c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-01 #x360usb)

[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> people are saying on #fw that there neva has been slim fw and Neva will be, its all been a build up to a giant april fools joke.
[2011-04-01 11:42AM UTC] #x360usb <n00b116> if true neva a funnier thing
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> better tell all the testers they are booting backups with stock fw then?
[2011-04-01 11:49AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> :)

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  1. avatar ludovic says:

    et on fait des dons pour cette team la blague une belle bande de menteur

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  2. avatar beorange says:

    i only play demo games and old games 2
    this is really boring
    ill wait few more days before getting the ps3 too bad i don't like ps3 but need a flashh….

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    • avatar beorange says:

      this is my 3rd x360 man
      i hope no rrod this time or red point
      i dont like ps3 i dunno why so we are all waiting for good news
      so lets see.
      i can't say bad thing about c4eva yet maybe he is right an working good so we have no choice but to wait…

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  3. avatar raffaele says:

    siete tutti una massa di coglioni che andate dietro c4eva del cazzo io per fortuna ho una ps3 carico i giochi iso sul hd e gioco tranquillamente senza cd e voi andate dietro una modifica di merda che bisogna ancora comprare il dvd pfff coglioni voi e coglione c4eva vai a farti fottere evvia la ps3 e la sua modificaa ahauhauhauhauhuha coglioni

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  4. avatar Fabrymod says:

    C4eva you are a clown or not? PAPAPARARARARA !!!! C'MON RELEASE THE FIRMWARE!!! You said that the firmware released today….. is real??? REPLY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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  5. avatar Anonymous says:


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  6. avatar HUPUI says:


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  7. avatar chupacabra says:

    yes, today, every day is the same, "today will release" next year maybe, qhen every body get a X360USB, before this dont believe any more

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  8. avatar JoNKoW says:

    C4eva i don't trust you anymore you said it would be out here now for a long time and i still need to believe that you saying playing live will be safe if you not update can we trust you on that than i think you need to work on youre spelling cause everybody will lose it if you go on like this mate ! We still love you but be more clearly !!

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  9. avatar veg says:

    How do the f**k you can joke about waiting and patient??? It's not funny, rly.

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  10. avatar Anonymous says:

    :p :p :p :p

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