c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-01 #x360usb)

[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> people are saying on #fw that there neva has been slim fw and Neva will be, its all been a build up to a giant april fools joke.
[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> if true neva a funnier thing
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> better tell all the testers they are booting backups with stock fw then?
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> :)

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  1. avatar bruce says:

    stop c4eva stop ore relase or you're only a loser

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  2. avatar LIQU1D 5NAKE says:

    U lot are absolute jokers, c4eva ha never let us down before, just give the chap some time and good things come to those who wait!!!! Te last time he said fw release immanent was for the last LT one and after he said immanent he released it within hours! Hopefully soon

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  3. avatar javilin33 says:

    whats up with the nickname? c4eva, c4eva_, c4eva-
    how on earth am i supposed to know which one is the real one?!?!

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  4. avatar Estiven CR says:

    creo que tienen razon ya es mucha la espera c4eva liberalo hoy plisss :D

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  5. avatar Estiven CR says:

    se supone que son el mismo ¡

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  6. avatar rory2005 says:

    think c4eva needs to now let people know if the imminent release was an april fools thing or the real deal.

    what does he call imminent 1 hour or two years?

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  7. avatar dan cragg says:


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  8. avatar Lynel says:

    i hate waiting this is so boring i played 20 demo Whaha. now i want to play full games ( i am crying)

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  9. avatar Stefan says:

    "imminent" wow a new word !!!
    before ist was : "soon" "maybe "maybe not" "next few ****" "not long now"…
    but "imminent" wow nice !

    Why noone is able to give a Date ? Theres a video out JF 81 working flashing a Slim, so it should be possible to give the People a Date..

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  10. avatar Lynel says:

    Hey guys my slim MFR DATe 12-23 It has a yellow sticker mine is 0225?? but in http://www.360drives.com
    12-23 MFR date (like mine) Xbox 360 Slim 250GB
    KinectBundle(like mine) United States(like mine ) NTSC (Like mine) Hitachi-LG DL10N ( is this true ??) and how look team number LOT number and motherboard??? please help

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