c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-08 #fw)

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[2011-04-08 12:58AM UTC] #fw <omghai4> Need SSv2 for PAL release CRYSIS 2 for POLISH
[2011-04-08 12:58AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> dont complain
[2011-04-08 12:58AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> you'll get it
[2011-04-08 12:59AM UTC] #fw <Lazer> your english seem ok now, get that one
[2011-04-08 12:59AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> kernel, why it doesn't affect us yet, it is interesting to hear about
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <SNo_oZE> this update prolly wont be out till late summer, or before xmas
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> fall I think
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> but the questions are so inane
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> and 99% of the info given gets tqisted and then the supertards give it out as fact like they know their shit
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <SNo_oZE> ussally before xmas, prolly nov, right before cod
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> heh
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> and then it just becomes a deuge of bullshity
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> It'll come out when m$ wants it to kill us
[2011-04-08 01:00AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/6248/scenei.jpg <<< The Console Scene explained in one shocking image !
[2011-04-08 01:01AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> and then you get ^^^
[2011-04-08 01:01AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> that is a curious image, hahaha
[2011-04-08 01:01AM UTC] #fw <SNo_oZE> thats half of this channel kernel
[2011-04-08 01:01AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> half ?
[2011-04-08 01:01AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> you are generous
[2011-04-08 01:01AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> 90% prob
[2011-04-08 01:01AM UTC] #fw <SNo_oZE> you are prolly right to
[2011-04-08 01:02AM UTC] #fw <SNo_oZE> between age 14 n 20
[2011-04-08 01:02AM UTC] #fw <SNo_oZE> other 10% are old heads
[2011-04-08 01:02AM UTC] #fw <SNo_oZE> :D
[2011-04-08 01:02AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> lo
[2011-04-08 01:02AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> l
[2011-04-08 01:02AM UTC] #fw <ManU07> well prob is that the people that do know are very vague and not very forthcoming with information and details thats why the speculation starts
[2011-04-08 01:02AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> It's funny how certain people have certain talents. I'd love to be able to code/decode the latest microsoft updates, and hack them. I can rebuild an engine and i'm an commercial electrician. But that shit is just way over my head :0
[2011-04-08 01:03AM UTC] #fw <P-funk> noone can hack the updates without the keys
[2011-04-08 01:03AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> ^ exhibit A
[2011-04-08 01:04AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> Me or that guy talking about keys
[2011-04-08 01:04AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> he is
[2011-04-08 01:04AM UTC] #fw <omghai4> People, need SSv2 for PAL CRYSIS 2 with XEX 27A7AAD3. Please help
[2011-04-08 01:04AM UTC] #fw <P-funk> i am what?
[2011-04-08 01:04AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> which is why he was exhibit A for retard
[2011-04-08 01:04AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> Figured
[2011-04-08 01:05AM UTC] #fw <P-funk> fuck you you little prick
[2011-04-08 01:05AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> omghai4
[2011-04-08 01:05AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> you'll get it
[2011-04-08 01:05AM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> P-funk, we were just talking about people making ass hat assumptions and retarded conclusions. Then you chimed in
[2011-04-08 01:05AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> and gave us an example
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <sfb12> and the immature comments will comntinue
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> <ManU07> well prob is that the people that do know are very vague and not very forthcoming with information and details thats why the speculation starts
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> no
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <P-funk> i just meant ..the dashboards would have been hacked a long time agao…with all kinds of shit if we could hack them
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> 99% of what we know you wouldnt even begin to understand anyway
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> P-funk and they were
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> ever heard of freestyle dash ffs
[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlNdHd8imUo

[2011-04-08 01:06AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> no need to panic, give it time!
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[2011-04-08 07:10AM UTC] #fw <regret> wuts a botnet
[2011-04-08 07:11AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> hehe
[2011-04-08 07:11AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> ;]
[2011-04-08 07:11AM UTC] #fw <loftY> hax
[2011-04-08 07:11AM UTC] #fw <regret> o ok
[2011-04-08 07:12AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> the droids app store got pwned awhile back…..
[2011-04-08 07:12AM UTC] #fw <regret> pwned how?
[2011-04-08 07:13AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> rootkits everywhere
[2011-04-08 07:13AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> top 30 apps were rewritten with bots in them
[2011-04-08 07:14AM UTC] #fw <regret> oh nice
[2011-04-08 07:14AM UTC] #fw <regret> bots that do wut??
[2011-04-08 07:14AM UTC] #fw <regret> bots or virus's?
[2011-04-08 07:15AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> bots…. not virus…. like the banbots here kinda like cuntrox etc…
[2011-04-08 07:15AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> just different
[2011-04-08 07:16AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> they have cmds like grab contacts….. sms etc
[2011-04-08 07:17AM UTC] #fw <boakun> ya android appstore is kinda insecure
[2011-04-08 07:17AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> if you want they proof of concept code i can post they lady code for you
[2011-04-08 07:17AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> *ladies ;]
[2011-04-08 07:18AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> she wrote it for defcon 18…. and then people took that and wrote what you saw in androids app market awhile back
[2011-04-08 07:19AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> it hides the bot at base level… and sets some cool proxy eviros to make it stealthy
[2011-04-08 07:20AM UTC] #fw <kiillraep> she sent normal sms to the phones for control…. but i've seen code that ties into irc
[2011-04-08 07:33AM UTC] #fw <ucazz> morning guys
[2011-04-08 07:55AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> i got rrod for second time
[2011-04-08 07:55AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> 0102
[2011-04-08 07:55AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> cannt fix it
[2011-04-08 07:56AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> what to do?
[2011-04-08 07:56AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> eat it them poop it out
[2011-04-08 07:57AM UTC] #fw <b3ar> lol
[2011-04-08 07:57AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> not funny really
[2011-04-08 07:57AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> poop = optimal thermal paste
[2011-04-08 07:58AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> well it is
[2011-04-08 07:58AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> plz tell
[2011-04-08 07:58AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> something which might fix
[2011-04-08 07:58AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> buy xbox that doesnt rrod
[2011-04-08 07:58AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> mod it
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <b3ar> 0102 = forget it
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <b3ar> bin it
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <b3ar> eat it
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <b3ar> poop it
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> unless you have warranty its going to rrod every time after you "fix" it unless you fork out for a reflow/reball
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> sell on ebay?
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <President> drown it in a bath of water
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> how much should i get on selling it?
[2011-04-08 07:59AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> ebay it off as a rrod u might get $30…
[2011-04-08 08:00AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> aka couple gallons of gas
[2011-04-08 08:00AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> 2 gallons
[2011-04-08 08:00AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> lol
[2011-04-08 08:00AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> its with 2 controllers , 20gig hdd, power brick and 20 games
[2011-04-08 08:00AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> lol

[2011-04-08 08:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> release within 6 hours!
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[2011-04-08 08:00AM UTC] #fw <Akselii> what
[2011-04-08 08:01AM UTC] #fw <b3ar> hi c4eva
[2011-04-08 08:01AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> slim fw
[2011-04-08 08:01AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> will the real c4 please stand up
[2011-04-08 08:01AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> i have been out of the updates for a long time
[2011-04-08 08:01AM UTC] #fw <Red_Bull> do slims require soldering?
[2011-04-08 08:01AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> no
[2011-04-08 08:02AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> some not
[2011-04-08 08:02AM UTC] #fw <Akselii> That is awesome
[2011-04-08 08:02AM UTC] #fw <davsmith6> #fw <c4eva_> release within 6 hours!
[2011-04-08 08:02AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> joke
[2011-04-08 08:02AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> lol
[2011-04-08 08:02AM UTC] #fw <davsmith6> thought so
[2011-04-08 08:02AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> its not gonna be
[2011-04-08 08:03AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> mr 38 i suggest you get a console that has a less chance of rrod any slim or phat made in 09/10
[2011-04-08 08:03AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> thx
[2011-04-08 08:03AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> i might get a ps3
[2011-04-08 08:03AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> its better
[2011-04-08 08:03AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> with jb
[2011-04-08 08:03AM UTC] #fw <skynets> thanks c4eva_

[2011-04-08 08:03AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> no joke!
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[2011-04-08 08:04AM UTC] #fw <skynets> lol
[2011-04-08 08:04AM UTC] #fw <afaik_> lol
[2011-04-08 08:04AM UTC] #fw <afaik_> lol
[2011-04-08 08:05AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy2> only 9504?
[2011-04-08 08:06AM UTC] #fw <SurfFLT> i guess so, as it was said a zillion times :)
[2011-04-08 08:06AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> hello c4eva!
[2011-04-08 08:07AM UTC] #fw <saf> only 6 hours later will tell : )

[2011-04-08 08:07AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> hello
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[2011-04-08 08:07AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet38> stop spamming man
[2011-04-08 08:07AM UTC] #fw <nitram> lol
[2011-04-08 08:08AM UTC] #fw <saf> hello C4
[2011-04-08 08:08AM UTC] #fw <Foxtrot1> omg.
[2011-04-08 08:08AM UTC] #fw <ucazz> thank u very much c4eva !!!
[2011-04-08 08:08AM UTC] #fw <Akselii> Hell yeah, been waiting for the slim fw for couple of months now
[2011-04-08 08:08AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> only one question – can we play backups in new dash?
[2011-04-08 08:08AM UTC] #fw <Akselii> So, thank you so very much c4eva_
[2011-04-08 08:08AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy2> LT 9504 DB 13142 = also now "Stops All Non AP2.5 Games From Booting" ?
[2011-04-08 08:09AM UTC] #fw <PSfan> is 2nd wave ssv1 with splitvid valid ok for backups ?
[2011-04-08 08:09AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> I mean – is it possible to find a way? – Is it real?
[2011-04-08 08:09AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy2> Mosquito: later
[2011-04-08 08:09AM UTC] #fw <acDC> [Twitter / TeamJungle] TeamJungle: LT for slim 9504 will release today! – http://twitter.com/TeamJungle/statuses/56266806163279872
[2011-04-08 08:09AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> ok
[2011-04-08 08:09AM UTC] #fw <Foxtrot1> omg @ acDC news.
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <Foxtrot1> Wonder how long it'll take for a tutorial.
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <Pette> Tut is done
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> hi c4 will this new dash delay the release of 0225?
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <Pette> They say:)
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <PSfan> what new dash ?
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> c4eva! – how many time it will take 0225? – its ready or not?
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <saf> hey will there be a tut for flashing using the CK3 pro?
[2011-04-08 08:10AM UTC] #fw <Foxtrot1> wait, what .. ? They've already made a tutorial ??
[2011-04-08 08:11AM UTC] #fw <Akselii> Foxtrot1: pretty sure they have
[2011-04-08 08:11AM UTC] #fw <PSfan> when the new dash out ?
[2011-04-08 08:11AM UTC] #fw <Akselii> i dunno :I
[2011-04-08 08:11AM UTC] #fw <Foxtrot1> Sweeet!

[2011-04-08 08:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> new dash will be analysed, give it time!its a beta after all!
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[2011-04-08 10:52AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> Norway
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> i would love to anyway
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> land of midnight sun
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> isnt it norway
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> ?>
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> many people make love to Norway.. PeRgo
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <Send> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63164
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> i think that was the GK question
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> love to go*
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <Send> make love to norway? haha
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> you guys are all welcome
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <Send> they just want ur money
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> fuck this keyboard
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> sexy time explosion in norway.
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> and my english
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> and 7 a.m here
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> hi-five!
[2011-04-08 10:53AM UTC] #fw <LSD> PeRgo don
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> PeRgo its 4:40 pm here/..
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <LSD> don't it's fucking expensive here
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> damn failing burns
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <Send> fuck norway, sweden is the shit
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> yet another day went uselesss
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> lol LSD
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> Send, fuck them both?
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> don't discriminate
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <Send> groupsex?
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <LSD> Send, LANG has proven this chan otherwise
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <LSD> that sweden aint the shit….
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> with a swed and a nor.. yes plz
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <c4s_fan> jf release today right?
[2011-04-08 10:54AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> you will see blond for weeks
[2011-04-08 10:55AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> 96 hours from now, c4s_fan
[2011-04-08 10:55AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> ding ejection seat initiated.
[2011-04-08 10:55AM UTC] #fw <c4s_fan> ios5:do you mean that?:|
[2011-04-08 10:55AM UTC] #fw <Send> everyone in here has proven my thoughts about usa
[2011-04-08 10:55AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> sciswin1, did you know that the threshold of having onenights is extremely high…
[2011-04-08 10:55AM UTC] #fw <Zellcorp> someone make sence of this for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GaKaGwch0U&feature=player_embedded
[2011-04-08 10:55AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> of norwegian/swedish girls
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> or very low?
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> argentinas girls
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> anyone?
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <Send> with mustaches?
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> haha
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> they're cheap
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <Darkmon> ios5 swe?
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> really cheap
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <Send> russians to :)
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> swe Darkmon?

[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> hello
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[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <Darkmon> yes
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> hello
[2011-04-08 10:56AM UTC] #fw <Darkmon> hihi
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <AchAAyAn> hey c4eva_
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <afaik_> hi c4eva_
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> hello c4eva_
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> cheers c4eva_. the emporer is on his knee's.
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <LSD> yeah lets all spamhighlight c4e
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> c4eva_ .. why?
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <pigbait> Yay if I say something I will c4evaspeaks
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <Send> then we will show up on speaks.com ;)
[2011-04-08 10:57AM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> todays is xbox360 Christmas THX c4eva
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> don't spam c4eva_ ..
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> poor c4eva_
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> hello againe c4eva!
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> stop highlighting c4eva_
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> lol
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> c4eva_ might accidently become in a bad mood :(
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <LSD> iOS5 you are now on my list of why I should move from this country
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <Send> you can start iOS5
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <Younge> WOW this is funny
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> only if you bring some of you nick, LSD
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <afaik_> not sleeping tonight
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <afaik_> 9PM here
[2011-04-08 10:58AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> your*
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <LSD> bring? I'm gonna leave norway, not go there
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> hahaha
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Send> guleböje?

[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> all good! :)
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[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <LSD> problem is with my criminal record I can only stay in amsterdam for a maximum period of 3 months
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> C4 thx again
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> thanks for all the work c4e!
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <ello2> LSD ur from norway?
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Send> Hail the king
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Loco69> thanks man
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Loco69> :)
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <LSD> ello2 yes
[2011-04-08 10:59AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> great C4eva! thanks
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <afaik_> thank you c4eva!
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> can u please tell us a little bit about 0225
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> just a little bit
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> i think c4eva_'s first language was ASM.
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> c4eva – what about 0225 – good too and soon?
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> C4eva i had one question regarding reading the 0255 drives?
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Send> ringo182 its a dvddrive in xbox slims
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <LSD> c4 did u see they are bringing back the commandore with new hardware?
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Younge> it's funny this guy says one word and everyone goes nuts
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Younge> SMH
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Send> LSD not the first time either
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> cant we just read its dvd key now and implant that key on 9504 drives..
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> that was after he spoke the instruction language, sciswin1
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> i dont play on live
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Mastahh> cool 4 hours to release :)
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> Send: got ya ^_^
[2011-04-08 11:00AM UTC] #fw <LSD> Send I know, but stil awesome
[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <iOS5> ligustic on machine code..
[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Send> yeah, retroclassic
[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <washik> no 0225 :(
[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <ProStabil> so c4 tx will release a tut for 9504 ?
[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> not yet…
[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy2> c4eva: packing ?:)

[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> 0225 coming along nicely!
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[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> its good
[2011-04-08 11:01AM UTC] #fw <LSD> awesome
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> tnx
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> your the best
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> :-)
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <ProStabil> c4 can u tell us the method of writing 0225 ?
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <ProStabil> hardware or software
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> ProStabil new jf tut covers 9504
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> what about reading the key off 0255 c4eva_
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> cant we get the key off it now?
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <iinsoure> how much longer after 9504 0255 will be released
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Mastahh> c4eva 0225 is mostly the same 9504? but only writing problem?
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy2> bluemimmo: now use dosflash
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <pigbait> Why do people ask the same question when they know the same answer is on the way
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> time questions are redundant.
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Send> ProStabil u take out the dvdmotherboard put in a pioneer dvdwriter insert firmware press burn
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> give him time to answer :-)
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Younge> new jf reads 0225..:-)
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Mellu> too many questions
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> Sleepy2 dosflash cant read 0255
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Younge> jf tut explains how
[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Baz> give the man a break he cant answer all your questions

[2011-04-08 11:02AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> no 0225 is different!
RAW UPDATE 11:46AM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 11:35AM UTC] #fw <Zer0AI> huiok it was the 09 banwave that was the big one
[2011-04-08 11:35AM UTC] #fw <Morenomdz> will take a while for hitachi man
[2011-04-08 11:35AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> why?
[2011-04-08 11:35AM UTC] #fw <Soprono> why in the world would u want a hitachi
[2011-04-08 11:35AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> 2011-04-06 12:20PM UTC] #fw <mib_p3ctz> C4eva have u looked into 0500 already ?
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <Soprono> wwJFnet27 why u posting that ?
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> C4eva: 0500,yes!
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <psnem> Soprono: becaus ei cant find liteon anywhere :/
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> it is answer for psnem
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> look for a 9504 psnem
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <psnem> Soprono: maybe some good source where to search and buy liteon ?
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <psnem> in england …
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> if not get a fat
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <GaryX360> will the fw and jf be in one download or 2 different one
[2011-04-08 11:36AM UTC] #fw <psnem> i got fat already .. but want to use wifi connection insted of lan
[2011-04-08 11:37AM UTC] #fw <psnem> thats why changing to slim :)
[2011-04-08 11:37AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> Tutorial for new JF is very Nice !/
[2011-04-08 11:37AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> k
[2011-04-08 11:38AM UTC] #fw <blakey8> then get a wireless adapter psnem?
[2011-04-08 11:38AM UTC] #fw <AchAAyAn> Send what does "guleboje" mean ?
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <psnem> blakey8: there is wireless adapter for slim ?
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <psnem> sorry for fat ?
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <Zer0AI> for fat ofc
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <blakey8> yes
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <blakey8> usb
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <blakey8> google for one, ull find it
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <psnem> hmm any one works or only the special one ?
[2011-04-08 11:39AM UTC] #fw <blakey8> just the microsoft certified one
[2011-04-08 11:40AM UTC] #fw <redeath> Do de do
[2011-04-08 11:40AM UTC] #fw <blakey8> http://bit.ly/hqdss3
[2011-04-08 11:40AM UTC] #fw <blakey8> psnem ^^ that link is what you are looking for for a phat xbox 360
[2011-04-08 11:40AM UTC] #fw <psnem> hah
[2011-04-08 11:41AM UTC] #fw <dobbs> psnem http://www.game.co.uk/Accessories/Xbox-360/Wireless-Networking/_/N-1z13fvhZ1z13mmvZ1z13fq5/
[2011-04-08 11:42AM UTC] #fw <psnem> hmm it isnot ok :) it will be very expensive in poland :)
[2011-04-08 11:42AM UTC] #fw <psnem> thats why i wanted to buy slim :)
[2011-04-08 11:42AM UTC] #fw <luxbuio> i'am a bougy bougy maaan
[2011-04-08 11:43AM UTC] #fw <luxbuio> i'am a boogie boogie maan
[2011-04-08 11:43AM UTC] #fw <luxbuio> i'am a boogie boogie man
[2011-04-08 11:44AM UTC] #fw <psnem> hmm but i need to stick it in the fron of the xbox … so it will not loook good
[2011-04-08 11:44AM UTC] #fw <psnem> so it is not ok too
[2011-04-08 11:44AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> looks so easy to dump the key. so great
[2011-04-08 11:44AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> i can't belive it
[2011-04-08 11:45AM UTC] #fw <squallw> Anyone know if I get a console with 0225 and get the dvdkey and place in 9504 with the new firmware, will it work? Or some information that differs between the drives will be caught by the dramatic real-time checks?
[2011-04-08 11:45AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> nope
[2011-04-08 11:45AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> wont work
[2011-04-08 11:45AM UTC] #fw <bluemimmo> i think if u place the key then its ok..
[2011-04-08 11:45AM UTC] #fw <Morenomdz> "Ctrl F5 key, Set Modder mode backup directory, clear folder to disable it" what does it do, I dont get it?
[2011-04-08 11:45AM UTC] #fw <Delaware> sqallw I did ask that some mins before and people laughed at me.. its better not to ask.
[2011-04-08 11:46AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> What is benefit reading 0225 drive ?

[2011-04-08 11:46AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> wont work
RAW UPDATE 12:03PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 11:56AM UTC] #fw <sultan_> hi
[2011-04-08 11:56AM UTC] #fw <emrah132> yes awesome!!
[2011-04-08 11:57AM UTC] #fw <emrah132> wait wwjfnet27 said power cord incomtible ?
[2011-04-08 11:57AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> thank you very much <wwJFnet27>
[2011-04-08 11:57AM UTC] #fw <sultan_> yes it,s
[2011-04-08 11:57AM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> yep
[2011-04-08 11:57AM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> power cord are the same
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> except slim one is well … slimmer
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <emrah132> so to clear everything up you can't use the fat xbox to power the slim?
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> the connector is not the same.
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> so no.
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <emrah132> ok
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <emrah132> tnx
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> nor is the power output
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> the connector s the same
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> no it's not.
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <Loco69> only 2 hours left from 9 monthes
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> oh never thought bout the output
[2011-04-08 11:58AM UTC] #fw <Zellcorp> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX4MJqlq6aI&NR=1
[2011-04-08 11:59AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> slim has a weird plug with 2 giant round things. PHAT xbox has a square plug
[2011-04-08 11:59AM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> i plugged my fat power cord into clim drive it was fine
[2011-04-08 11:59AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> sciswinl answer is true
[2011-04-08 11:59AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> http://images.excheap.com/imagecache/Fat-Power-Adaptor-to-Slim-Console-Transf49049696.jpg <- adapter
[2011-04-08 11:59AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> We are talking about console no drive
[2011-04-08 11:59AM UTC] #fw <Mellu> just buy a ck3 lite saves the hassle
[2011-04-08 11:59AM UTC] #fw <sultan_> i have qwz about andrado system
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> oh LOL
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> nah
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> lool
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> raja de aca
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <emrah132> i am talking about the drive not the xbox
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> i meant the drive!!!
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> wow… lol
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> power drive is the same on all drives
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <emrah132> ok
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> be more specific. power cable is the same indeed.
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <emrah132> tnx
[2011-04-08 12:00PM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> ok hahaha!
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> dvd drive power cable
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> you CAN power the drive from the old xbox … i think
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <emrah132> haha
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <Morenomdz> can I plug on you?
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> yes you can power the drive from an old fat xbox
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet27> Better is CK3 power
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <Mellu> what about power cycle?
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <emrah132> nice!
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> hahaha
[2011-04-08 12:01PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> power cycle, if you built a pmt or have a probe 3, use your on/off button/switch otherwise unplug the power cable/replug
[2011-04-08 12:02PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> dvd power cable. not xbox.

[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> From NFO -
[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> New protection measures for slim:
RAW UPDATE 12:03PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <Mellu> hey c4eva
[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <MKFAN> fake c4eva? or real?
[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> c4eva – are you work on cfw 0225 now?
[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> let him finish ffs
[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <Jimmy31_> Hail the king

[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> Realtime checks of drive firmware and ram by dashboard
RAW UPDATE 12:03PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> i know!

[2011-04-08 12:03PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> Hardware flash modification check
RAW UPDATE 12:04PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <bmw_nor> Did the new dash update overwrite the key somehow?
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> prepair yourselves….

[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> Slim drive locked to read pressed game discs only
RAW UPDATE 12:05PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <ringo182> wow
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <firmware1> c4eva_, slim 9504 firmware will release today?
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <Mosquito> yep
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> yes
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <Mellu> shh
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> read topic
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> quiet. all of you.
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <Jimmy31_> Let him finish
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <Loco69> in less than 115 minutes
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> for the 1000000000000 time yes
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <TX839K1ll> does that mean its possible they added the checks to the phat xbox aswell
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <Loco69> :)
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> ffs
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> is there a channel for iphone warez?
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <ringo182> and c4 u beat those check
[2011-04-08 12:04PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> wtf does quiet mean. you all need to go back to school.
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> continue on c4eva
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <LyNDe> c4eva_ what about 0800 firmware?
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <QS> #ipa
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <emrah132> (this is so intense)
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> good question 0800
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> continue on c4eva

[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> Rootkit technology used to pass several realtime check types. These checks on the drive are open ended so as to make replay of the answers impossible. Will pass any check on any part of the drive
RAW UPDATE 12:06PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <bigd25x> will there be a way to go on with standard dual layer disk burning after the new dash update?
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> im drooling at the moment
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <shadoN> wow dont understand anything you guys are saying
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <shadoN> high level shit
[2011-04-08 12:05PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> continue on c4eva
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> this is not rocket sciense.
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> keep it coming c4e!

[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> The 1335 chip performs a hardware check on powerup for modified firmware. Chip fooled into thinking firmware is stock
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[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> science even
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> .-)
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <Mellu> haha thats nice
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <shadoN> nice
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> fool the chip c4eva!
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <firmware1> what is 1335 chip?
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> :-)
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <Sleepy2> lol firmware1
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <ello2> c4eva do we need some certain chipset for 0225 or most commonly used chipsets nforce, via, intel will work?
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <PeRgo> shut up!

[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> Enabled reading of DVD R DL media for game discs
RAW UPDATE 12:07PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <ringo182> cool
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <bigd25x> GREAT!
[2011-04-08 12:06PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> the walls have been breached. the emperor is on his knee's.
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <Loco69> c4eva is it true only two hours left?
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> rad topic

[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> All features of current LT also included
RAW UPDATE 12:07PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> thats what i want to hear :-)
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <shadoN> c4eva are you currently working on the new beta dashboard update?
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <lewikenzi> NICE!!!
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <bigd25x> What size of data will the new microsoft game disks hold?
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> indeed President.
[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <Sleepy2> shadoN: DB is beta!

[2011-04-08 12:07PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process
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[2011-04-08 12:08PM UTC] #fw <mib_iuulx> @shadon may he have a real life too ? :-)
[2011-04-08 12:08PM UTC] #fw <dr|zoid> heh leave c4eva some REAL Life !
[2011-04-08 12:08PM UTC] #fw <loftY> some fresh air
[2011-04-08 12:08PM UTC] #fw <loftY> :)
[2011-04-08 12:08PM UTC] #fw <President> LOL
[2011-04-08 12:08PM UTC] #fw <loftY> away from newbies
[2011-04-08 12:08PM UTC] #fw <loftY> :P

[2011-04-08 12:09PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their generous support to this project.
RAW UPDATE 12:12PM UTC — Show unedited context preceding the line below »
[2011-04-08 12:09PM UTC] #fw <loftY> thank you sir
[2011-04-08 12:10PM UTC] #fw <Loco69> thanks to you all
[2011-04-08 12:10PM UTC] #fw <mgrover> can I talk now?
[2011-04-08 12:10PM UTC] #fw <blakey8> many thanks indeed!
[2011-04-08 12:10PM UTC] #fw <mgrover> yay I can
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <segobi> Ersatzstromquelle ?
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <blakey8> yes chan was muted while c4eva spoke
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <xinsizion> This is off topic, but will you still be working on ps3 firmware?
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <blakey8> so we didnt all burst in and start talking to him lol
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <foodle> 100% hands to C4eva_ and the jungle flasher team :clap:
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <mgrover> lol
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> he said before he'll work on ps3 fw in the future i believe.
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <LordX2> c4eva , idea to spoof/hex 9504 cfw for 0225 is possible ?
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <xinsizion> Ok
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> focus is on x360
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <foodle> and team X for the great kit to do the job :bow:
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <xinsizion> Just curious
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <rino2> thanks to c4eva and jungle team
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <Delaware> Sounds like FW gets released now, are these the last words ?
[2011-04-08 12:11PM UTC] #fw <firmware1> can we talk now, lol
[2011-04-08 12:12PM UTC] #fw <TX839K1ll> thanks c4eva_ for the update
[2011-04-08 12:12PM UTC] #fw <bigd25x> some of you guys are very annoying asking him questions already answered trying to get the important ones out as we can lol
[2011-04-08 12:12PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> thank you and the team that contributed to the project
[2011-04-08 12:12PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> never let the scene down
[2011-04-08 12:12PM UTC] #fw <afaik_> as always
[2011-04-08 12:12PM UTC] #fw <Crum> HELLO! I live in the City of Atlanta in the State of Georgia in the United States of America on planet Earth in the Sol solar system in the Vega group of the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way, in the Virgo galactic group of the Universe.

[2011-04-08 12:12PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> lord:no

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  1. avatar Wanderley says:


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  2. avatar Toun says:

    Thank you C4Eva

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  3. avatar Guebs Indignado com esse FDP! says:

    We are always giving time to c4eva. We've been waiting for more than 5 months so, I guess, 2 more months will make no difference.

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  4. avatar brutwurst says:

    bulls**t, the bot they catch the comments from him to post here checks his hostmask, and nobody can fake this hostmask from c4eva… This is the real c4eva

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  5. avatar Rambo182 says:

    Ngentot lo anjing semua wkwkkwkw

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  6. avatar hustler says:

    the panic is started now.
    but i think the solution will came out on time
    dont waste the time on this s h i t
    hope to see 0225 fw as soon as possible

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  7. avatar hustler says:

    thats c4 , Don’t attention that underline

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  8. avatar Shark24(9504) says:

    It is real? or "c4eva_" is not c4eva?

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  9. avatar Borland says:

    Да, а когда ждать 0225?

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  10. avatar Borland says:

    Fake c4eva? – :D DDD

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