c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-01 #x360usb)

[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> people are saying on #fw that there neva has been slim fw and Neva will be, its all been a build up to a giant april fools joke.
[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> if true neva a funnier thing
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> better tell all the testers they are booting backups with stock fw then?
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> :)

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  1. avatar Fabrymod says:

    C4EVA , are you there?

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  2. avatar formalin says:

    Read the whole conversation, because it says somewhere:

    [2011-04-01 10:55AM UTC] #x360usb fw release imminent!!

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  3. avatar Shark24(9504) says:

    So what, that imminent? it's just joke, it means nothing at all…

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  4. avatar Аноним says:

    вы все лоси он вас кормит … ещё раз для тупых потворяю , если и выйдет прошивка то сразу и 9504 и 0225 , раздельно невыгодно

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    • avatar Shark24(9504) says:

      pacimu ty dumaies sto tolko v miestie mozet vyti, atkuda u tybia takyjie mysli? (prasti za takoi rusky jazyk)

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      • avatar Аноним says:

        сам подумай , никто не будет покупать ящерицы , если не будет прошивки , это тупа бесполезная фигня , а понт от 9504 … ихмало а 0225 сейчас почти у каждого , делай выводы , + он всех тут кормит а они ему жопу лижут …

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    • avatar Darkness says:

      Да яуже это писал пендосы нас не понимают нубаки тупые))

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  5. avatar Rihanna says:

    I live the way you lie lalala :)
    Cry! b*tches Cry !
    This happens when there is No appreciation :D

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  6. avatar JoNKoW says:

    tumps up if you think this is not funny anymore !

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  7. avatar chupacabra says:

    We are the champions
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    Cause we are the champions of PATIENCE


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  8. avatar jaycboy says:

    Well i was excited so i opened up my slim its a 0225 damn so av all this hype will he wont he is there trace cuts ya a cunt ya asaviour troll bollox to go thru again….keeps mi occupied tho :p

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  9. avatar Ludovic says:

    tic tac tic tac tic tac 8mois tic tac tic tac encore 8mois ?

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  10. avatar MEGA LoL says:

    And again 1 Day with Bla bla bla..
    Sim FW will be never get released ! C4EVA is only a JOKE !!
    please rename your NICK to C4LOOSER

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