c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher)

[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> JungleFlasher 0.1.81 Beta (223)
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Session Started Mon Apr 04 11:36:23 2011
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> :)
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> lol
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Genuine Lite-On Slim 9504 LT
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Drive key @ n/a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D4S 9504]
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware is: LT-Plus
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> still a cnut oggie!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> funny tho!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <DirtyDan> childish
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Cypher21> lol
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> meh
[2011-04-04 10:41AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <c4eva> :)

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132 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher) (Including 22 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Tyran says:
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  2. avatar matterigo says:

    These news are more and more boring

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  3. avatar salvaty32 says:

    ciao, attendo con ansia il rilascio del firmware, grazie ancora a c4eva ed il suo team

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    • avatar Darkness says:

      Жополис детектед. Чева заебал где проша ну я не удивлюсь если вы там еще будите проверять какую либо совместимось чего либо с прошивкой. или скажешь а вышел новый формат дисков пошли ка вы куда подальше

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  4. avatar Fubrus says:

    C4eva, you said you're not working on firmware 9504, why did it end, and now you're working on 0225, but why not release the fw 9504?? what are you waiting? I would like a reply, thanks

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    • avatar salvaty32 says:


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    • avatar brutwurst says:

      don't cry… c4 confirmed that the 9504 fw is in final testing stage. It's only a matter of time.

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      • avatar Fubrus says:

        o yes , c4eva release today!!!! hahahahaha !!! see who will wait another month! so now …

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        • avatar brutwurst says:

          you are so stupid… i don't know if he release today or tomorrow or this week or maybe this month, i don't know! But what i know is you are a very stupid guy… sell your xbox on ebay and buy a NDS, thats the right console for you, and i recommend for you Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training.

          Be patience, i think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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          • avatar Аноним says:

            Просто вы все тупые троли , я говорил вы попомните мои слова что выйдет сразу и 9504 и 0225 , а вы лоси тупые не верили , потому что мозги куриные и вам нечего не докажешь

  5. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    I goes angry, stop beng a spoilt brat, go away Fubrus, C4EVA has non time for litel runts likes you.

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    • avatar Fahad Akter says:

      Assalam Alaikum C4EVA.

      Hey Furbrus you are a nothing. No one cares for skum likes you and I blame people like you for the delay as you expect everythng to be given now, now, now and for free. No wonder C4EVA delays, just to wind people like you up. Mysef and many others HATE peoples like you.


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  6. avatar wander says:


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  7. avatar mapmap17 says:

    Wow, I visited this site to see a freakin' " :) " ?!

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  8. avatar N4h1rnh4k says:

    Libera, releases

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  9. avatar retribution says:

    c4eva please release beta 9504 will use use at my own risk

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  10. avatar lambsneck says:

    The fw is complete and in test i read last night on irc there are still things to sort in JF . Im sure you would prefer all is released when its 100% it will be out when its ready .

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