c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #x360usb)

[2011-04-04 07:12AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> morning
[2011-04-04 07:12AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> maestro, how things going on ? :)
[2011-04-04 07:13AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> testing in final stage ?
[2011-04-04 07:13AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> yep, all good!
[2011-04-04 07:13AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> any news about 0225 ? :)
[2011-04-04 07:14AM UTC] #x360usb <ringbo182> hi, what about those rumors about 0225 write solution
[2011-04-04 07:14AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> im not working on 9504 anymore, now on 0225!
[2011-04-04 07:15AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> write solution will be Software only or hardware depend
[2011-04-04 07:15AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> did you unlock it with software commands ?
[2011-04-04 07:16AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> details will come later!
[2011-04-04 07:17AM UTC] #x360usb <ringbo182> hi c4 do u still think u gonna release 9504 first or both
[2011-04-04 07:18AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> 9504 first, 0225 will require testing!
[2011-04-04 07:20AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> So we wait only for new JungleFlasher actually
[2011-04-04 07:21AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> jf already done :)
[2011-04-04 07:22AM UTC] #x360usb <Mosquito> CFW 0225 is done?
[2011-04-04 07:22AM UTC] #x360usb <ringbo182> Mosquito: no, 9504
[2011-04-04 07:23AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> He works on 0225, 9504 done
[2011-04-04 07:23AM UTC] #x360usb <Mosquito> 0225 will require testing!
[2011-04-04 07:25AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> I think that FW are the same , but writing solution is more cmplicated, just opinion
[2011-04-04 07:26AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> 0225 is different!
[2011-04-04 07:29AM UTC] #x360usb <Banfro> c4eva , does MS is capable of detecting cfw 9504 with dash update, is it possible
[2011-04-04 07:30AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> banfo:no
[2011-04-04 07:31AM UTC] #x360usb <JFapp58> c4eva whats going on with the 9504 as you are being internationally flamed for the fw imminent comment [Editor's note: already explained here]
[2011-04-04 07:32AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> jfapp58:wasnt me that said that!
[2011-04-04 07:34AM UTC] #x360usb <Ytera> c4eva, so can you say the main answer to main question, pls. Can we expect fw and jf this week?
[2011-04-04 07:35AM UTC] #x360usb <Mosquito> Can we expect cfw for 9504 and jf this week?
[2011-04-04 07:36AM UTC] #x360usb <Cypher21> c4 never gave an ETA before unless it was within a couple of hours
[2011-04-04 07:36AM UTC] #x360usb <Cypher21> so don’t expect an answer right now
[2011-04-04 07:38AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> no eta, but its looking very good!
[2011-04-04 07:39AM UTC] #x360usb <landon> c4eva why you don’t tell us clearly if we need some things special for the 0225 ?? thanks
[2011-04-04 07:41AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva> hang in there,wont be much longer!

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57 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-04 #x360usb) (Including 10 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar xarnoux says:

    what's up with fw 9504 ?
    NFO finished ? All's good ?

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  2. avatar Lewikenzie1 says:

    "details will come later" ….. Hopefully today?

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  3. avatar rory2005 says:

    is this guy for real, has he not read about whats been going on all weekend.

    come on c4eva release the fw

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    • avatar ture says:

      Пиздюк чева, утро уже давно кончилось.

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        сам пиздюк тупорылый кто тебе сказл что прошивка будет утром четко же написано что даты он никогда ни пишет за несколько часов до релиза раскажет как всегда

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  4. avatar drevnijj says:

    How long to wait, and what time of testing 0225?

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  5. avatar werner says:

    Hey C4eva

    Thank you for all your hard work on the fw

    Q plz

    Will the 9504 fw be relesed this week

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  6. avatar rory2005 says:

    i am jfapp58 on irc and he has stated that it wasnt him with the fw imminent comment.

    so now that is cleared up back to normall, and wait paitently.

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  7. avatar werner says:

    Hey Guys

    C4eva rules

    with out him no one will get the firmware

    so stop puting bad comments

    rather say thanks for all their hard work

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  8. avatar Stefan says:

    no eta, but its looking very good!


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  9. avatar werner says:


    your the man thanks for making this awesome fw for us

    keep up the good work

    C4eva RULES!!!!

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  10. avatar 0225 owner says:

    why dont you just release a Beta for all who wants to test at his own risk along with your testers or just add us to your testers list man im sick of waiting and it seems like testing takes a month WTF man who u got testin this s**t
    but hell why im i even writing that bastard doesnt even look at this

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  11. avatar beorange says:

    no testers this is all fake

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  12. avatar Anonymous says:

    Cool not long now so i wonder how long that means seen as soon means 7 month !!!

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  13. avatar Putri says:

    fake? Beta version is a good idea, but they need business…so we have to suck!!!!

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  14. avatar C4 - Nit says:

    Чева, ты заебал уже всех, хорош мариновать! ебанный гондон!

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  15. avatar glady says:

    They are wating to sell more & more & more of X360 USB PRO before releasing this firmware…but I'll never baught this Sata 2 Usb adapter….!!!! never …

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  16. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    Beta is no good. It has to be commpleted fw. Dont wont to spent money on a new xbox. Ms has made so mutch from banning xbox users whit flashed fw. Keep going c4eva

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  17. avatar ElPhanto says:

    Another useless post, "wont be much longer", seriously, what the f**k is the c4eva´s meaning of time?? for me not much longer means 1-2 days, but apparently for c4 and testers it means 1-2 years, the worst part is c4 stating that 9504 is completely ready to go, and that he is even not working on it anymore, also the new jf is complete, so why do testers say they´re testing something that is completely finished?? i really really don´t understand what they want to explain, if the 9504 fw is complete so WHY DON´T YOU RELEASE IT NOW C4EVA???

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  18. avatar CED says:

    never release!!

    buy PS3 today…

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  19. avatar Sicktus says:

    [2011-04-04 07:14AM UTC] #x360usb im not working on 9504 anymore, now on 0225!
    [2011-04-04 07:18AM UTC] #x360usb 9504 first, 0225 will require testing!
    [2011-04-04 07:21AM UTC] #x360usb jf already done :)

    he says that he not working on 9504 and it will be came first and Jungleflasher is done, so why clown4eva holding it back !?!

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  20. avatar TOEVERYONE says:


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  21. avatar beezygeezy says:

    maybe they are waiting for the 360usbpro with the covers to come into stores…just a hunch..

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  22. avatar GoDhAnD says:

    im not working on 9504 anymore, now on 0225!

    And why you don't release the 9504 fw??! or did you just do not want more?

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  23. avatar rory2005 says:

    the abuse on this site is disgusting, you all behave like children.

    calm down it will come, im waiting myself and only have one game (kinect adventures) and am bored of the wait.

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      rory they ARE children , see the coments, the impatience, insults, many think the fw needs the usbpro to work , and the usbpro is already on stores, who wants it buy it who dont doesnt but they still blame Xcuter and c4, most doesnt know what its irc and expect answers from c4 in this site!! as c4 ever read this hole s**t :) i think he doesnt even know that this site exists, its kind of funny.
      Btw my kid have Kinect Adv also ! but its too busy with his homework…. and, im glad to said this, he has a life, and not depends on the Xbox.

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  24. avatar CEH(cretified ethical hacker) says:

    thx very much c4eva we are waiting for the release

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  25. avatar beorange says:

    yea wait guys he's not even reading our posts so just wait and discuss usfull things
    i don't have games either downloading demos and bored but hoping for good news soon.

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  26. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    Calm down people…your angry words would only delay the release more… try to be gratefull

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    • avatar Pagla07 says:

      Hey Fahad… i had some questions.. you seem to be from BD aswell which is why im asking you… when flashing ur 360 what do you use to power your drive? i was thinking of using an old RROD Xbox phat… n also my intel mobo ICH7 for SATA so what do you think?

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  27. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    Calm down people…your angry words would only delay the release more… try to be grateful

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  28. avatar C4S**KS says:

    Still the same.. No news. this is only a big 1 April Joke.
    I think there will be never a Slim FW released..
    Why doesnt the Importand people like JF Team and Xecuter Team start to look for someone new who writes a slim FW.
    In the past 2006 and 2007 there were also other teams which released FW for Samsung and Hitachis.
    Why isnt that now happaning ? Coders where are you. Why did everyone wait for such a slow guy like C4EVA !?!?!?!?
    Please coder and Hacker start to hack yourself for a better slim FW !! Without any XBOX live protection !! Who needs that !!
    Maybe when there is a little bit competition our Mr. C4EVA starts to code faster !!!

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      you answer yourself, why after so long, there is no other team???????????
      i mean , if this was half easy as you all say , there would not be other team releasing the fw ??

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  29. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    Please peoples, good tings come to thos who wate. Dirka!

    Pationce everyone, or I goes angry. Dirka, Larka, Dirka.

    You wont like me when i goes green and angry. Bud, Bud, Ding, Ding.

    My dad is a farmer, his name is Ram-Alam.

    Thank you, come again… :p

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  30. avatar Stefan says:

    Ich glaube das Problem ist nicht c4eva, sondern die Politik von Team Xecuter
    diese Geld geilen Bast***

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  31. avatar retribution says:

    hang in there,wont be much longer!

    lol this means at least another 2 months

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  32. avatar h_e_n_r_y says:

    For the love of God, give us a timeframe!

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  33. avatar ethanol says:

    someone should have asked him what threats do xgd3 represent for fw releasing and posterior 360 owners' use. That's what we should be worried about now: for how long is the 9504 fw going to go alright.

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  34. avatar BLA BLA says:

    c4eva is like Chuck Norris – his calendar has just one day and it's called SOONday.

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  35. avatar Xoreado says:

    The question is: JunglerFlasher will work properly with other devices than x360USBPro?

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  36. avatar juanitopel says:

    who says you need usbpro to make the fw work?

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  37. avatar Yamthief says:

    @Ytera, @Mosquito, @landon – c4e has never provided an ETA for previous CFWs.
    The write solution information is likely being witheld until full testing has been completed.
    This is also likely being witheld to prevent a fix from M$ or LiteOn.

    People seem to be really unappreciative of the hard work which is being put in by c4e/team jungle/team xecuter.

    Patience is a virtue.

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  38. avatar aleks says:

    Да все это полная чушь, они специально тянут с прошивкой, что бы другие люди покупали соньку 3 и xbox 0225 а не хитачи, в общем это реально рекламный ход!!Странно что они не выпускаю сейчас прошивку по скольку новый формат дисков в переди!!!Могли бы дать нам хотябы 2 месяца, но вижу и них другие планы!!А прошивку будем ждать я думаю еще очень долго только смысла от этого не будет,верей будет но не долго, потом диски с новой защитой и еще год ждать будем, они почему и не торопятся=)))))))))))),маркетинг!!!В нашем мире ничего и никогда за бесплатно ничего никогда не делается!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))) :)

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  39. avatar aleks says:

    А потом они придумают еще чегонибуть и все будет тянуться и тянуться как с дашбордом!!!!!!!!!!)))))))

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  40. avatar josuefreak says:

    C4evaspeaks made the Firmware by love but Unfortunately now they are doing by money

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  41. avatar andystill says:

    C4eval!!!!!!!!!, you either a fool or fools us to believe? You said that over 0,995 have already completed the work and its test. you've got there silly it tested? Children are small for such a long time period would be tested. You tell everyone that you just cooperate with Microsoft and you're all kidding. Esdi do you really Robin Hood, then we say that the approximate dates. It seems to me that you're just fooling people!

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