and got a way to use his IRC nickname.

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    • avatar admin says:

      There is no NickServ on EFNet, so anyone can take any nick, provided it's available. In this case, the other user in the conversation who claimed "release imminent" was not c4eva, as you could see the real c4eva spoke shortly thereafter. The bogus comment only made it into the log because it was captured in the lines preceeding the real c4eva's comment. I've cleaned up the post to reflect only c4eva's actual lines.

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  45. avatar drumm3r says:

    *Dials 911*

    ringing ….

    Me: " Hello "
    Officer: " Yes? "
    Me: " I'd like like to report a rape? "
    Office: " Who got raped ? "
    Me: " The F5 button ! "

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  46. avatar Catani says:

    Hahahaha……I really laughed out loud….Watcha doin' here Rihanna? Do you also want to play your back-ups…not to ruin your original discs? :) )))

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  47. avatar Rihanna says:

    Just gonna stand there and make them burn
    I like it !! like it !!

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  48. avatar LIQU1D 5NAKE says:

    Just realised that it WAS NOT c4eva who said firmware imminent, Some troll pretending to be him, the _ after the name gave it away and whoever said thats what happens when people leave chat is full of crap! BUT STILL…. COME ON c4eva , WE'RE WAITING ! ! ! ! ! JUST GIVE US AN UPDATE ON WHATS HAPPENING!

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    • avatar adi-213 says:

      F**k this FW, read This, because in this case firmware is almost useless:

      Microsoft will introduce the so-called XGD3 disc formats from around late April / early May.
      Currently, the XGD2 (Xbox Game Disc 2) formats in use.
      The disc image will always have a fixed size of about 6.8GB net and as such are limited to this maximum limit.
      The format offers something XGD3 about 1GB more memory (also net) and reached thus roughly 7.8GB.
      This 1GB available to developers of course. However, this new hash checks and anti-piracy measures are used.
      This XGD3 disc image (if one can read in the conventional way),
      cannot be burned to a commercially available double-layer discs, because they are outside the size capacity.
      During pressing of the discs in the press shop are virtually forced validation data to the extreme edges of the disc,
      which on the one hand, the verification, on the other hand, as an anti-copying system,
      since these sectors are not to describe blanks, not to mention the fact that Brenner these do Außnahmesituationen can only describe.

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    • avatar AnonymHarald says:

      The troll here is you!
      The IRC has a protection, so noone except c4eva can name himself c4eva_ or something like that.
      But yes you are the real pro here, so write the fw yourself.

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  49. avatar adi-213 says:

    April fool —>> FAIL, so, next checkpoint —>> CHRISTMAS. When I readed about XGD3, decided definitely sell x360 and buy PS3, I think this is good choice, and surely problems FREE. I know, my english sick, but mind is clear ;)

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  50. avatar Agony says:

    another day to hear c4eva and team xecuter with nothing in his hand , fs is only a joke, never true , if not they had relased it after two days of test

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  51. avatar Cironaldo says:

    So, because of the new update, the release of FW will still retarded? : /

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  52. avatar paupa says:

    i want the 0225!! come on!! i am from Venezuela, please send me info my blackberry pin is 21236193
    send me a good notice!!

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  53. avatar eric.shimizu says:

    C4eva, libera esse release por favor, depois todos nós ajudamos o Team Xecuter com o X360USBPRO

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  54. avatar Pagla07 says:

    you guys need to chill!!! be patient…. it'll come… its inevitable…. i bet most of you guys are itchin to play Crysis 2…:P lol i am!

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  55. avatar fuckingboughta0225 says:

    Enough s**t! Release the 9504 and focus on the f**king 0225!!

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  56. avatar Cape's says:

    Hi reading the web I noticed that my drive is a hitachi I have an xbox 360 slim with a date of 10/26/2010 and a lot of 1044x can you tell me which player is it?
    I wonder if it is a hitachi has a player as I read the 0500 amendment when it comes out?

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  57. avatar Fubrus says:

    alla fine era solo una cazzata che rilasciavi il firmware il 1' aprile!!! "imminent" ma vafanculo va , vanitoso di merda tu e tutto il tuo team ….


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  58. avatar bynaples says:

    ma che ridicoli che sono queste persone…com'e' possibile che c'è tutta sta gente che segue sto team ed i suoi buffoni di corte. Cmq non acquistare l'x360 usb pro è la parola da far girare sul web.Non date credito a ste persone fino al relativo(se mai ci sarà) rilascio del fantomatico firmware.

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  59. avatar jungleblack says:

    I think the c4eva knows nothing is taking because it has no power to remedy the problems!

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  60. avatar jungleblack says:

    Estou com um projeto também em desenvolver um fw para o slim e já estou no código final talvez esteja liberando o fw até segunda. A minha equipe também está desenvolvendo a ferramenta para utilizar o fw o nome é jungleblack e é de autoria totalmente tupiniquim!! E se duvidar eu vou liberar o fw primeiro que esse enrolão do c4eva, aguardem!!

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  61. avatar El Majico says:

    Mi chiedo quando tutto questo finirà…..se finirà…..

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  62. avatar zhou says:

    Guys, I’ve got a PAL 360 S 4 GB, MFR 2010-07-09. I've seen some around these dates and there're even hitachis around… but mine hasn't got that square cut out in the middle… so 0225 or 9504?

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  63. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hello To All,

    I am so sick of waiting… I really am,allthough there is nothing i can do about it,but seriously i sold both my fat elite's like a dumb ass thinking it surely the fw would be out by now…guess what i was wrong.But you know the thing is what i dont understand is how can the fw 0225 go from testing… to in progress then come out to… Ohh its a write issue, if it's testing then the drive was working playing back ups right it had been wrote to.However this is a bunch of hogwash sitting here waiting on a man who may or may not have the fw.The x360usbpro is kinda looking like viewsat,ect in the FTA buissness when N3 came.Im starting to think that this is a simular issue.What i mean is they tell you what you want to hear so that you buy up there last working in progress tools but in the end,they really never had any type of file to flash with. It was all made up bullcrap because they didn't want to loose their ass on something that they put so much time and money into and was just about to finish and then much like a 360 a differnt wave came,and it was uncrackable.So now they lead you to belive it's there but its not!Even you on your pc can re-name the lt plus 93045c to 9504 ltplus its simple right click on file and change the name so dont belive when you see pics on someone else's PC only belive whats on your PC.But don't take my word for it the only way to really find out is wait.BY the way for those who dont know what FTA is,It's free to Air sattilite "free sattillite channels includeing ppv"

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  64. avatar Elivelton x360 says:

    the fimware will be released tomorrow (Saturday), anyone have some information?

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  65. avatar Satan says:

    Been waiting since september 9/15/2010 it is now 4/1/2011…. All this time since November it has been "soon". Thank you for hard work c4eva but it is hard to be patient will give donation when firmware 0225 is released

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  66. avatar Giovanne says:

    Queria dizer ao C4eva e Team Xecuter,que ambos se enfiem na bosta e se comam fazendo trenzinho um no outro bando de viado do caralho,libera essa bosta pois isso aí tá virando uma palhaçada do caralho!Tá pronto,lança a bosta de uma vez,simples!
    Vão se danar,estou postando assim pois em inglês não postariam.
    Vão tomar no cú,tô rindo da cara de vcs agora!Bando de otário :)

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  67. avatar Agony says:


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  68. avatar rsteinberg says:

    The video said bright yellow is 0225

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  69. avatar Lynel says:

    been waiting this FW from august i hate waiting but my Dvd is 0225 i am crying this is so stupid

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  70. avatar Lynel says:

    c4eva is not working full times on slim am i right if he work full times on slim this firmware would come out in february am i right ??? sorry for my english and he is not alone he is a TEAM!!!! it's so stupid LOL i hate waiting since august million of people waiting c4eva's firmware but He's result is nothing he always says soon , fw released when its ready bulls**t …

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  71. avatar Lynel says:

    i think 9504 will be released next week's saturday or sunday. and 0225 will released june or july. c4eva always saing soon or release when its done or not long!!! my thought is true 0225 s are so unlucky i hate microsoft and c4eva LOL

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  72. avatar Anonymous says:

    Yea microsoft wouldn't have this problem if they didn't over charge for a damn game,just think about it a man working makeing 10.00 bucks an hour has to work 6hrs of 40hrs to buy one damn game no wonder their is so many pill heads and theives you just simply can not make it. anymore.Dont get me wrong i make 15.00 bucks an hour in a small town and still struggling to play the games i want to cause the damn manafacturer wants cut my arm off for black ops…. U KNOW MY ARM ISN'T GONNA GRO BACK…f**kERS.So C4EVA that is why we are asking you to hurry and dont let TEAM JUNGLE OR TEAM XECUTER PUSH YOU AROUND YOUR THE MAN WITH THE SAY SO IN THIS .f**k THEM SELLEM THE FW CAUSE THERE TOOLS WONT WORK WITHOUT YOUR FIRMWARE.MAN C4EVA WERE JUST ASKING YOU TO BE STRAIGHT WITH US. NO MORE SOOON ……OR…..TESTING,WE KNOW THAT TELL WHATS REALLY GOING ON!

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  73. avatar John says:

    Stop the joke to us c4eva!!! Its enought!!! If you will not release stop the joke… Always the same… Waiting and waiting… Who's testing the fw??? Your grandmother???
    I hate u!!!!!!!!!

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  74. avatar Maruri says:

    :/ so sad, bad joke

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  75. avatar Al says:

    So… 0225 will be available in a few months I guess, when the new xgd3 security will be on all games and we won't be able to play these new games. (looks like MS and C4noeta are well synchronised)
    I wont wait another year so I gonna turn my slim into an arcade cabinet to play vintage and quite recent ones , and buy a ps3.

    Can we play cracked xbla games on a slim without c4 firmware? Thx :)

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  76. avatar brutwurst says:

    i dont sure if it was a aril fool but yesterday k3rn3l told in #x360usb that the firmware is ready and the jungleflasher was also ready, but the team found a big failure on the write methode for 9504 and 0225 and this is the reason for the delay, normaly it should released yesterday.

    As i said, i'm not sure if this was a april fool.

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  77. avatar m_88 says:

    sometime thing get complicated

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  78. avatar ture2 says:

    Хуй-ли тянем?

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  79. avatar Shivas says:

    Lol…right now my Slim is on ebay…i sold my modded fat becoz i thought these super genius guys ( sarcasm) would bring the new FW as they promised to come very soon….but nothing…only marketing their hardware…cheating…there are no leaks or live vids…only pics which every idiot can make with MS paint or with photoshop lol…me and my friends highly respected c4eva and team xecuter for their work on xbox scene…but now they are nothing more than bandits and cheaters lool…i gonna buy a PS3 now…all of you should do that instead of wating another 10 years for the FW having the x360usbpro on one hand and your c**k on the other loool…goodbye

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    • avatar ethanol says:

      deaM right, and since you can flash a ps3 using only a thumbdrive.. that costs aproximately 0$, cause you probably have a thumbdrive rolling around somewhere in your room.. . Then you download son kmeaw fw and s**t, an voila!… cheapest, easiest mod ever since twilight hack.

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  80. avatar salato says:

    salve, ho trovato la soluzione, ho venduto la mia xbox 360 slim 4gb ed ho comprato una fat…la soluzione migliore è questa…non comprare l'x360 usb pro e vendere la propria slim per una fat, ce ne sono tante in giro….

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  81. avatar beorange says:

    not waiting anymore…

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  82. avatar Putri says:

    i think there's nothing to release…only hardware for flashing nothing!!!
    i bought a 360usb for supporting Team, better to buy weed with 59$

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  83. avatar beorange says:

    go buy a fat jasper and flash it is the best choice for now

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  84. avatar s4all says:

    ciao…ma state ancora aspettando sto bendetto firmware?, Non c'è niente è stato tutto un fallimento, la Microsoft ha vinto la battaglia. Ora queste iene puntano a farvi acquistare l'x360 usb pro ed il lizard. Non comprate niente. la scena ps3 è in grande fermento, la xbox si è fermata. Mandate affanculo sta gente del cazzo

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  85. Awesome, I have an 0225 slim. Home page states "nearing completion" :lol: That means by the end of 2011 I should be able to flash my drive. Got suckered into a X360usb too. I think I'll wipe me bum with it :idea:

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  86. avatar Wog Boy says:

    When I see it. I'll believe.
    It will be a miricle. Let's pray for Fukkin Miricle :)

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  87. avatar Clash says:

    On en a marre d'attendre

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  88. avatar tired of your bullshit says:

    This is bulls**t… all we get is "soon", "when it's done", "in testing", "creating nfo", "testing again" – same crap for over 4 months now. I'm tired of this s**t – I'm getting PS3 instead.

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  89. avatar Shaila says:

    alguien sabe si los los juegos originales andan de un pais a otro?muchas gracias

    Anyone know if the original games go from one country to another? thank you very much

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  90. avatar Anonymous says:

    Anyone have information about the new discs? What's their difference exactly?

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  91. avatar putri says:

    i don't know why the hacking scene of 360 is in hand of c4noeta only…there is someone (ELSE) in the world that is able to assemble a fw?

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    • avatar BLA BLA says:

      the thing is when someone already said it will be his job, this will be his. i think smth like that happened to c4neva as well. like a guy said they lost a lot of their credibility after this failure (i think ) and is likely for a lot of people they will not be "4eva" the only guys who'll do x360 cfw's . now will wait and see. we don't have any other option

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  92. avatar Drum says:

    why is everyone mad at c4. when everyone should be grateful that he's putting some time and effort to this firmware.. if you want to complain, then maybe its better off making one on your own..leave him be. the fw will eventually be released, when its ready

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  93. avatar Rocky says:

    nessuna nuova notizia?

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  94. avatar oxiCyan says:

    Да кому нужна уже, эта FW? Через месяц-два долбанут XGD3.
    Все, сушите весла…
    Судя по ситуации с 0225, если c4eva и поднапряжется, то патч выйдет к 2015(если это вообще реально). Как раз к выходу nextgen xbox.

    Slim FW is dead. Long live XGD3.

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  95. avatar Racerex says:

    It's like watching a mob form up first it's all your the man and get er done. But as soon as stuff hits the fan some of the same exact normal people start breaking shop windows and throwing fire bottles. This is like the digital equivalent god help c4eva.

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  96. avatar LIQU1D 5NAKE says:

    Everyone keeps saying that its being delayed because of the new update and disk type that microsoft are planning but in another chat log this is what i found –

    [Z****] so what do u think about new disc format [http://c4evaspeaks.com/new-xgd3-disc-format-and-dash-preview]?
    [c4eva-] MS will introduce xgd3 – this will add more ap checks, cvi (content integerity) checks, increase the disc size and adds a new layer for protection issues – all in the 20500 sdk! bring it on! :)
    [J*****] C4 will this effect the launch of Slim lt? will it be delayed for some reason?
    [c4eva-] j*****:No
    [c4eva-] will know more once we get one of these new discs!


    What is the hold up c4e?

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  97. avatar Shaila says:

    disculpame ludovic me podes explicar mas porque no entiendo mucho

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  98. avatar nicoda says:

    what a way to become a hacker loved by all, to be a businessman cold and unethical, which only cares about money.

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  99. avatar ludovic says:

    tu le sort ou quoi se FW tu te fou de notre gueule
    on a fait des don et on a acheter le x360 pour lavoir se FW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tu est un voleur toi,tx et jf

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  100. avatar JoNKoW says:

    I just want…… to sayyyyyy ………. RELEASE IT !!!

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  101. avatar matterigo says:

    Io mi sono veramente rotto il cazzo, non è proprio possibile che dopo 1 mese e 1 settimana di test non siete riusciti a provare sto cazzo di fw, siete ridicoli e attaccati ai soldi come microsoft. Detto questo andate a fanculo.

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  102. avatar adi-213 says:

    You can read english, so write in english, or don't write.

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  103. avatar beorange says:

    it is real yellow ring 0225
    and orange ring its 9504???

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  104. avatar Shaila says:

    lo que pasa ludovic es que cuando pongo para traducir, tu respuesta no se llega a entender bien.disculpa la molestia es que quiero saberlo si o si.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar ethanol says:

      yo, ademas de entenderle a ese man, se la respuesta:

      Depende del pais o paises.
      Si el juego cruza el continente, no lo podras jugar en tu consola de Este continente (en el que estes, asumo que eres de argentina)
      Si el juego es de un pais del mismo continente, podras jugarlo.

      America=> NTSC
      Asia==>KOR, NTSC-J

      Fijate en la portada del juego.

      I understand in addition to that man, is the answer:

      Depends parents del countries.
      If the game across the continent, you can not play on your console of this continent (where you are, I assume you're from Argentina)
      If the game is a country on the same continent, you can play it.

      America=> NTSC
      Europe => PAL
      Asian ==> KOR, NTSC-J

      Look at the cover of the game.

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      • avatar Shaila says:

        tengo un juego original que me prestaron que es NTSC y anda en mi consola. si los juegos de ee.uu dicen NTSC entonces van a andar? por favor contestame. sos un capo y un genio.hay poca gente como vos que se toma la molestia de contestar etanol.

        Reply | Reply with Quote
        • avatar ethanol says:

          si, va a funcionar. cualquier juego que diga "NTSC", del pais que sea, funcionara en una consola NTSC, del pais que sea. De hecho, tu consola es Estadounidense, por eso funciona tu juego.
          Ten cuidado con los NTSC-J, xq esos no correr mas que en consolas japonesas.
          Y los juegos que digan PAL no iran en tu consola tampoco. Solo en consolas europeas. Espero haberte ayudado.

          if it will work. any game that says "NTSC", the country that is, work on an NTSC console, the country it is. In fact, your console is American, so does your game.
          Watch out for NTSC-J, xq not run more than those in Japanese consoles.
          And they say PAL games on your console will not go either. Only European consoles. Hope this helps.

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  105. avatar Вован says:

    Probably to write xgd3 on DVD9 DL?

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  106. avatar STA_MINCHIA says:


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  107. avatar ServerModerator says:

    It would make sense to get one of the new XGD3 discs from the new dash preview and test it before "they" release the firmware? Cause if you release the firmware now, people will go mad for it, and when the new update hits they're might be a slight chance of a ban wave. Just saying…

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  108. avatar gd says:

    Metanle testers! Que esperan?? que pase un chancho volador???

    Y vos c4eva!!!
    queremos el flash!! :( :( :(

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  109. avatar ShadoW says:

    was not he who posted it, was another person who changed the nick .. april 1

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  110. avatar Satan says:

    Another excuse. People neg rep me a month ago because I said it is not coming out for months. I stand here and say the same thing this firmware will not be out for a while. They can change the status to anything they want in the long run it dosent mean s**t. Thank you for hard work c4eva please no more mind games.

    Not sure why you wont release the firmware? I know usb pro is out and the firmware is complete so at least let us try the beta version on our own risk. Please be a true scene releaser again

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  111. avatar Elivelton Fernandes says:

    will have news that this Sunday? fimware this much time in testing! ta time c4eva caixistas happy to leave and release it soon :( :D

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  112. avatar JoNKoW says:

    if i get $ 0.01 for hitting f5 on this site i would be millionaire

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  113. avatar JoNKoW says:

    and thats not funny ! :P

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  114. avatar 0225 owner says:

    c4eva this has been going on for eva
    your team is testing the 9504 so u must be working on the 0225 and my guess is its done
    why cant you just multitask and do both
    i know were asking for something of you without return but dude you made a cometment to us and you should deliver not toy with us and take for eva to release the fw just be honest and say whats realy going on its about time u stop ur BS

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  115. avatar beorange says:

    post something c4eva, anything refresh ur website .

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  116. avatar Rambo182 says:

    He's trolling again

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  117. avatar SAD :( says:

    hmm…….visiting this site million times a day has made me realised that probably my definition of soon does not match with the definition of other's ….
    x360usb has also been realesed ….still no 9504 fw :(
    i wonder how much time 0225 will take…
    thinkin of probably sellin my xbox360 slim and gettin an older model..
    i just wanna play games …screw the xbox live and their piracy checks….
    waiting for few months im a lil bit sad now…
    and im not blamming c4eva for anythin ..i know he must be workin hard….and "it wil be done when it is done"…
    but guess ill probably be too old to play games by then….
    plzz to consider me a hater and start prasin c4eva …im just tellin wat i think nd not blammin any1

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  118. avatar Agony says:

    c4eva ammazzati

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  119. avatar Glenn Smith says:

    i must be honest and i see all the comments and think to myself why are you all complaining this guy has supplied firmwares for god knows how long getting nothing in return and you all talk like he oews you something when in fact he owes non of us anything if the firmware is released then great if not then its one of those things you can always buy originals its oathetic that there are so many slaging him off you bunch of ungreatful bastards………

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    • avatar Nemesis says:

      Of course c4eva gets something in return he works with team xecuter and jungle flasher who in turn get paid by selling hardware like the x360usb for example he doesn't do this for free he will be very well paid for his work also if he acually does manage to hack the 360 slim he will also get bragging rights wich in some circles means more than money. So come on C4eva get your head out of your ass and release the firmware if you can actually do it if not say you cant and move aside and stop playing people and ripping them off with hardware that doesn't do anything that the older hardware doesnt

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  120. avatar Rich&Rich says:

    All this waiting….an "ad hoc" website….thousands of posts….and in the end?

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  121. avatar rory2005 says:

    wow im dissapointed with the lack of updates on this site, has c4eva gone into hiding after pissing everyone off.

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  122. avatar Tyran says:

    He wait for 1000 comments on this post. Then fw will be released.

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  123. avatar bobby says:

    Where is the LT+ Slim firmware C4EVA?
    1 week testing….??? No Comment.

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  124. avatar XSLIM says:

    ma com'è finita??? lo stanno decorando il firmware ? lo stanno benedicendo prima di pubblicarlo … caspita 256 kb se è completo buttalo in rete … dai c4eva…

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  125. avatar FAiRY says:

    You know what screw the fw its beautiful weather outside warm and sunny throw that s**tty slim away and enjoy your life with friends and don't be bothered by this s**tty fw :) peace out

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  126. avatar Nicknamed says:

    10.04.2011 out in space

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  127. avatar fuckingboughta0225 says:

    That's why internet sucks. Words are the only way to show how pissed we are. We can't even throw a f**king molotov through the screen. :(

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  128. avatar Drum says:

    i'm starting to think he will never release the fw until he gets his hands on xgd3 and find an exploit. it would be redundant and futile to release now, considering the update is only within a few months or less, until the fw becomes useless…we'll just have to wait and see and hope he releases it anyway.. :( :(

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  129. God loves you and wants *–* so brought the world to do the favor and save us

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  130. avatar STA_MINCHIA says:


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  131. avatar ludovic says:

    C4Eva pauvre type

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  132. avatar ludovic says:


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  133. avatar Dido says:

    So it was really a joke?

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  134. avatar Al says:

    I call everybody whose device's hack depends on C4eva to sell his device and buy another depending on geohot or hundreds of other hackers :)

    WTF is that hacking monopoly?

    If you see "IN PROGRESS" next to you device model on this website, bring it back ASAP to the shop cause you're f**ked.

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  135. avatar naff says:

    x360 isnt even needed to write this fw whats with all the bollocks about selling them ?

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  136. avatar Pinuccio says:

    t' muv a fà ascì sta cazz d' mudif'c??? vogghij nu po'c jucà kitestramù!!!

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  137. avatar beorange says:

    c4eva tic tac tic tac tic tac
    i know u are laughing at us now i know its fun for u.
    i think its enough you can release the fw now
    we still waiting…

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  138. avatar beorange says:

    who cares…
    its normal when they release the fw we will buy the usbpro its not a big deal.

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  139. avatar Shivas says:


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  140. avatar beorange says:

    maybe he's dead

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  141. avatar ethanol says:


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  142. avatar Алкоголик из Москвы says:

    was once the economic crisis, the crisis now damn firmware, then the crisis discs (xgd3), what will happen next? and I will tell what will we grow old and will play the lotto! )))

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  143. avatar Xoreado says:

    249 posts for firmware release download….. 38000 posts if the released firmware has errors.
    C4eva has always done a great job for us totally free.
    C4eva has not put a gun to anyone's head to buy an xbox 360 slim
    I also have an xbox Slim with 0225 FW and I'll have to wait longer still. Patience.

    A greeting to all

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  144. avatar STAFFO says:

    Anyone holding a gun to your head, forcing you to post comments? No?

    Then your free to quit doing it.. :)

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  145. avatar Tyran says:

    im intresting what now c4e speaks. Meaby he sey there are bugs and must fix them (another months waiting :) ) or one of tester is die & we must have a week of sailent.

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  146. avatar TOEVERYONE says:


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  147. avatar rory2005 says:

    im not surprised its been released yet with all the hate on this site thats dedicated to him, i would withhold it myself with all the abuse.

    yes granted lady's and gent's i think more info would help the matter, the guy must have got near a computer in the past few days and seen the torrent of abuse that's being directed his way on many a site.

    so its about time he ignores the flamer's and just lets us know where he's upto with his project.

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  148. avatar rory2005 says:

    are you guys insinuating that they need to sell more usb360's, as i think at the minute they still have not managed to fufill all the pre orders and then restock there suppliers, it's deffo the case here in the uk.

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  149. avatar TXGAZZA says:

    Within the next 24 hours?



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  150. I'm cuban, and my son i s a young man (19 years old) and absolutely Xbox360 fan, we have a slim with 9504 FW and my big boy it's crazy for obtain the jungle flasher and mod fw, voluntary tester or kamizake, if your like.

    Someone of the tester select for this pruporse cna send me email via, please.

    Sorry y a say any crazy thing an sorry for my bad english, we are very ansiousus and no have freedon for chat, internet in Cuba is something dangerous.

    God bless for any body an C4eva of course. God bless you especialy for contribute freedom mind

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  151. I dont know how work this theme in the world, but, here in Cuba, too many peoples obtain money for this work, final work i se video demostration is vgery simple, and for the only privilegious of can acces internet an acces information without any contribution to the humanity and without intelectual work, obtain money for that if i can pay ti c4eva for doing this work to the slim of my boy a pay very conform for YOUR WORK and not the many parasits, what speak, bala bala bala and insult to C4Eva or whethever your real name. He WORK, respect that. or silence an create your own FW and tools forn implement.

    Excuse me any body but i scary for the languages and terms used for speaks, not sorprise if NEVER C4EVA release the FW.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar TOEVERYONE says:

      hey c**k sucker,c4eva is intelligent enought for know that peoples here are nothing,hes psychologicaly mature and if hes dont release the fw,its beacause hes found something that nobody know exep c4eva and few testers

      Reply | Reply with Quote
      • avatar ethanol says:

        "c4eva is intelligent enought for know that peoples here are nothing,hes psychologicaly mature"

        -and with that we admit this site is where we come to dump our frustratinos every 2 or 3 days, and that we should not be taken seriously by anyone…

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  152. avatar TOEVERYONE says:


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  153. avatar Elivelton Fernandes says:

    this unlock xbox 360 slim already turned slapstick, the guys are more capitalistic than Microsoft!

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  154. avatar sasy80 says:

    ciao, c4eva, volevo dirti che apprezzomolto il lavoro che stai facedno,mi dispiace per tutti gli insulti che stai ricevendo. Spero che non prendi in considerazione queste persone e che pensi a fare bene la cosa che hai sempre fatto, cioè darci la gioia di un nuovo CFW. Ti ringrazio e mi scuso anome di tutti quelli che non immaginano illavoro che stai facendo. Forza C4eva ci siamo, sono sicuro che per domani massimo avremo il nostro CFW. Kiss

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  155. avatar sasy80 says:

    forza c4eva, sei il migliore, non pensare a tutte queste persone cattive. sei il migliore ed io ed i miei amici contiamo su di te, ed aspettiamo ansiosi il firmware

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  156. avatar friend's sasy80 says:

    hello and sorry for English, Italian c4eva am a father, I wanted to tell you that I appreciate very much the work you're doing and that my children are waiting out the firmware for the xbox360 to play. Unfortunately the original games you can only give birth and the other can not buy. We bought pes 2009 and fifa 10 (the others are too expensive). I would be grateful I could get out of the firmware, so I put aside the money to buy the change. Thanks

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  157. avatar friend's sasy80 says:

    Thank you.. :D

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  158. avatar cAppA says:

    TO ALL who are confused about X360USBPRO!

    I have one of these devices. Man, was I wrong about what they do. Hopefully, this info will help those thinking of buying it to reconsider. THE ONLY THING this device does is eliminate the need for certain chipsets (ie. nforce). It is a sata to USB converter…..NOTHING MORE! You still have to find a way to power the drive. So guess what, you need an xecuter ck3 or equivilent. You know, keep buying more stuff :D

    That being said. Man I can't wait to flash my slim. Oh, BTW. "IMMINENT": Likely to occur at any moment; impending:

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  159. avatar Martin says:

    Cuando va a estar listo el flash para la slim? cuando lo van a sacar al mercado ?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  160. avatar beorange says:

    tons of x360 slim are waiting

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  161. avatar Antonio says:

    Hey people … even after the firmware release that will have to pay to upgrade because of the change in Microsoft's records. The solution is to look for used games and websites that sell at low cost. Without exclusion of live and firmware updates.

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  162. avatar beorange says:

    waited till 2:30 am going to sleep now this is really bad

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  163. avatar C4eva_letdown says:

    Just let us know where you are up to this point than just ignoring :(

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  164. avatar Torres Jiovanny says:

    c4eva greatly respect their work and there is much that until now we have obtained through you in the scene of x box 360 but I think I surpassed the respect and fun please do not think too much to ask only the truth and date is always better tell the truth and more as a person like you who deserve my gratitude and respect for time or just tell us in 1 year is good but please enough of this.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  165. avatar hustler says:

    i donno what are they waiting for?!!!
    release it and stop all these funny talks.
    i think the new m$ ap layer is blow every things up

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar hell_sea says:

      hustler i can't believe you still posting in here…f**k this ….i don't care any more about release date ……i have a few original games which i borrow from my friends ….let it go… :wink:

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  166. avatar Elivelton Fernandes says:

    One of the testers FW, called Ubergeek said this:

    "We have been given the latest version to test on Friday. JF New has to be tested too.
    It's very close, with the latest fixes seem to have solved the problem last. "

    So right guys, going one more week of testing with the new flasher jungle, asim I hope!
    obriagado c4eva for his work and his whole team!

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  167. avatar Wanderley says:

    c4eva = Tio Patinhas xecuter sumiuuuuuuu

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  168. avatar Dante says:

    C4eva perdeu respeito a comunidade xbox 360, c4eva esta pensando so em $$$$$$$$ virou capitalista.Manda so um smile nao vejo graça nisso e tenho certeza que todos afirmam isso

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  169. avatar Sherjee says:

    C4eva listen the thing is that! i live in Pakistan Karachi. I bought x360 in less price with help of my uncle who live in USA! but i said no when he asked that if you want any games? so i waited for fw as i got it on November so i waited and so on! till now after 4 months same old news completed testing!! here in Pakistan foreign imports are too expensive bcoz duty tax and import taxes are applied so it’s like 50% tax of price of product is added to it’s price! so like 1500rs is like 3000rs for us! same for gta 4! It took me so expensive!! I just got one game GTA 4 and i waited so long for fw that i overused my Original GTA 4! Currently due to some financial issues i cannot buy overpriced games when i want to play it!!!! FORGOD SAKE C4EVA release 9504 FW or i will Start to Cry!! f**k Micro$oft!!!!! They don’t care wether you are rich or middle class they are blood sucking money-sucking monster :@

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  170. avatar Sherjee says:

    C4eva listen the thing is that! i live in Pakistan Karachi. I bought x360 in less price with help of my uncle who live in USA! but i said no when he asked that if you want any games? so i waited for fw as i got it on November so i waited and so on! till now after 4 months same old news completed testing!! here in Pakistan foreign imports are too expensive bcoz duty tax and import taxes are applied so it’s like 50% tax of price of product is added to it’s price! so like 1500rs is like 3000rs for us! same for gta 4! It took me so expensive!! I just got one game GTA 4 and i waited so long for fw that i overused my Original GTA 4! Currently due to some financial issues i cannot buy overpriced games when i want to play it!!!! FORGOD SAKE C4EVA release 9504 FW or i will Start to Cry!! f**k Micro$oft!!!!! They don’t care wether you are rich or middle class they are blood sucking money-sucking monster :@ C4EVA RELEASE IT PLZZZZ!!! DON'T DISAPPOINT YOUR FANS PLZZ RELEASE IT ALREADY :'(

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  171. avatar 777 says:

    вы еще верите этому еблану ??? Не будет никаких прошивок !!! Читайте новости )))

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  172. avatar Yellow says:

    If 9504 is done, then he is waiting to finish 0225 is going to be a simulteneous release, mark my words

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  173. avatar Yellow says:


    Reply | Reply with Quote
  174. avatar Yellow says:

    1 month till fw

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  175. avatar Adam says:

    really don't see why people are hating on him ,
    even if i have to wait another month i'd rather save all the money with playing backups, no need to hate on the guy who's saving our wallets now…

    s**tty that i broke my xbox arcade though , now gotta wait for the slim FW to come out :P

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  176. avatar o;o;o;o says:

    где блеать прошивка я заебся ждать

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