c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-09 #maximuslizard)

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[2011-04-09 06:07AM UTC] #maximuslizard <xpack> where in winhex will you see that its a 9504 or 0255?
[2011-04-09 06:07AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> on right whn u open bin
[2011-04-09 06:07AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> when*
[2011-04-09 06:09AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> when you open the inquiry.bin
[2011-04-09 06:09AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> in winhex
[2011-04-09 06:10AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> but not see with .bin file
[2011-04-09 06:10AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> what .bin files as there are many differnt ones
[2011-04-09 06:10AM UTC] #maximuslizard <xpack> ah I see, thanks, I'll have to make it a habit to check just to make sure. Isn't that a pretty big error in jungleflasher if its not checking the inquiry?
[2011-04-09 06:10AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> yes it is
[2011-04-09 06:11AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> when you read the original.bin
[2011-04-09 06:11AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> as I told you before JF dumps completely differnt you need there decryption key to read
[2011-04-09 06:11AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> ill stay away from jf
[2011-04-09 06:12AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> yup
[2011-04-09 06:12AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> i mean really why use it if i own a lizard makes nosence
[2011-04-09 06:13AM UTC] #maximuslizard <xpack> Tell that to mib_96q79 lol I mean come on who uses jungleflasher to write with a lizard! DUH
[2011-04-09 06:13AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> like i said before im tenting with lizarn and x360
[2011-04-09 06:13AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> read its a hot mess http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=730293
[2011-04-09 06:15AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> xpack im testing
[2011-04-09 06:15AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> lol jump in jf and all i see are key issues
[2011-04-09 06:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> yes was watching how they jsut bash there customers
[2011-04-09 06:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> lol
[2011-04-09 06:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> new beta dash chanign DVD firmware to 0272
[2011-04-09 06:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=730292
[2011-04-09 06:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> funny there
[2011-04-09 06:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> lol
[2011-04-09 06:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> hot mess
[2011-04-09 06:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> wonder is the beta dash can now update drive firmware
[2011-04-09 06:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pavlak> it looks like that
[2011-04-09 06:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> whcih seems tru as the drive needs to read that new 9.5gb disc
[2011-04-09 06:18AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> hmmm ,,
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> so could make sence that 9504 was updated to 0225 on the fly
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> 9.5,,, i dont think so
[2011-04-09 06:19AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pavlak> but its some kind of bullSh1t , who believes they need extra 1gb it jus ta move to make things harder for scene :)
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> so games will be moved to 9.5gig?
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> my its 9504 and no change
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> most likely a new glitch in JF though
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> with update
[2011-04-09 06:20AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> lol
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> maybe,,lol
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> man that fatty make me fell right now
[2011-04-09 06:21AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> tihnk its about time for bed
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> maybe its better wait for c4eva
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> who knows whats to come so worst case we loose backups its was a fun ride for 5yrs
[2011-04-09 06:22AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> <mib_96q79> did you dump with lizard also?
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> yes
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> max would like to compare files fromt he JF OFW and what lizard gavve you
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> could you zip all the files and email to me
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_96q79> ok,,, gime me a min.
[2011-04-09 06:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> thx

[2011-04-09 06:28AM UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> :)
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[2011-04-09 06:29AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> ;-)
[2011-04-09 06:33AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> Any good movies out
[2011-04-09 06:34AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sQuallen> The Way back
[2011-04-09 06:37AM UTC] #maximuslizard <daboybk> oh wow c4eva is in here lol
[2011-04-09 06:37AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sQuallen> U don't get in IRC much do u?
[2011-04-09 06:38AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> so not even the lizard can retrieve the key from xbox after the beta update
[2011-04-09 06:38AM UTC] #maximuslizard <redeath> http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=730293
[2011-04-09 06:40AM UTC] #maximuslizard <daboybk> hey u gys whooch video u recommend is best for oprnin the 360 i seen 2 on youtube that they say went the long way
[2011-04-09 06:40AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_ezsym> Hi, its possibile to have a tutorial for firmware 9504 with lizar360?
[2011-04-09 06:40AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> video has been posted
[2011-04-09 06:41AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_ezsym> Thanks VGCrepair, where i can find it?
[2011-04-09 06:41AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> linked directly off the 360lizard.com website under news
[2011-04-09 06:41AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> http://youtu.be/El8NBTMyTQs
[2011-04-09 06:42AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_ezsym> Perfect, thank you again.
[2011-04-09 06:42AM UTC] #maximuslizard <daboybk> ok what bout to open
[2011-04-09 06:43AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> sarch for that on youtube also
[2011-04-09 06:43AM UTC] #maximuslizard <daboybk> 2 many horrible youtube vids which is best and easiest 2 open
[2011-04-09 06:43AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> I use the XCM X8 oprning kit
[2011-04-09 06:43AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> Wow stop spoon feeding vgc lol
[2011-04-09 06:43AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> super easy as fast
[2011-04-09 06:44AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Corim123> me too
[2011-04-09 06:44AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Corim123> hard to place them right though
[2011-04-09 06:44AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Corim123> at least for me
[2011-04-09 06:45AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> after a few consoles you know where they go
[2011-04-09 06:45AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> What's the kit price
[2011-04-09 06:46AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> i sell them at $15
[2011-04-09 06:46AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Panther42> K
[2011-04-09 06:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> hey is there a way to read the drive after beta dashboard updat
[2011-04-09 06:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> ?
[2011-04-09 06:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> I dont now, no ane has reported having new dash here
[2011-04-09 06:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <daboybk> i got opening kit but dont know where each go
[2011-04-09 06:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> lol then here is the first
[2011-04-09 06:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> youtube – search XCM X8
[2011-04-09 06:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> i tried both methods using the spear and scorpion and i cant retrieve key no more
[2011-04-09 06:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> you have a phat drive I take it
[2011-04-09 06:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> yea
[2011-04-09 06:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> liteon 7 series
[2011-04-09 06:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> if its flashed spear wont work anyway
[2011-04-09 06:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> and what happens with scorpion?
[2011-04-09 06:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> oh ok then there goes the spear lol ok with scorpion after the step where is says to remove the scorpion and turn off the lizard says read fail
[2011-04-09 06:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_ezsym> I have a question the file source_dummy.bin i don't have it… I have a Lite_cfw.bin whit the correct key..and i have extract key.bin My question is, its possible to spoof the file Lt plus 9504 whit the key.bin?
[2011-04-09 06:52AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> no
[2011-04-09 06:52AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> you mean turn off DVD drive not lizard

[2011-04-09 06:52AM UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> mib:it wont dump unless you mra! :)
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[2011-04-09 06:53AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> that not possible unless the console is writting to the DVD drive
[2011-04-09 06:53AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> yup i meant drive

[2011-04-09 06:53AM UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> beta dash flashes drive!
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[2011-04-09 06:54AM UTC] #maximuslizard <xpack> thanks for confirming c4eva
[2011-04-09 06:54AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> hmmmmmmmm, I can see it but I just have a hard time beliving the console can write area of the drive
[2011-04-09 06:55AM UTC] #maximuslizard <El_Gringo> Thanks c4eva
[2011-04-09 06:55AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> microsoft reflashed my xbox for free lol thanks c4eva
[2011-04-09 06:55AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> so c4eva i need to do mra hack to retrieve key?
[2011-04-09 06:56AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> send me your drive
[2011-04-09 06:56AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> me??
[2011-04-09 06:56AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> let me try and if not I will MRA dump it, just pay shipping both ways
[2011-04-09 06:56AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> yes you
[2011-04-09 06:56AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> well, lol are you in the US ?
[2011-04-09 06:56AM UTC] #maximuslizard <xpack> mib you can't read your phat dvd drive using the scorpion?
[2011-04-09 06:57AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> ok sure. Yea im in the US. Also in california. xpack yup after the update i cant get key anymore
[2011-04-09 06:57AM UTC] #maximuslizard <hioi> so new dash flashes drive?
[2011-04-09 06:58AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_2ikxl> yes
[2011-04-09 06:58AM UTC] #maximuslizard <hioi> so no matter what they can flash ofw back to drive?
[2011-04-09 06:58AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Massi> Its possible in Lt plus 9504 the manual spoof with only key.bin?

[2011-04-09 06:58AM UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva> you can flash it back again!

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65 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-09 #maximuslizard) (Including 12 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Borland says:

    c4eva 0225 please :wink:

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  2. avatar Аноним says:

    Да , раскрыв в надежде увидеть привод 9504 у себя , всё таки попался мне 0225 :)

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  3. avatar GoDhAnD says:

    thank you very much c4eva! Now i must play all the games, i've downloaded in the last months. 0_o bye!. THANK YOU!!! I LOVE U MAN!!!!

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  4. thans c4eva for flash, you a big boy :p

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  5. avatar stillks says:

    I can not flash!!!HELP!!!

    Authorised !
    Confirming sector 0x3E000.
    Stage 2 failed
    Stage 1 failed
    Read Failed !

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  6. avatar onion says:

    can i go online (xbox live) after 9504 flash?

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  7. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    Hope its not to long for 0225fw to finnish:) still manny with that drive…

    Keep upp c4eva

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  8. avatar JudgeDredd says:

    More ppl with 0225 than 9504 out there…pls hurry with the FW…c4eva….cant wait!!!!!!

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  9. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    Onion: You can go live but run all your games to abgx before burning and playing

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  10. avatar Russian says:

    Somebody can help to define a drive 2010-08-25

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