c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher)

[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> JungleFlasher 0.1.81 Beta (223)
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Session Started Mon Apr 04 11:36:23 2011
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> :)
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> lol
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Genuine Lite-On Slim 9504 LT
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Drive key @ n/a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D4S 9504]
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware is: LT-Plus
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> still a cnut oggie!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> funny tho!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <DirtyDan> childish
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Cypher21> lol
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> meh
[2011-04-04 10:41AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <c4eva> :)

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132 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher) (Including 22 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar ema says:

    Oggie falla finita!

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  2. avatar stefanounick says:

    Hey, if you dont like waiting for the fw to be tested thoroughly, then dont wait
    Why are you bitching around asking all the time where is the fw?
    If it was in my hand, you wouldnt get the fw at all.. You are ungrateful people and shame on you.

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  3. avatar Tomas says:

    All my friends laught that the FW is not released yet :D D i'm too.. too many time is in test status :D damn..this is awful..The team is working SLOOOOOW …and they are not showing good figure for all ppl who is thinking about release…no eta.. no date… nothing… its a big mistake to visit there.. because there is nothing interesting…

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    • avatar Fahad Akter says:

      Assalam Alaikum C4EVA, Team Xecuter & Team Jungle!

      Mr Tomas,

      plese be respectful of the FW, C4EVA and all others who working hard to make it problem free for us peoples. You want to be xbox live band, I dont and maney others liek us doent want be band too. Just stop being silly, tomas tank enjine. Bud, Bud, Ding, Ding.


      Keep the infidel gandus waiting C4EVA. :evil:


      Fahad Akter – Thank You, Come Again… :p

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  4. avatar patiently waiting says:

    I am amazed at the way people are in the scene. I hate waiting just as much as the next but it's not like there's any other option. There's no point in crying about. It's pretty sick someone is willing to spend their time to do this for you and most likely unless you choose to purchase the x360usb Pro it doesn't cost you anything. That's pretty great in my opinion. So as much as I hate waiting I will continue to wait as learning how to code just isn't going to happen this year. Anyone bitching is just ungrateful and ignorant and doesn't deserve a damn thing. I agree with the above post, if it was in my hand you wouldn't get it either! Thanks to TJ and C4Eva. Hoping for a quick release. :)

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  5. avatar Antro says:

    Just to clarify some s**t said here by team members, and this is not something i said, read this post and read the date, this is the proof of what c4eva and his team has been doing: LYING!!
    [2011-01-22 08:02PM UTC] #fw c4eva: can we expect slim fw in the next month or two ?
    [2011-01-22 08:03PM UTC] #fw lew:yes!

    [2011-01-25 09:59AM UTC] #fw c4eva, can you give us an approximate date for slim fw release? I know it has been asked a thousand times but we have been waiting so long…
    [2011-01-25 10:00AM UTC] #fw not long
    [2011-01-25 10:04AM UTC] #fw C4: whata bout 0225,still a hard brick?
    [2011-01-25 10:05AM UTC] #fw wip

    Do you see that?? January 22th, more than 2 months have gone and there is nothing

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    • avatar Oggy says:

      Oh no, so you mean he spotted a potentially detectable flaw in the fw, recoded it, then we had to re-test it again…

      This means he's lying?


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      • avatar Cal.79 says:

        :lol: :lol: :lol: Some of you people are amazingly ignorant and ungratefull ! It will be released when they feel its ready for public use….. That simples !
        Quoting c4e and copying his posts is just too much ! get a grip folks, he aint f*ckin telepathic its a rough estimate on what he has seen so far ! Instead of bitchin offer any available resources u might have to the good of the scene, i.e spare drives, consoles, testing time, coding know-how even donations ! Or on the other hand simply shut the f*ck up !!!!!!
        Have a nice day :)

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  6. avatar lucas candido says:

    libera logo >:(

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  7. avatar majdeddin says:

    C4, you promised to release the FW in tow months in january, as it is not released yet, people call you liar. Don't bother about this? Are you really a liar? If you have a problem you can tell us and give and eta about FW releasing. We are waiting and now after two months we start to think there is no FW at all.

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  8. avatar misplaced says:

    he cant hack the drive …. thats why its not out . He made him self look like he was so bright talking ps3 drive fw , slim hack in august that . now he can't prove it . I think M$ has beat him . And he just can not admit it . So he decided to cash in while he could with this jtag thing . VAPORWARE !

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  9. avatar Wanderley says:

    C4EVA prenda seus Cachorros OK.

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  10. avatar retribution says:

    C4eva give an eta 6 months 1 year 2 years? If you gave a simple eta then O would not troll your website or the irc chatroom. Not giving a date is as bad (soon, sometime in 2 months, almost there, firmware is 100% complete in testing) as giving a date and not meeting it.

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