c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-09 #fw)

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[2011-04-08 11:58PM UTC] #fw <Neo-Phyte> ? list
[2011-04-08 11:58PM UTC] #fw <warbeast> i dont use any cfw fuck that shit im happy with jtag and as for fat compability issues right now all work with via so thanks for backing up my point
[2011-04-08 11:59PM UTC] #fw <apathy> DICK FIGHT DICK FIGHT
[2011-04-08 11:59PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> whip em out boys, go tow ork
[2011-04-09 12:00AM UTC] #fw <dobbs> ok i done my donate to jf
[2011-04-09 12:00AM UTC] #fw <jonasty> lies
[2011-04-09 12:01AM UTC] #fw <dobbs> nope
[2011-04-09 12:01AM UTC] #fw <STAFFO> warbeast: You said they removed via compatibilty from jungleflasher.. lol
[2011-04-09 12:01AM UTC] #fw <STAFFO> Idiot.
[2011-04-09 12:02AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> oh fw released
[2011-04-09 12:02AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> didnt even realize
[2011-04-09 12:02AM UTC] #fw <dobbs> Description: JF Net
[2011-04-09 12:02AM UTC] #fw <heyheyhey> what does that mean by beta preview dash atm-non ap2.5 games not booting?
[2011-04-09 12:03AM UTC] #fw <dobbs> 9 Apr 2011 Donation To JF Net Completed … -ᆲ5.70 EUR
[2011-04-09 12:03AM UTC] #fw <SOL> non ap25 games are booting
[2011-04-09 12:03AM UTC] #fw <SOL> not
[2011-04-09 12:03AM UTC] #fw <JohnnyX> even on hitachi?
[2011-04-09 12:03AM UTC] #fw <SOL> means any game that doesn't have ap25 which is all but 6 are not booting
[2011-04-09 12:03AM UTC] #fw <SOL> but if you put your drive to stock and have key and re-flash then they work
[2011-04-09 12:04AM UTC] #fw <OCybress> sorry dumb questions whats the latest fw for VAD6038?
[2011-04-09 12:04AM UTC] #fw <SOL> it won't concern anyone for awhile yet thouh
[2011-04-09 12:04AM UTC] #fw <dobbs> mr crix u got ur donate mush
[2011-04-09 12:04AM UTC] #fw <SOL> OCybress: add that question to google, will direct you to the appopriate fw page
[2011-04-09 12:04AM UTC] #fw <OCybress> thanks
[2011-04-09 12:04AM UTC] #fw <unitsolid> stupid question, is the x360usb pro out yet
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <Mokki> yes
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <STAFFO> Short answer, yes
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <warbeast> twist it all you want ur the one that seems to think a usb to sata that is supported by jf must have some black magic going on usb to sata isnt better then via its only been supported by jf and it seems they wont support via the fact that it has xecuter logo doesnt give it dark powers lol
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <SOL> why would they have drivers out
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <unitsolid> where can i buy it
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <yourmum> yeah x360 pro is out
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <SOL> if it wasnt' out :P
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <suca> firmware for slim has been released?
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <SOL> says in the topic
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <SOL> | ? list | Slim LT 9504 fw released! | http://c4evaspeaks.com | Beware Beta Preview Dash ATM-non ap2.5 games not booting/etc |
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <suca> how do i read topic
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <suca> ok thanks
[2011-04-09 12:05AM UTC] #fw <STAFFO> warbeast: Your stating a lot of stuff like you know me.. You have a magic crystal ball? Please polish it, cuz it aint working :)
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <frodiddy> where can we download it
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <SOL> usual places
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <suca> newzbin has it
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <apathy> If you're too dumb to find it
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <apathy> You don't deserve it
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <arana> someone can recommend a good reballing biz in spain?
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <SOL> suca: it's my post :P
[2011-04-09 12:06AM UTC] #fw <cablenut> if you wait 8 weeks i will be over there doing it lol
[2011-04-09 12:07AM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> http://www.computerandvideogames.com/297256/news/commodore-64-is-reborn-new-system-out-june/
[2011-04-09 12:07AM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> c4eva … where you at! Get one NOW!
[2011-04-09 12:07AM UTC] #fw <STAFFO> Im getting one 4sure

[2011-04-09 12:07AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> i will :)
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[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <nemsis698> yes some 4gb have 9504 mine has
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <GodAnubis> jul 10
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <DTF> use a difeernt xbox to power the drive
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <GodAnubis> dtf, no i dont :
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <DTF> shity
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> yeah im screwed 9.21
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <demon1300> DTF, i would tend to agree about how easy the appear to be
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #fw <MrWatson> so the game i'm backuping is on the verge of breaking, small cracks you know, usable online?
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #fw <demon1300> provided you don't switch it off when it writes the few bits when reading the key
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> lol @ MrBGA
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> u suck
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #fw <GodAnubis> well
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> gamerlife, Yo mama's so short she can play handball on the curb.
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #fw <rackie> if i have the ck3 pro rev D and probe 2.1 would i be able to use that on the slim liteon?
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #fw <GodAnubis> how bad is it if i power it using the xbox, considering i rarly play online (probbly never)
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #fw <DTF> dont needthe probe
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #fw <demon1300> its all software now
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #fw <rackie> :D
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #fw <demon1300> only need a x360usb or via card and jungleflasher
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> MrBGA..ur mama is so short she has to cuff her underwear
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #fw <rackie> amazing
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <demon1300> and a ck3 or xtractor if you wan to power the drive easily
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> gamerlife, Yo mama has one ear and has to take off her hat to hear what you're saying.
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <GodAnubis> anyone ? :
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> that was stupid
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <rackie> well, i don't own a slim yet…but i'm sure that drive revision is difficult to come by now if you haven't boughten one already, correct?
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <DTF> yes
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> yep
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <DTF> ur sol
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #fw <DTF> outted
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <DTF> fawked
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <rackie> a few friends of mine got the slim at launch, i'll talk to them tomorrow :)
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> yo moaama so dumb she got hit by a parked car
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <DTF> be like yo
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <DTF> i can mod it
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> gamerlife, You might be a RedNeck if, Your grandfather completely executes the "pull my finger" trick at the family reunion.
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <DTF> get it home swap game saves and shit to ur box and trade em
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <GodAnubis> so guys, if i use my xbox to power on the drive – considering i dont intend playing online – how bad is it ?
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #fw <DTF> they will never know
[2011-04-09 06:24AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> lol..my dad would just let it rip
[2011-04-09 06:24AM UTC] #fw <rackie> thanks for the help guys :)
[2011-04-09 06:25AM UTC] #fw <DTF> i have 2 slims . 1 4g and 1 kinect bundlle
[2011-04-09 06:25AM UTC] #fw <DTF> i have 1 of each drive
[2011-04-09 06:27AM UTC] #fw <DTF> i read that some of the 0225 drives had 9054 stickers ? do you think that maybe some of the 0225 might be 9054s?
[2011-04-09 06:28AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> MrBGA, ima send u that jtag prob monday
[2011-04-09 06:28AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> wel both actually
[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> ima watercool this falcon
[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> jtagger
[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> nice

[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
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[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> hi
[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #fw <Neo-> hello c4 how are you
[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> sup
[2011-04-09 06:30AM UTC] #fw <Lagerhowe> thx for the new fw!
[2011-04-09 06:31AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> hey c4,thx for the fw

[2011-04-09 06:31AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> all good!
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[2011-04-09 06:31AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> hello c4eva. god work
[2011-04-09 06:32AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> helping people doing there 9504 now :)
[2011-04-09 06:32AM UTC] #fw <chris345> thanks 4 the fw c4 exerlent work
[2011-04-09 06:33AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> never thought it could be this easy to write in
[2011-04-09 06:33AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> c4eva thannks to you and the team, once again ;-)
[2011-04-09 06:33AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> the beta is a gift for you from microsoft?
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <werme> how is 0225 drive coming along?
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> :)
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> why send beta 6 monts before
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> ?
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> u hear me about the jtags
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> yeah
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Thermaltake-Aquarius-II-VGA-Waterblock-CL-W0038-/170363181813?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27aa6fdaf5#ht_2766wt_964
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> k
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> and the new disk format
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> check out those blocks
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> cheap
[2011-04-09 06:35AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> wow nice
[2011-04-09 06:35AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> with 2 radiators and a delta pump
[2011-04-09 06:35AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> under 100 total
[2011-04-09 06:35AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> microsoft wants you start to work in their new protection
[2011-04-09 06:36AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> im using using the 959t now
[2011-04-09 06:36AM UTC] #fw <MrBGA> good stuff im runnign low
[2011-04-09 06:36AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> is very rare
[2011-04-09 06:36AM UTC] #fw <gamerlife> that is a good deal
[2011-04-09 06:36AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> C4eva, k3rn3l said no via or nforce write for 0225, any news on write solution as yet
[2011-04-09 06:36AM UTC] #fw <werme> will 0225 need hardware to flash?
[2011-04-09 06:37AM UTC] #fw <matr|x> morninnnnnnnnnng
[2011-04-09 06:37AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> or maybe you ned cut some parts of thedrive
[2011-04-09 06:38AM UTC] #fw <redeath> http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=730293
[2011-04-09 06:38AM UTC] #fw <redeath> shit
[2011-04-09 06:40AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> redeath dont worry about tath
[2011-04-09 06:41AM UTC] #fw <nemsis698> am wondering how long before first noob bricks his drive
[2011-04-09 06:43AM UTC] #fw <Odin___> ! list
[2011-04-09 06:43AM UTC] #fw <Odin___> ? list
[2011-04-09 06:44AM UTC] #fw <Odin___> ? firmware
[2011-04-09 06:44AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> c4eva do you tink Microsoft want challenge you with new ap
[2011-04-09 06:45AM UTC] #fw <Odin___> ? ixtreme
[2011-04-09 06:45AM UTC] #fw <Odin___> ? releases
[2011-04-09 06:46AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> lite on cant brick
[2011-04-09 06:46AM UTC] #fw <masterman> hg
[2011-04-09 06:46AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> its can erase and write once

[2011-04-09 06:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ap not a problem
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[2011-04-09 06:47AM UTC] #fw <nemsis698> yes but just wait for a noob to put power cable in upside down and fry it
[2011-04-09 06:48AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> C4eva, k3rn3l said no via or nforce write for 0225, any news on write solution as yet
[2011-04-09 06:48AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> ok sit down and wait
[2011-04-09 06:49AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH2PPVPDVBg WINNING!

[2011-04-09 06:50AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> nothing to release at present!
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[2011-04-09 06:50AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> ok thx
[2011-04-09 06:50AM UTC] #fw <nemsis698> thanks for 9504 c4eva good work
[2011-04-09 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> Thannks to you and the team, once again ;-)
[2011-04-09 06:51AM UTC] #fw <Usuario-X> what is the next to 0225. the firmware or the write solution?
[2011-04-09 06:52AM UTC] #fw <TehPabz> who the fuck is this dude spamming me…
[2011-04-09 06:52AM UTC] #fw <SiDs> the write solution will come with the firmware i guess

[2011-04-09 06:52AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> working on 0225!

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40 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-09 #fw) (Including 5 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar GoGoBoy says:

    Where is 0225? D:

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  2. avatar Yellow says:

    Great Job C4!!!! expecting 0225 fw soon

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  3. avatar A Very Sad Guy says:

    Nice work C4! But, when start the test of 0225?

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  4. avatar VBDamager says:

    Such amazin news)) Thnx c4eva! How canna download n use it? Anybody gotta some guide?

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  5. avatar majdeddin says:

    Thanks C4, great job, thank you very much. But how to download it?

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  6. avatar TwinCities360 says:

    Finally!!!! Yay!

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  7. avatar juanitopel says:

    He aint see this, but wtf THANKS C4EEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!

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  8. avatar Santy says:

    Hello c4eva Don’t have an approximate date for the release 0225? Thanks

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  9. avatar nicoda says:

    el 0225 esta en pruebas o todavía esta en proceso de programación? demorara todo lo que demoro el 9504?

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  10. avatar hustler says:

    thanks c4
    but like the other , i need 0225 too

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