c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-01 #x360usb)

[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> people are saying on #fw that there neva has been slim fw and Neva will be, its all been a build up to a giant april fools joke.
[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> if true neva a funnier thing
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> better tell all the testers they are booting backups with stock fw then?
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> :)

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  1. avatar cAppA says:

    TO ALL who are confused about X360USBPRO!

    I have one of these devices. Man, was I wrong about what they do. Hopefully, this info will help those thinking of buying it to reconsider. THE ONLY THING this device does is eliminate the need for certain chipsets (ie. nforce). It is a sata to USB converter…..NOTHING MORE! You still have to find a way to power the drive. So guess what, you need an xecuter ck3 or equivilent. You know, keep buying more stuff :D

    That being said. Man I can't wait to flash my slim. Oh, BTW. "IMMINENT": Likely to occur at any moment; impending:

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  2. avatar Martin says:

    Cuando va a estar listo el flash para la slim? cuando lo van a sacar al mercado ?

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  3. avatar beorange says:

    tons of x360 slim are waiting

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  4. avatar Antonio says:

    Hey people … even after the firmware release that will have to pay to upgrade because of the change in Microsoft's records. The solution is to look for used games and websites that sell at low cost. Without exclusion of live and firmware updates.

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  5. avatar beorange says:

    waited till 2:30 am going to sleep now this is really bad

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  6. avatar C4eva_letdown says:

    Just let us know where you are up to this point than just ignoring :(

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  7. avatar Torres Jiovanny says:

    c4eva greatly respect their work and there is much that until now we have obtained through you in the scene of x box 360 but I think I surpassed the respect and fun please do not think too much to ask only the truth and date is always better tell the truth and more as a person like you who deserve my gratitude and respect for time or just tell us in 1 year is good but please enough of this.

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  8. avatar hustler says:

    i donno what are they waiting for?!!!
    release it and stop all these funny talks.
    i think the new m$ ap layer is blow every things up

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    • avatar hell_sea says:

      hustler i can't believe you still posting in here…f**k this ….i don't care any more about release date ……i have a few original games which i borrow from my friends ….let it go… :wink:

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  9. avatar Elivelton Fernandes says:

    One of the testers FW, called Ubergeek said this:

    "We have been given the latest version to test on Friday. JF New has to be tested too.
    It's very close, with the latest fixes seem to have solved the problem last. "

    So right guys, going one more week of testing with the new flasher jungle, asim I hope!
    obriagado c4eva for his work and his whole team!

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  10. avatar Wanderley says:

    c4eva = Tio Patinhas xecuter sumiuuuuuuu

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