c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher)

[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> JungleFlasher 0.1.81 Beta (223)
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Session Started Mon Apr 04 11:36:23 2011
[2011-04-04 10:36AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> :)
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> lol
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Genuine Lite-On Slim 9504 LT
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Drive key @ n/a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D4S 9504]
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Oggie> Firmware is: LT-Plus
[2011-04-04 10:37AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> still a cnut oggie!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> funny tho!
[2011-04-04 10:38AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <DirtyDan> childish
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <Cypher21> lol
[2011-04-04 10:39AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <BraveH43> meh
[2011-04-04 10:41AM UTC] #JungleFlasher <c4eva> :)

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132 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #jungleflasher) (Including 22 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Dark Neo says:

    Have to wait, but it does no matter.

    Thanks for ur job to all members of team…

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  2. avatar jerem3387 says:

    Wait a bit, Commodore said soon!
    A month or less who knows!

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  3. avatar jhg says:

    прошиву запилите мне блиаттттьььььььььььь

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  4. avatar beorange says:

    u are right stefan
    but the problem is that even the test is completed and they are working on 0225
    and tons of console are waiting the 9504 fw..
    the delay is about selling more usb pro to make some money so
    c4eva and TX making business
    and gamers can't wait anymore
    the 2 are right ….
    anyways mine is 0225 im still cool and playing on my fat jasper system..

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    • avatar Troll says:

      Tests are completed when the firmware is believed to be safe.. New FW was handed out to testers last friday, so they've been testing for 4 days..

      You cant delay a no eta.. And the propaganda sh*t with the USB PRO is a huge fail.. It's already out and many has been using it to flash drives for weeks, and now a lot are flashing with the cased version.. Shouldnt the fw be out then according to your "theory" then? TX and c4 are coorporating on this, which doesnt equal to c4 getting pay'd by TX.. And you have no proof, so why post it? You could be lying like a madman or telling the truth, but at the end of the day, you dont really know..

      All your speculations will and can only show lack of knowledge.. If you knew anything about the new slim-drives, you would understand why this process takes so long..

      Let c4, jf an tx do they're thing, cuz we all know you will be kissing *ss once you get to flash your own box or your getting help flashing your xbox on tx-forum..

      If you dont want to wait, make your own.. You make it sound like a walk in the park, which it isnt..

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  5. avatar Donhorzione says:

    Guys please….please stop making stupid theories and let Team Jungle and c4eva do what they do best … everyone here is getting incrediblly rude here and i don't think TJ and c4eva should be treated that way…they have done so much for everyone and for free….show some respect and just wait a little…it won't kill you

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    • avatar Cal.79 says:

      F*ckin hoooraaah, someone who actually sees the big picture !
      Donhorzione if more people were like you on here and actually remembered all the FREE work these guys had put in the site would be a much better place & C4E might actually want to continue the work he has been doing. If people carry on disrespecting him and his teams i can see a BIG f**k YOU being announced instead of a FW release date !!!!

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    • avatar Donhorzione says:

      Trust me i'm eagerly waiting for the fw …you have no idea how much as well but i have learned from situations similar that while most of us can't wait to get their hands on the fw when you actually get and flash your drive you will look back 2 weeks after you have got it and will realize how impatient you had been before it … i have been involved myself down a similar line as c4eva is although it was by no means as important and no way that complicated and trust me guys your insults will do nothing other than c4eva and Team Jungle regretting all the time and effort they put in to making the fw…and please don't make comments like " i can pay" or " i will pay" trust me if they wanted money they'd make more than you could possibly imagine ..appreciate what they are not what you want them to be and remember what they have done for the community

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  6. avatar TOEVERYONE says:


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  7. avatar a getto d'inchiostro says:

    I think that if c4eva and was the only one capable of putting arms into the fw I think the team is now complete excuter think in that way to fix any bugs? if any. If there would not send the team will have the fw c4eva 'he already tested the functionality, the team thinks of writing and reading.
    So I suppose that is not issued to an economic issue.
    if all we donate $ 2 for the team regain what they need for their release.

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  8. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    Shut up Gandu.

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  9. avatar Elivelton Fernandes says:

    I think the team c4eva, would have to have a weight to let the guys informed, only someone on the team come aki c4evaspeaks and post a useful information for everybody to stay calm that everyone stops to fill the patience here! or put a date for the esyimada lançamanet of fimware, at least cost to do this? ja to get sick of that site and see everyone fighting over a 256kb file!

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  10. avatar supermod80 says:

    ok, ho risolto, passo a ps3 e vendo la xbox 360 slim. sto tipo ha rotto le scatole…ohhh ma quanto vuoi per sto firmware? vanno bene 10€?

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