c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-11 #fw)

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[2011-04-11 02:33AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> tvs n consoles ;/
[2011-04-11 02:33AM UTC] #fw <boakun> which city is that
[2011-04-11 02:33AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> Shinjuku, Tokyo, Akihabara
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <boakun> …
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <boakun> shinjuku is in tokyo
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> ok
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> prefectures!
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <boakun> but i get what you mean
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <boakun> and yeah i agree
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <boakun> friend of mine lives in toyko and only has a laptop
[2011-04-11 02:34AM UTC] #fw <boakun> cause a desktop is too big for his place
[2011-04-11 02:35AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> there was this hotel place on tv, where the beds are layed out like Fifth Element's sleep pods
[2011-04-11 02:35AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> one room can hold about 20 people
[2011-04-11 02:35AM UTC] #fw <boakun> oh ya
[2011-04-11 02:35AM UTC] #fw <boakun> capsule hotels or smth
[2011-04-11 02:39AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> Fishcake hows the weather in ANC? it sucks ass in kenai, it was nice for a few days, thought it was going to be summer.
[2011-04-11 02:39AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> its sunny now
[2011-04-11 02:39AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> 40 degrees
[2011-04-11 02:39AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> everyone is coming out of their caves
[2011-04-11 02:39AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> i hate it
[2011-04-11 02:39AM UTC] #fw <boakun> why?
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> its windy and hella cold out snowing
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> i wouldn't stay in alaska if i didn't like winter
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> i cant wait to hike skyline and hilltop
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> this shit is for the birds
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> lol
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <boakun> winter is ok
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <boakun> for like 2 weeks
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> if i sit inside and copy any more games i will go insane
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> lol 2 weeks,
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> no doubt
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> try 8 months
[2011-04-11 02:40AM UTC] #fw <DukeNugem> haha
[2011-04-11 02:42AM UTC] #fw <Grandmast> im out ppl…laterz
[2011-04-11 02:43AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> i like cheese :)
[2011-04-11 02:46AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35)
[2011-04-11 02:46AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> i have the latest bios
[2011-04-11 02:47AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> but iam getting this on all pci devices i connect
[2011-04-11 02:47AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> anyone had this problem before?
[2011-04-11 02:47AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> elaborate more
[2011-04-11 02:47AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> well
[2011-04-11 02:47AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> i plugged 3 pci devices en, a wireless card, network card, and a via sata card
[2011-04-11 02:47AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> all of them recieve the same error
[2011-04-11 02:48AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> i cant update the driver cause that error comes up
[2011-04-11 02:48AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> and when i uninstall devices and scan for hardware changes they dont come back
[2011-04-11 02:48AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> i have to restart and switch the ports that the cards are in
[2011-04-11 02:49AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> then they appear back
[2011-04-11 02:49AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> but with the same error
[2011-04-11 02:53AM UTC] #fw <HowardSti> fuck me its probably time to reinstall windows

[2011-04-11 02:58AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> http://team-xecuter.com/9504_speedtest/ – the good old benny hill days!
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[2011-04-11 07:08AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> people will line up to buy from your store
[2011-04-11 07:08AM UTC] #fw <Junkdewd> thanks foundmy
[2011-04-11 07:08AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> since NO ONE was close.
[2011-04-11 07:08AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> you are welcome…
[2011-04-11 07:08AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> why bother commenting now
[2011-04-11 07:08AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> i wonder howlong the pogo mo thing has been known before i became public?
[2011-04-11 07:08AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> whats done is done
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> you said truth… its the truth…
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <ChopperEX> What's sad is if I didn't have the poor university student syndrome
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> noone cares if he capitalized on the solution. only you cause your bum hurts you didn't make money off it yourself
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <ChopperEX> I'd actually buy x360usb
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <ChopperEX> But I got ICH9
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> me too!
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> good for you
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> :)
[2011-04-11 07:09AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> oh me too! again lol
[2011-04-11 07:10AM UTC] #fw <Junkdewd> did anyone ever try any older backups with the beta dash a few days ago when it was the topic here to see if they worked, ones before ap25? I crashed and missed the outcome
[2011-04-11 07:10AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> ya vgc fucked me over too, i supplied him with psp unbricker before free tools came out and he couldnt afford it, i paid it for him, he made a shitload of money and contacts, then vgc even wanted the rights to USA market for the dvdkey decrypting… then well, kept screwing me over. that is team maximus …
[2011-04-11 07:10AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> well you left the door open
[2011-04-11 07:10AM UTC] #fw <Fishcake> who's vgc?
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> and he walked in and took it
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> vgc is vgcrepairs he is the guy taht runs team maximus now…
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> no he dont
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <[Shaolin]> this penis fight is getting boring
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <nTIC> you do?
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> hes the distrobution
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> mmm so much for working together
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> that is why redeath, maximus buddy couldnt get a lizard because vgc wont let him, and wouldnt let him on the resleller list.
[2011-04-11 07:11AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> where's the irc sheriff when you need him? President get back here!
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> i got stock
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> one time when his nazi'ism is needed.
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> now…
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> yep
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> not first batch, no prototypes…
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> not on reseller list…
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> dont worry
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <President> ok im here
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> vgc in control not maximus anymore.
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <President> who is playing up
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <redeaths> i get the best price
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <MatHazard> those with samsung drived and hitatchi non ap2.5 non dash update flashable say I
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <MatHazard> I
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> redeaths
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> haha he left
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <Junkdewd> not me, I was on topic but ignored :< :>
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> no one knows you have it. not on reseller list.
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <sciswin1> ty for hastey response President :)
[2011-04-11 07:12AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> please kick me i am to lazy to exit
[2011-04-11 07:13AM UTC] #fw <foundmy> what the fuck was that, he left. i was just telling the truth.

[2011-04-11 07:13AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> http://team-xecuter.com/9504_speedtest/ – the proof is in the pudding! :)

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85 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-11 #fw) (Including 7 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar metalliogre says:

    The Lizard has not reached full potential. I still got love for cklite so holla Team Xecuter.

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  2. avatar Saad.N says:

    Well i am not going to believe until i saw 0225

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  3. avatar Sherjee says:

    ha haaaa! that's video is funny :P

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  4. avatar Sherjee says:

    I don't know why but when C4eva says hello those innocent speaking turrets from Portal 2 came into my mind saying "Hellooo Hellloooo! I don't hate you -_-" :D hhahahahahaahaa!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  5. avatar Roman says:

    И ни какой информации о 0225,только бля бля бля и ни чего … Хатя бы сказали сколько ждать.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  6. avatar r0ck says:

    that's the third time he is refering to that link, ridiculing the maximus lizard… hmmm…
    as if he wants to prevent us from buying lizards and go for x360usbs…

    I'll just say "money talks" and leave it like that.. you make your own thoughts about this….

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  7. avatar Comrad says:

    WHEN WILL 0225 RELEASED?!?!?! YOU TOLD US THAT IT IS NOT SO DIFFERENT FROM 9504! WHY SO SLOW?!?! Sory for english and caps, i cant wait more !

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  8. avatar atsoo_music says:

    c4eva work on 0225???

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  9. avatar hustler says:

    is he start to aboveboard propaganda for usbpro?
    and if its true i think the limit of usbpro sale is not full yet
    and 0225 fw is not release till the tools saling are reach the limit they want
    but why is he say funny? ( cool or rustic )

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