c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher)

[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> JungleFlasher 0.1.81 Beta (223)
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Session Started Mon Apr 04 11:36:23 2011
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> :)
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> lol
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Genuine Lite-On Slim 9504 LT
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Drive key @ n/a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D4S 9504]
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware is: LT-Plus
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> still a cnut oggie!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> funny tho!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <DirtyDan> childish
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Cypher21> lol
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> meh
[2011-04-04 10:41AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <c4eva> :)

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132 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher) (Including 22 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Tyran says:
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  2. avatar matterigo says:

    These news are more and more boring

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  3. avatar salvaty32 says:

    ciao, attendo con ansia il rilascio del firmware, grazie ancora a c4eva ed il suo team

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    • avatar Darkness says:

      Жополис детектед. Чева заебал где проша ну я не удивлюсь если вы там еще будите проверять какую либо совместимось чего либо с прошивкой. или скажешь а вышел новый формат дисков пошли ка вы куда подальше

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  4. avatar Fubrus says:

    C4eva, you said you're not working on firmware 9504, why did it end, and now you're working on 0225, but why not release the fw 9504?? what are you waiting? I would like a reply, thanks

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    • avatar salvaty32 says:


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    • avatar brutwurst says:

      don't cry… c4 confirmed that the 9504 fw is in final testing stage. It's only a matter of time.

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      • avatar Fubrus says:

        o yes , c4eva release today!!!! hahahahaha !!! see who will wait another month! so now …

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        • avatar brutwurst says:

          you are so stupid… i don't know if he release today or tomorrow or this week or maybe this month, i don't know! But what i know is you are a very stupid guy… sell your xbox on ebay and buy a NDS, thats the right console for you, and i recommend for you Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training.

          Be patience, i think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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          • avatar Аноним says:

            Просто вы все тупые троли , я говорил вы попомните мои слова что выйдет сразу и 9504 и 0225 , а вы лоси тупые не верили , потому что мозги куриные и вам нечего не докажешь

  5. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    I goes angry, stop beng a spoilt brat, go away Fubrus, C4EVA has non time for litel runts likes you.

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    • avatar Fahad Akter says:

      Assalam Alaikum C4EVA.

      Hey Furbrus you are a nothing. No one cares for skum likes you and I blame people like you for the delay as you expect everythng to be given now, now, now and for free. No wonder C4EVA delays, just to wind people like you up. Mysef and many others HATE peoples like you.


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  6. avatar wander says:


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  7. avatar mapmap17 says:

    Wow, I visited this site to see a freakin' " :) " ?!

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  8. avatar N4h1rnh4k says:

    Libera, releases

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  9. avatar retribution says:

    c4eva please release beta 9504 will use use at my own risk

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  10. avatar lambsneck says:

    The fw is complete and in test i read last night on irc there are still things to sort in JF . Im sure you would prefer all is released when its 100% it will be out when its ready .

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  11. avatar salvaty32 says:

    ok, c4eva, potresti darci una data? almeno non ci fai rimanere in ansia grazie! una data, grazie

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  12. avatar Tyran says:

    dupa dupa kurwa chuj

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  13. avatar JoeMacaé says:

    esse c4eva é um fdp mesmo, o q ele tá querendo pra liberar essa FW?

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  14. avatar Roman says:

    What wait?

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  15. avatar inkjet says:

    Hello everyone and thanks c4eva for their hard work, but the nfo file and 'so' long to complete?
    I already bought the kit and xbox360 usbpro , I would close my console as soon as possible, can you give us a date Please. thanks

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  16. avatar marchan_123 says:

    Cuando Piensa sacar El chips lo necesito para mi consola tengo un solo juegos por q no tengo dinero pa comprajuegos original y aqui que son mas caros casi le quitan un ojo de la cara a uno por favor apresurense

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  17. avatar chupacabra says:


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  18. avatar ElPhanto says:

    Oh come on what is this? are they laughing at us?, this is like "ha ha see we´ve got the f**king fw and you don´t bunch of a**holes", a news among them talking about how fantastic the 9504 fw is, c4eva and the other teams are really playing with us this time..

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    • avatar ethanol says:

      pretty much.. "we've got the fw.. you wont have it until past a few more weeks.."

      yup, that's trolling.

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      • avatar Oggy says:

        Remind us why the fw was created and why Im testing it, now, I don't game personally, I don't have time….

        For you? Yes, you….

        I am testing my console on XBL for your benefit, I'm taunting you guys a little, sure, but I'm also jeapordising my personal console on XBL to test a fw for you, and for you modders to make money on…..

        You'll get it when its ready, I've got JungleFlasher v0.1.81 too, I'm part of the dev team, want a tissue about that, too?

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        • avatar ethanol says:

          If it is not ready.. whadahell are you doing wasting your time replying to our desperate moanings? shouldnt you be, i dont know.. kinda testing fw or some s**t? you think you can come here, say a few bla bla and calm our heads down? you're just wasting precious testing time. If i were you (you? yes, you..) i wouldnt give a s**t about this site, i'd be testing every god damn sweat drop out of my fat body.

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          • avatar Oggy says:

            Then you'd realise, I personally don't game but my brother does, the console is at his house – he plays it, he tests it for the hours I don't have to devote to testing fw.

            This leaves me free with my time to test other things, as and when I find time.

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      yeah you're retarded

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  19. avatar marchan_123 says:

    Liberaron si o no la Slim Lite-On 9504 hablen claro soy de venezuela

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  20. avatar unintelligible says:

    Why say "soon"or "Imminent" if it will take much longer?

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  21. avatar marchan_123 says:

    speak out whether or not released for xbox360 Fw 9505 because I need to free my Porua console to play games I have only read original pure q and I have to buy both the original game date is ok please'm grateful Venezuela

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  22. avatar Ema says:

    No firmware….No donazioni

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  23. avatar Oggy says:

    I'm not taunting, well, maybe a little.

    Remember, c4 and TJ have an advocation to stealth. Don't like it? Write your own fw, use someone elses … Whatever.

    Come into channels where I reside and repeatedly ask "Where is the fw" – " Hows testing going" etc will only get you banned if I'm on.

    Testing would be going ALOT better if I didnt have to keep banning impatient retards from channels unrelated to firmware.

    The firmware we are currently testing, was only given to us this Friday, JungleFlasher was in turn also updated with it and also needs tested.

    Slim Drives (fwcrt.bin ….. anyone?) are a whole new ball game …..

    If the firmware is detected, backups will likely cease to boot, just like if you spoof an old liteon into it. If you want a quick fix that could be detected y ram checks, go spoof an old liteon and shut your f**king moaning.

    You arent owed anything, it will be released when its ready, no sooner …

    Anyway, more time posting on here, is less time testing the fw you ignorant bitches want.


    Much Love


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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      These retard bitches can STFU for all I care. Let them make their own firmware. Oggy is right – again

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    • avatar Antro says:

      Ohh now c4eva and his people are contradicting each other, c4 said that 9504 is complete, the fw is supposed to be in testing since 28th february and now you come here to say that testings started just during last friday??Bulls**t!! and if somebody asks for the fw it´s because that person paid for a x360usb or made a donation, and all we know that you and your friends now work for team xecuter then you´re getting a lot of money from this, and honestly i don´t care if you get rich with this, nobody works for free nowadays, but stop playing with people and at least give us some realistic date to wait for the fw..

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    • avatar Antro says:

      Yeah keep deleting my replies oggy maybe i told you some truth, and you prefer just to hide and don´t answer.

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      • avatar Oggy says:

        I don't have any power to delete replies here, so maye you should reconsider your accusations.

        I said the *latest fw* we got was friday – you know, its in testing there are different beta revisions to test, improved code, bug fixes, optimised code ….

        Your ignorance just echoes my point.

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      • avatar Oggy says:

        Xecuter pay us ?


        Only on Thursday did I buy BraveH43 a Halo Reach 9504 Console out of my own money so he could test the fw and write the JF user guide.

        What have you offered back to anyone?

        Your posts were deleted …. Shame, see that, its the smallest violin in the world, and its playing, just for you.


        Gotta play homefront on my 9504 LT+ console.

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    • avatar admin says:

      Oggy4Eva! :wink:

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      • avatar Oggy says:

        Guess I faked this, but to show eve I dont know when it's out:

        09:30 @Oggie • I really hope 9504 is still a few weeks away

        For you, Antro, I hope it is never released just so I can laugh at you some more.

        Love you xxxx

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        • avatar Antro says:

          Oggie you pompous idiot, your stupid excuses don´t work anymore to anybody, you feel so great trying to demonstrate that you´re part of some kind of elite that makes pirate fw just for fun, and after that ridiculous statement you finish by saying "Gotta play homefront on my 9504 LT+ console" and you keep pretending that nobody accuses you because you and your friends are a noble nuns community who don´t want to get money for this work, btw i don´t know what happened to the old commodore4eva, time ago that name meant respect but if he or she or they decided to join with people of your kind, that´s how we know why this fw has become vaporware now.

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        • avatar Wanderley says:

          mas se não entregar como fica a xecuter ?

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  24. avatar friendlytogether says:

    hello c4eva
    I would like to help
    I want to try 0225 when ready
    please send it to me by mail
    let me know if you occupy my data

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  25. avatar drzoid says:

    what Oggy said is true

    write your own FW, or wait n s*** up

    c4eva and the JF team did so much for us !

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  26. avatar Niemans says:

    Every day it's getting less and less funny, the only reason to check this every day is that C4eva is the only one who's gonna give us Fw, if beta testing is "looking good", please set a release date, "no so long", is becoming painful¡¡

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  27. avatar Wanderley says:

    brasil desapontado tento spoff e Demand C4eva deve se desbloquear da Xecuter ( ) sim ( não)

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  28. avatar vaguear says:

    Oggy voce é um dos testadores! então esplica porque desde agosto e nada?

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  29. avatar chewbaca says:

    seus idiotas, vcs acham que eles sabem falar portugues? va estudar bando de jumento

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  30. avatar Babki says:

    Release Fw pleasee!!!

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  31. avatar ema says:

    Oggie falla finita!

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  32. avatar stefanounick says:

    Hey, if you dont like waiting for the fw to be tested thoroughly, then dont wait
    Why are you bitching around asking all the time where is the fw?
    If it was in my hand, you wouldnt get the fw at all.. You are ungrateful people and shame on you.

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  33. avatar Tomas says:

    All my friends laught that the FW is not released yet :D D i'm too.. too many time is in test status :D damn..this is awful..The team is working SLOOOOOW …and they are not showing good figure for all ppl who is thinking about release…no eta.. no date… nothing… its a big mistake to visit there.. because there is nothing interesting…

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    • avatar Fahad Akter says:

      Assalam Alaikum C4EVA, Team Xecuter & Team Jungle!

      Mr Tomas,

      plese be respectful of the FW, C4EVA and all others who working hard to make it problem free for us peoples. You want to be xbox live band, I dont and maney others liek us doent want be band too. Just stop being silly, tomas tank enjine. Bud, Bud, Ding, Ding.


      Keep the infidel gandus waiting C4EVA. :evil:


      Fahad Akter – Thank You, Come Again… :p

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  34. avatar patiently waiting says:

    I am amazed at the way people are in the scene. I hate waiting just as much as the next but it's not like there's any other option. There's no point in crying about. It's pretty sick someone is willing to spend their time to do this for you and most likely unless you choose to purchase the x360usb Pro it doesn't cost you anything. That's pretty great in my opinion. So as much as I hate waiting I will continue to wait as learning how to code just isn't going to happen this year. Anyone bitching is just ungrateful and ignorant and doesn't deserve a damn thing. I agree with the above post, if it was in my hand you wouldn't get it either! Thanks to TJ and C4Eva. Hoping for a quick release. :)

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  35. avatar Antro says:

    Just to clarify some s**t said here by team members, and this is not something i said, read this post and read the date, this is the proof of what c4eva and his team has been doing: LYING!!
    [2011-01-22 08:02PM UTC] #fw c4eva: can we expect slim fw in the next month or two ?
    [2011-01-22 08:03PM UTC] #fw lew:yes!

    [2011-01-25 09:59AM UTC] #fw c4eva, can you give us an approximate date for slim fw release? I know it has been asked a thousand times but we have been waiting so long…
    [2011-01-25 10:00AM UTC] #fw not long
    [2011-01-25 10:04AM UTC] #fw C4: whata bout 0225,still a hard brick?
    [2011-01-25 10:05AM UTC] #fw wip

    Do you see that?? January 22th, more than 2 months have gone and there is nothing

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    • avatar Oggy says:

      Oh no, so you mean he spotted a potentially detectable flaw in the fw, recoded it, then we had to re-test it again…

      This means he's lying?


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      • avatar Cal.79 says:

        :lol: :lol: :lol: Some of you people are amazingly ignorant and ungratefull ! It will be released when they feel its ready for public use….. That simples !
        Quoting c4e and copying his posts is just too much ! get a grip folks, he aint f*ckin telepathic its a rough estimate on what he has seen so far ! Instead of bitchin offer any available resources u might have to the good of the scene, i.e spare drives, consoles, testing time, coding know-how even donations ! Or on the other hand simply shut the f*ck up !!!!!!
        Have a nice day :)

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  36. avatar lucas candido says:

    libera logo >:(

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  37. avatar majdeddin says:

    C4, you promised to release the FW in tow months in january, as it is not released yet, people call you liar. Don't bother about this? Are you really a liar? If you have a problem you can tell us and give and eta about FW releasing. We are waiting and now after two months we start to think there is no FW at all.

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  38. avatar misplaced says:

    he cant hack the drive …. thats why its not out . He made him self look like he was so bright talking ps3 drive fw , slim hack in august that . now he can't prove it . I think M$ has beat him . And he just can not admit it . So he decided to cash in while he could with this jtag thing . VAPORWARE !

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  39. avatar Wanderley says:

    C4EVA prenda seus Cachorros OK.

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  40. avatar retribution says:

    C4eva give an eta 6 months 1 year 2 years? If you gave a simple eta then O would not troll your website or the irc chatroom. Not giving a date is as bad (soon, sometime in 2 months, almost there, firmware is 100% complete in testing) as giving a date and not meeting it.

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  41. avatar Dark Neo says:

    Have to wait, but it does no matter.

    Thanks for ur job to all members of team…

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  42. avatar jerem3387 says:

    Wait a bit, Commodore said soon!
    A month or less who knows!

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  43. avatar jhg says:

    прошиву запилите мне блиаттттьььььььььььь

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  44. avatar beorange says:

    u are right stefan
    but the problem is that even the test is completed and they are working on 0225
    and tons of console are waiting the 9504 fw..
    the delay is about selling more usb pro to make some money so
    c4eva and TX making business
    and gamers can't wait anymore
    the 2 are right ….
    anyways mine is 0225 im still cool and playing on my fat jasper system..

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    • avatar Troll says:

      Tests are completed when the firmware is believed to be safe.. New FW was handed out to testers last friday, so they've been testing for 4 days..

      You cant delay a no eta.. And the propaganda sh*t with the USB PRO is a huge fail.. It's already out and many has been using it to flash drives for weeks, and now a lot are flashing with the cased version.. Shouldnt the fw be out then according to your "theory" then? TX and c4 are coorporating on this, which doesnt equal to c4 getting pay'd by TX.. And you have no proof, so why post it? You could be lying like a madman or telling the truth, but at the end of the day, you dont really know..

      All your speculations will and can only show lack of knowledge.. If you knew anything about the new slim-drives, you would understand why this process takes so long..

      Let c4, jf an tx do they're thing, cuz we all know you will be kissing *ss once you get to flash your own box or your getting help flashing your xbox on tx-forum..

      If you dont want to wait, make your own.. You make it sound like a walk in the park, which it isnt..

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  45. avatar Donhorzione says:

    Guys please….please stop making stupid theories and let Team Jungle and c4eva do what they do best … everyone here is getting incrediblly rude here and i don't think TJ and c4eva should be treated that way…they have done so much for everyone and for free….show some respect and just wait a little…it won't kill you

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    • avatar Cal.79 says:

      F*ckin hoooraaah, someone who actually sees the big picture !
      Donhorzione if more people were like you on here and actually remembered all the FREE work these guys had put in the site would be a much better place & C4E might actually want to continue the work he has been doing. If people carry on disrespecting him and his teams i can see a BIG f**k YOU being announced instead of a FW release date !!!!

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    • avatar Donhorzione says:

      Trust me i'm eagerly waiting for the fw …you have no idea how much as well but i have learned from situations similar that while most of us can't wait to get their hands on the fw when you actually get and flash your drive you will look back 2 weeks after you have got it and will realize how impatient you had been before it … i have been involved myself down a similar line as c4eva is although it was by no means as important and no way that complicated and trust me guys your insults will do nothing other than c4eva and Team Jungle regretting all the time and effort they put in to making the fw…and please don't make comments like " i can pay" or " i will pay" trust me if they wanted money they'd make more than you could possibly imagine ..appreciate what they are not what you want them to be and remember what they have done for the community

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  46. avatar TOEVERYONE says:


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  47. avatar a getto d'inchiostro says:

    I think that if c4eva and was the only one capable of putting arms into the fw I think the team is now complete excuter think in that way to fix any bugs? if any. If there would not send the team will have the fw c4eva 'he already tested the functionality, the team thinks of writing and reading.
    So I suppose that is not issued to an economic issue.
    if all we donate $ 2 for the team regain what they need for their release.

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  48. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    Shut up Gandu.

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  49. avatar Elivelton Fernandes says:

    I think the team c4eva, would have to have a weight to let the guys informed, only someone on the team come aki c4evaspeaks and post a useful information for everybody to stay calm that everyone stops to fill the patience here! or put a date for the esyimada lançamanet of fimware, at least cost to do this? ja to get sick of that site and see everyone fighting over a 256kb file!

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  50. avatar supermod80 says:

    ok, ho risolto, passo a ps3 e vendo la xbox 360 slim. sto tipo ha rotto le scatole…ohhh ma quanto vuoi per sto firmware? vanno bene 10€?

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  51. avatar juc4 says:

    kkkkk essa foi boa mesmo…

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  52. avatar Troll says:

    So, he's not allowed to talk anymore?

    He didnt make this site, so useless comments (to you) will end here.. Simple as..

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  53. avatar Tech9 says:

    Why Nobody is Talking about the Lie of realeasing within two months????
    The nfo had to Be a enzYclopedy.

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  54. avatar Estiven CR says:

    finally my 360usbpro had arrived, liberate the fw jajajaja

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  55. I really do not bore me about this and c4eva like to thank you for all your hard work because it is so well and make for us and if you take it there is no other but they do what they can … thank you very much indeed :D

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  56. avatar memememe says:

    c4eva r u in anonymus? do u attack PSN? r u still alive??

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  57. avatar c4me says:

    caro c4eva, ma perchè non ci fai capire cosa succede? Magari puoi dirci quando e se rilascierai il firmware. Io sono molto in ansia per il tuo lavoro, penso che i nostri elogi al tuo lavoro, meritano dei chiarimenti. Grazie del tuo aiuto!

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  58. avatar MoralesCrk says:

    Xoreado there is a bug.

    fourth line must be: add eax, ecx

    Regards my friend :-)

    P.D. Only the selfless hacking/cracking remains. Pack JF properly… who knows?

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  59. avatar Sources says:

    que madre ya tenemos la herramienta x360usbpro pero nada de fw osea estamos en las mismas sin nada, no se puede trabajar a medias necesitamos fw, jungleflasher, para tener éxito. c4evapor favor libera el fw y que tx libere el jf
    gracias :)

    that mother and we have the tool but no fw x360usbpro bone are the same with nothing, can not work half need fw, JungleFlasher, to succeed. Please c4evapor fw releases and release the jf tx
    thanks :)

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  60. avatar Sources says:

    Bueno espero que no sea demasiada la espera mi bebe cumplirá 1 año este 16 de abril, c4eva liberalo antes del cumpleaños de mi hijo
    plissssssss. :)

    Well hopefully not too much waiting my baby will fulfill one year this April 16, c4eva release it before my son's birthday
    plissssssss. :)

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  61. avatar Fuentes says:

    gracias ojala de aqui a que cumpla 18 exitan otra consolas

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  62. avatar New PS3 user says:

    Today I back my xbox 360 Slim bought for 5 days and they have returned the money. I added a few euros more and I bought a PS3. In less than 5 minutes with a USB pendrive I can load backups. Chao c4eva… see you neva.

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  63. avatar chupacabra says:

    donde vive tu? yo vivo em Brasil e necessito mas xbox 360 com 9504, queres vender a mim?

    where you live? yo I live in Brazil and need but xbox 360 with 9504, want to sell me?

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  64. avatar Zoho says:

    Comments are always fun than the news. Hilarious!

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  65. avatar Ricco says:

    Fratèeè ci hai rotto il cazzo!! ;)

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  66. avatar josuefreak says:

    C4evaspeaks made the Firmware by love but Unfortunately they are doing by money

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  67. avatar Oggy says:

    So you won't be using Slim LT+ then ….?

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  68. avatar Gerric says:

    si por supuesto desde hace 2 meses estoy jugando ps3 y ya me olvide de la 360 y esta llena de polvo y no me importa si algún día lo van a sacar pedazos de malparidos hp

    if of course for 2 months and I'm playing ps3 and I forget the 360 ​​and is full of dust and I do not care if I ever going to get pieces of bastards hp

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  69. avatar Wanderley says:

    FW ano novo da LUA

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  70. avatar Anonymous says:

    Mr. Oggy

    I know you are a tester,and have read many post by you in differn't web location's.Now really i have not begged or asked about the FW and not in any demand for it what so ever. I also know your importiance to your team and others.You have good rep in my book.Me personaly don't even care if the FW ever comes out,like you i can afford to purchase my Game's/toy's.But yes the FW is nice to have around!Also i think that all team's should be straight up with user's because without them You have nothing,that also means no income for any team just investments.Yes i do argree some info shouldn't be given out but Oggie…Soon,testing is not great info to users even after this long. We are your supporter's no matter how you throw the dice,and we may not buy xbox's and send them in things like that but i know at least 30 donater's to two site's one is your team and the other is you know the other!That does include me also because i do enjoy haveing the FW too.So what this about is; information on the Fw.I think we deserve more than what's been giving out.If it's going to be awile then just say that,soon to these people so far is 7 months and counting.They don't want to hear that any longer. best reguards

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  71. avatar Anonymous says:

    Sorry but why at this moment be worried with c4eva??????????????????????
    He had released at team xec the firmware , so at this moment the firmwarte is in thei hand…in thei commercial hand

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  72. avatar GoDhAnD says:

    I have a slim console with MFR 2010-05-17. So it must be an 9504. But I have a yellow sticker on the DVD-Drive!! what is the drive's firmware? 9504 or 0225??!

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  73. avatar SURF/FLT says:

    what scene??? Scene died with Amiga

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  74. avatar si says:

    hi c4eva i dont mean to chew ya ear but is the slim fw likely to be this weekend as its killing us this waiting

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  75. avatar beorange says:

    C4EVA we support u

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  76. avatar weslleybaco says:

    sera que sai o desbloqueio até dia 20 deste mes? como fazemos pra saber o modelo do nosso leitor? sem ter que abrir…

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  77. avatar nelsonemo says:

    пиздец…сколько уже можно тянуть с этой прошивкой?!
    проша готова, джунгли тоже…какого х*я не выложить уже?!

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  78. avatar jaycboy says:

    All this is down to bad marketing peeps tx making claims for sales c4 eva sort of contradicts them yes i heard claim months ago that usb pro was being tested with slim fw too it sows the seeds of doubt maybe a bit more honesty and a bit more honest info wouldnt go a miss….like they say they dont owe us anything well c4 maybe not but team executor we are consumers of ther products consumers dont like being lied to or sensationalised lets say lie is a strong word theyl say we have been testing slim that long many diff versions so wen they advertised that why didnt they wer testing a slim beta thats going well not were testing with slim fw who can claim that…the backlash is all there fault !!! still patiently waiting c4 u got my apreciation but its time to give maximus products a go tho and hope another team pops up soon to break the monoply….

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  79. avatar alan davies says:

    when is the liteon jungle flasher going to be available for the xbox:idea: … updated xbox and now needs to be flashed:?: :idea: ??? reply to this or my email block2k8@hotmail.co.uk :arrow: :arrow:

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