c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-10 #fw)

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[2011-04-10 06:15AM UTC] #fw <Log> shut up redeath
[2011-04-10 06:15AM UTC] #fw <Log> what HDD ?
[2011-04-10 06:15AM UTC] #fw <findways> and i cant figure out how to uncorrupt a profile with JTAG
[2011-04-10 06:15AM UTC] #fw <findways> 120gb xbox hdd
[2011-04-10 06:15AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> What size nand
[2011-04-10 06:15AM UTC] #fw <Log> ah
[2011-04-10 06:16AM UTC] #fw <findways> 16mb i think
[2011-04-10 06:16AM UTC] #fw <findways> doesnt really matter
[2011-04-10 06:17AM UTC] #fw <Log> can't help ya mate
[2011-04-10 06:17AM UTC] #fw <Log> sorry
[2011-04-10 06:17AM UTC] #fw <findways> what's the jtag channel
[2011-04-10 06:17AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Freebooters
[2011-04-10 06:17AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Freebooters
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <findways> what
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Oh I hate this auto correction shit god damn it
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Freeboot
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <findways> is there another one?
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <findways> that one doesnt let you talk about shit
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <Log> turn auto correct off redeath
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> I would but it's helping me spell
[2011-04-10 06:18AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> :p
[2011-04-10 06:19AM UTC] #fw <Log> …
[2011-04-10 06:19AM UTC] #fw <Log> use google to "find a way" findways
[2011-04-10 06:20AM UTC] #fw <findways> usually find ways by bothering other people
[2011-04-10 06:20AM UTC] #fw <Log> lol i'm not sure what the channel is and noone else here is chatting
[2011-04-10 06:20AM UTC] #fw <Log> so you might wanna hi google
[2011-04-10 06:20AM UTC] #fw <Log> hit
[2011-04-10 06:20AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> High chair and a bib
[2011-04-10 06:20AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> For the spoon-feeding
[2011-04-10 06:21AM UTC] #fw <findways> yea, ur retarded
[2011-04-10 06:21AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Who ?
[2011-04-10 06:21AM UTC] #fw <findways> u
[2011-04-10 06:21AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Findways
[2011-04-10 06:21AM UTC] #fw <findways> yes sir
[2011-04-10 06:22AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> You sucked any good cock lately
[2011-04-10 06:22AM UTC] #fw <findways> NO!!!!!
[2011-04-10 06:22AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Come in you can tell me
[2011-04-10 06:22AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> Don't be shy
[2011-04-10 06:25AM UTC] #fw <redeath_> That shut ya up
[2011-04-10 06:28AM UTC] #fw <matr|x> ave
[2011-04-10 06:28AM UTC] #fw <nDaWFiN> is there tu for wwe allstars?
[2011-04-10 06:31AM UTC] #fw <badmon> firmware
[2011-04-10 06:31AM UTC] #fw <badmon> ? firmware
[2011-04-10 06:39AM UTC] #fw <crisdo98> it's mental that the new dash flashes the dvd drive!
[2011-04-10 06:40AM UTC] #fw <crisdo98> I just read that 0225 firmware is being flashed to 9504 via new beta dash.. doesn't make sense though.. i don't think it's true.. can anyone comment.. I was reading it here http://www.xbox360-hacks.com/2011/04/09/xgd3-beta-dashboards-capable-of-reflashing-drives-slim-liteon-0272-firmware-surfaces/
[2011-04-10 06:43AM UTC] #fw <Log> it's risky for MS to do this
[2011-04-10 06:43AM UTC] #fw <Log> they could brick peoples shit
[2011-04-10 06:43AM UTC] #fw <modfather> dunno
[2011-04-10 06:43AM UTC] #fw <modfather> maybe they found a better way to do it

[2011-04-10 06:44AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> cris:9504 is flashed to 0272 with beta, already looking at it! :)
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[2011-04-10 06:45AM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> anyone have the site to check lot number for the slims for what drive they "should" come with
[2011-04-10 06:45AM UTC] #fw <Log> what about 0225 C4?
[2011-04-10 06:45AM UTC] #fw <Log> is that also flashed?

[2011-04-10 06:45AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> no!
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[2011-04-10 06:45AM UTC] #fw <Log> hmm
[2011-04-10 06:45AM UTC] #fw <Log> that's weird

[2011-04-10 06:46AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> for obvious reasons!
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[2011-04-10 06:46AM UTC] #fw <Iriez> :)
[2011-04-10 06:46AM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> c4eva flashing saved firmware back onto drive will enable PMT method once again and enable backups

[2011-04-10 06:46AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello iriez!
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[2011-04-10 06:46AM UTC] #fw <Iriez> good afternoon!
[2011-04-10 06:46AM UTC] #fw <modfather> c4eva, can/will they flash all drives or only slim drives?
[2011-04-10 06:47AM UTC] #fw <ringo182> 0272&..damn m$
[2011-04-10 06:47AM UTC] #fw <Iriez> work, sleep, wake, work, sleep wake….
[2011-04-10 06:47AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs> http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60003 <— FlintTown
[2011-04-10 06:47AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> hey c4eva good work on the 9504

[2011-04-10 06:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> np!
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[2011-04-10 06:47AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> I don't even have one but I give credit where credit is due :)

[2011-04-10 06:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> currently beta dash will flash benq, phat liteons and slim 9504!
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[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <nemsis694> my 9504 works perfect thanks c4eva
[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <modfather> thank you.
[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <modfather> (thats bad)
[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <Iriez> Ugh
[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <Iriez> More hitachi :P
[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <Iriez> I feel your pain.
[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <Log> c4 it won't flash 0225 because it's locked??
[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> beta dash flashes the firmware of the drive ?

[2011-04-10 06:48AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hitachi is ignored!
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[2011-04-10 06:49AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> in fact good work on lt 1.1, period. :) I'm sure I'll be getting around to it sooner or later
[2011-04-10 06:49AM UTC] #fw <modfather> is the flashing for 8GB support or just security, and if you flash them back do you lose the 8GB support?
[2011-04-10 06:49AM UTC] #fw <|lucid|> sammy ignored too?

[2011-04-10 06:49AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> log:yes!
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[2011-04-10 06:49AM UTC] #fw <_wthell> is it for protection or for the new disc format?
[2011-04-10 06:50AM UTC] #fw <Log> how will the new disc format work on Hitachi, samsung and 0225 if they cannot flash the drive? … or will the new disc format work on all current fw's, and they're just flashing them to remove the CFW hack??
[2011-04-10 06:50AM UTC] #fw <modfather> it cant be for the new disc format because samsung and old hitachi will also have to support the new 8gb discs..
[2011-04-10 06:50AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> how does Rift comapre to Wow??
[2011-04-10 06:50AM UTC] #fw <_wthell> |lucid| some one on xbox-scene said their samsung was flashed dunno if its true or not.
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> Is rift as long term fun as wow yet?

[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> wthell:unsure maybe, could be just ensure stock drive for xgd3 testing, will know more soon!
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[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <modfather> lol wow.
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> WOW is awful :P
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> yeah
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> but you can get hooked on wow
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> i like wow
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> no you can't, its gay….
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> but i dont' want to play it anymore
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> PvE all day :P
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> but Rift looked to have superior gravphs
[2011-04-10 06:51AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> I like soloing
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> but in public worlds
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> soloing at PvE? :P
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <modfather> easy question: if the beta dash flashes your drive, can it still be re-dumped? or do you have to reply on a previous dump
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <|lucid|> guess ill keep my sammy offline for a bit longer
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <Log> i don't understand how their new disc format will work if they cannot flash current 0225 drives to support it
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <ChzQuake> I am playing Dragon Age 2
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <_wthell> depends on the drive modfather.
[2011-04-10 06:52AM UTC] #fw <modfather> how so

[2011-04-10 06:53AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> modfather:all will be supported if used outsie beta, will wait and see!
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[2011-04-10 06:54AM UTC] #fw <Log> lol im confused
[2011-04-10 06:54AM UTC] #fw <Log> good work on all this C4eva :) you da bomb. Can't wait for 0225 hehe
[2011-04-10 06:55AM UTC] #fw <_wthell> http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?s=38852edb6423172857bf7aa64d1e26af&showtopic=730251&st=75# < post where someone said there samsung was flashed
[2011-04-10 06:55AM UTC] #fw <Chunin> does that new dash flash fw in every drive, even the ones used in fat xbox's?
[2011-04-10 06:56AM UTC] #fw <modfather> liteon and benq also
[2011-04-10 06:56AM UTC] #fw <Chunin> or is it only slim
[2011-04-10 06:56AM UTC] #fw <Log> phat also
[2011-04-10 06:56AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> how on earth do they flash liteons over sata?
[2011-04-10 06:57AM UTC] #fw <Corrupted> wow
[2011-04-10 06:57AM UTC] #fw <Chunin> so this is what renders all the backups useless, new fw?
[2011-04-10 06:57AM UTC] #fw <skam–> how on earth dont you think that is possible/
[2011-04-10 06:57AM UTC] #fw <Corrupted> nah it's just a game
[2011-04-10 06:58AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> I guess if its just to write, but how it doesn't overwrite the key etc heh
[2011-04-10 06:58AM UTC] #fw <givnik> the box should know its own key pairings
[2011-04-10 06:58AM UTC] #fw <badmon> ? firmware
[2011-04-10 06:58AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> true
[2011-04-10 06:58AM UTC] #fw <badmon> ? list
[2011-04-10 06:59AM UTC] #fw <modfather> Proppa, i think part of the problem is, the key is in a different location

[2011-04-10 06:59AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> there is no problem in dumping/key extraction for any of the new fw from beta dash!already looked at them all! will wait and see what is used for public release!
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[2011-04-10 09:40PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> so it wouldnt be possible to block it
[2011-04-10 09:40PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> and if that was the case you would need to reflash anyways
[2011-04-10 09:40PM UTC] #fw <madmick> true
[2011-04-10 09:41PM UTC] #fw <madmick> its gonna gt busy in my house flashing every 1 boxes for the next 6 months :-)
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <Pescueso1> ShagNastY assuming that beta dash is what they use final
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <zomer> Hey, will the 0225 also be flashale with the CK3?
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <Pescueso1> which it may not be
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> no
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> 0225 neds 0225 so far
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> 0225 needs x360usb
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <zomer> Ok.
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <Neo-Phyte> ? list
[2011-04-10 09:42PM UTC] #fw <Pescueso1> and some satas can flash it also
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> the beta is still a heads up
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> some yes
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> but not nforce or via
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <zomer> I'm on a intel chipset i think.
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> it might work
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> too early to say
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <KASS> booerns, no nforce or via working for 0225… bunk
[2011-04-10 09:43PM UTC] #fw <foundmy> zomer: no idea …
[2011-04-10 09:44PM UTC] #fw <zomer> Well i'm thinking of putting my xbox back together, cause i have no idea how long it will take.
[2011-04-10 09:44PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> noone does
[2011-04-10 09:52PM UTC] #fw <bonkers22> quick question guys, iam using the 360 to power my drive, i know its not the recommended way, was curious, when it asks me to power off the drive, whats the best way to accomplish this? Yank the power from the back on the 360 quickly, or quikly unplug the power to the drive itself? or hitting the front power button?
[2011-04-10 09:52PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> i would yank power myself
[2011-04-10 09:53PM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> its the power cable on thedrive itself dnt use power from
[2011-04-10 09:53PM UTC] #fw <bonkers22> ok
[2011-04-10 09:53PM UTC] #fw <bonkers22> ive been just yakin the power from the 360
[2011-04-10 09:53PM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> no dont
[2011-04-10 09:53PM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> hah
[2011-04-10 09:54PM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> you only ned to losen it out a fraction
[2011-04-10 09:54PM UTC] #fw <bonkers22> ah
[2011-04-10 09:54PM UTC] #fw <bonkers22> ok
[2011-04-10 09:55PM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> ive had no problems powering from 360 done about 20 on my main 360 different drives as well
[2011-04-10 09:58PM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> how can we check what drive the slim has without opening
[2011-04-10 09:58PM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63164 …what slim drive have I
[2011-04-10 09:58PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> this isnt concrete though
[2011-04-10 09:58PM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> close as you can get but cant gaurantee 100%
[2011-04-10 10:01PM UTC] #fw <Juvenal> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3-6XbSSSV4
[2011-04-10 10:07PM UTC] #fw <iHack13> can someone tell me the advantages of x360usb pro compared to a cheap compatible sata card
[2011-04-10 10:08PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> x360usb = no random pc restarts
[2011-04-10 10:08PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> no taking aspart pc
[2011-04-10 10:08PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> no worries about compatible chipsets
[2011-04-10 10:09PM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> is the only way you can mod the 9504 is with the xbox360usb?
[2011-04-10 10:09PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> no
[2011-04-10 10:09PM UTC] #fw <iHack13> do I still have to worry about chipsets if I get a sata card with the via 6421
[2011-04-10 10:09PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> sata chipsets are compatible
[2011-04-10 10:09PM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> but not all
[2011-04-10 10:09PM UTC] #fw <iHack13> I'm fine with opening the pc

[2011-04-10 10:10PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> http://team-xecuter.com/9504_speedtest/ – thats funny!

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52 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-10 #fw) (Including 10 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar hustler says:

    what is this update?
    when it release?

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  2. avatar ZeRG says:

    oh.. did c4 stop 0225 hacking? :(

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    • avatar c4 0225 says:

      i absoulotly hope not or else that would extremely suck
      if so just release what you have
      xgd3 wont be till atleast 6-9 months from now
      so if c4 will work on beta they will change it so we lose all either way

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  3. avatar Borland says:

    Чо ты гонишь чтоле

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  4. avatar Im olivagyok says:

    My question is: we can only with USB Pro reading/writing the 0225 drive,when the LT+ is out comming?or can we make the flash whit normaly SATA PORT?

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  5. avatar VBDamager says:

    I just PHlashed 9504, everythin looks good! Very B thnx C4eva, TX, TJ, all of u!!! :D

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  6. avatar Im olivagyok says:

    I am wery happy,but I dont have answer my question. :-(

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  7. avatar Tomas says:


    i was looked at my dvd drive . it's manufactured july 2010 and FW version is 9504. but………. when i connect the drive to jungle flasher is shows that the FW is 0225!!!!!!! what it can be? wtf…

    also when i press slim key or slim unlock it shows:

    Sending Vendor Intro to port 0xDC00
    Status 0×51
    Re-sending Vendor Intro:
    Device Intro failed!

    SlimKey extraction failed!

    so I need help guys, what can it be? or I'm just not able to flash the drive?

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  8. avatar Comrad says:

    MDF RATE OF MY CONSOLE IS 04.08.10! AT THE TOP OF CONSOLE WHEN I OPENED IT THERE wAS A yellow exit, not orange, it is a 0225 or 9504?! Sory for english!

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  9. avatar drumm3r says:

    0225 FW feels like forever :(

    Cheers c4, plz don't forget abt us :D

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  10. avatar Anonymous says:

    i bought mine 2011 and it has the yellow dot , what do you guys think i got?

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