c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher)

[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> JungleFlasher 0.1.81 Beta (223)
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Session Started Mon Apr 04 11:36:23 2011
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> :)
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> lol
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Genuine Lite-On Slim 9504 LT
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Drive key @ n/a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D4S 9504]
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware is: LT-Plus
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> still a cnut oggie!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> funny tho!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <DirtyDan> childish
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Cypher21> lol
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> meh
[2011-04-04 10:41AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <c4eva> :)

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132 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher) (Including 22 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar salvaty32 says:

    ok, c4eva, potresti darci una data? almeno non ci fai rimanere in ansia grazie! una data, grazie

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  2. avatar Tyran says:

    dupa dupa kurwa chuj

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  3. avatar JoeMacaé says:

    esse c4eva é um fdp mesmo, o q ele tá querendo pra liberar essa FW?

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  4. avatar Roman says:

    What wait?

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  5. avatar inkjet says:

    Hello everyone and thanks c4eva for their hard work, but the nfo file and 'so' long to complete?
    I already bought the kit and xbox360 usbpro , I would close my console as soon as possible, can you give us a date Please. thanks

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  6. avatar marchan_123 says:

    Cuando Piensa sacar El chips lo necesito para mi consola tengo un solo juegos por q no tengo dinero pa comprajuegos original y aqui que son mas caros casi le quitan un ojo de la cara a uno por favor apresurense

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  7. avatar chupacabra says:


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  8. avatar ElPhanto says:

    Oh come on what is this? are they laughing at us?, this is like "ha ha see we´ve got the f**king fw and you don´t bunch of a**holes", a news among them talking about how fantastic the 9504 fw is, c4eva and the other teams are really playing with us this time..

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    • avatar ethanol says:

      pretty much.. "we've got the fw.. you wont have it until past a few more weeks.."

      yup, that's trolling.

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      • avatar Oggy says:

        Remind us why the fw was created and why Im testing it, now, I don't game personally, I don't have time….

        For you? Yes, you….

        I am testing my console on XBL for your benefit, I'm taunting you guys a little, sure, but I'm also jeapordising my personal console on XBL to test a fw for you, and for you modders to make money on…..

        You'll get it when its ready, I've got JungleFlasher v0.1.81 too, I'm part of the dev team, want a tissue about that, too?

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        • avatar ethanol says:

          If it is not ready.. whadahell are you doing wasting your time replying to our desperate moanings? shouldnt you be, i dont know.. kinda testing fw or some s**t? you think you can come here, say a few bla bla and calm our heads down? you're just wasting precious testing time. If i were you (you? yes, you..) i wouldnt give a s**t about this site, i'd be testing every god damn sweat drop out of my fat body.

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          • avatar Oggy says:

            Then you'd realise, I personally don't game but my brother does, the console is at his house – he plays it, he tests it for the hours I don't have to devote to testing fw.

            This leaves me free with my time to test other things, as and when I find time.

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      yeah you're retarded

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  9. avatar marchan_123 says:

    Liberaron si o no la Slim Lite-On 9504 hablen claro soy de venezuela

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  10. avatar unintelligible says:

    Why say "soon"or "Imminent" if it will take much longer?

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