c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-14 #maximuslizard)

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[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> xtarctor just powers drive
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> so yes
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> ok because im having a hellva time
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> still need compatible sata controller and JF
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_5hvb0> http://www.360drives.com/list?v_pack=7&v_perpage=50&sort=mfrdate&desc=1
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> the cpu sees it, but the drive will nto go into vendor mode
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> its driving me nuts
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> again xtarctor does nothing but provide power to drive and allow eject
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> has no other function then that
[2011-04-14 03:18AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> thats what i thought but i got the whole inquiry, key and dummy already frmo the drive but now it wont go back into vendor mode
[2011-04-14 03:19AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> i feel kinda lost about it now
[2011-04-14 03:19AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> maybe ask in the JF IRC channel, as they have more knowledge on jungleflasher
[2011-04-14 03:20AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> ok im just trying anything i can right now
[2011-04-14 03:21AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> using via card?
[2011-04-14 03:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> nope
[2011-04-14 03:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> direct connect to the board
[2011-04-14 03:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> never had a ptoblem with ANY drive before
[2011-04-14 03:24AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> try a differnt sata port? does the drive work in the console?
[2011-04-14 03:31AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_5hvb0> check your pendrive
[2011-04-14 03:46AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> xoxo
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> aJerks boy
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> hi
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> he did the hard part, got the case off it
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> lol
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> lol
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> you dont have torx drivers?
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> So they failed to flash it huh?
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> flash what?
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> we have not determined that yet
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> oh yeah
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> not sure yet
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> i need a game
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> thats why i wanted to goy buy one kild, remember? heh
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> burn one with XBC 2.9
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> burn something old or simple
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> like call of duty 2
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> I thought you already tried to play a game
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> no
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> but I guess your question was rheteorical
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> yes
[2011-04-14 03:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> ?
[2011-04-14 03:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> long story
[2011-04-14 03:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> anyway im out
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> its late and time for bed
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> k, nite
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> im gonna work on MODing it
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> :)
[2011-04-14 04:46AM UTC] #maximuslizard <todojuego> lizardfix gecko 1.06 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VFR90RUF
[2011-04-14 04:53AM UTC] #maximuslizard <noose> Nice

[2011-04-14 05:01AM UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva_> np :)

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86 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-14 #maximuslizard) (Including 9 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar gael says:

    np ? what does it mean ?

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  2. avatar good says:

    0225 within the next 2 months? Anyone have any solid predictions or no?

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  3. avatar veg says:


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  4. avatar Rambo182 says:


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  5. avatar taytis says:

    What da hell is that?? C4eva!! Ppl r waiting for 0225 fw?? It says nearing complention about almost 3 weeks.. U have already said that there is no much difference btw 9504 and 0225?? you have to say sth more than "np". An eta is a must!! U seem u r trying to make interest on this subject stay on top?? Monopoly sucks.. Someone should also work on these too.. In order to make you run faster!!

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  6. avatar Comrad says:

    JUST RELEASE 0225 !!!!

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  7. avatar Spangl says:

    c4eva, please just tell us approximate date of release 0225/

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  8. avatar dan says:

    month or so after relese of new dash for sure, lets say June. imo

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  9. avatar mohamed says:

    plz c4eva u can release 0225 in any time even if u want 2 release it in the Christmas of year 2011 u can do it but plz plz don't give us this silly smiley face

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  10. avatar a no body says:

    you meen np for the new halo disk you got ? or for the outcome of 0225 :P

    thanks dude

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