c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-14 #maximuslizard)

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[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> xtarctor just powers drive
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> so yes
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> ok because im having a hellva time
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> still need compatible sata controller and JF
[2011-04-14 03:16AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_5hvb0> http://www.360drives.com/list?v_pack=7&v_perpage=50&sort=mfrdate&desc=1
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> the cpu sees it, but the drive will nto go into vendor mode
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> its driving me nuts
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> again xtarctor does nothing but provide power to drive and allow eject
[2011-04-14 03:17AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> has no other function then that
[2011-04-14 03:18AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> thats what i thought but i got the whole inquiry, key and dummy already frmo the drive but now it wont go back into vendor mode
[2011-04-14 03:19AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> i feel kinda lost about it now
[2011-04-14 03:19AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> maybe ask in the JF IRC channel, as they have more knowledge on jungleflasher
[2011-04-14 03:20AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> ok im just trying anything i can right now
[2011-04-14 03:21AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> using via card?
[2011-04-14 03:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> nope
[2011-04-14 03:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> direct connect to the board
[2011-04-14 03:23AM UTC] #maximuslizard <pleasehel> never had a ptoblem with ANY drive before
[2011-04-14 03:24AM UTC] #maximuslizard <VGCrepair> try a differnt sata port? does the drive work in the console?
[2011-04-14 03:31AM UTC] #maximuslizard <mib_5hvb0> check your pendrive
[2011-04-14 03:46AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> xoxo
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> aJerks boy
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> hi
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> he did the hard part, got the case off it
[2011-04-14 03:47AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> lol
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> lol
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> you dont have torx drivers?
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> So they failed to flash it huh?
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> flash what?
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> we have not determined that yet
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> oh yeah
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> not sure yet
[2011-04-14 03:48AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> i need a game
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> thats why i wanted to goy buy one kild, remember? heh
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> burn one with XBC 2.9
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> burn something old or simple
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> like call of duty 2
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> I thought you already tried to play a game
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> no
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> but I guess your question was rheteorical
[2011-04-14 03:49AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> yes
[2011-04-14 03:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <Kild> ?
[2011-04-14 03:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> long story
[2011-04-14 03:50AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> anyway im out
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> its late and time for bed
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> k, nite
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <aJerk> im gonna work on MODing it
[2011-04-14 03:51AM UTC] #maximuslizard <sfb12> :)
[2011-04-14 04:46AM UTC] #maximuslizard <todojuego> lizardfix gecko 1.06 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VFR90RUF
[2011-04-14 04:53AM UTC] #maximuslizard <noose> Nice

[2011-04-14 05:01AM UTC] #maximuslizard <c4eva_> np :)

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86 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-14 #maximuslizard) (Including 9 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar @ MarcusBernardi says:

    Please , God , Help the C4eva to unlock this driver , 0225 , Amém Tnx Dude -q

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  2. avatar Krauser_Xp says:

    hi c4eva can you tell me when you release fw 0225? please thx :lol:

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  3. avatar StickyIckyuu says:

    :idea: You guys chill the f**k out. If hes the one doing the job, do not tell him to hurry up or demand a release date. You morons are so f**king retarded its unreal. You really think he wants to keep releasing his packages to a bunch of pricks? I wouldnt. You 90% of you guys could kiss his ass for all I care. I hope he never releases his 0225 firmware revision. I have an 0225 flashed xbox already. If you dont, thats your problem not his you f**king leechers. Go f**k yourselves, then go get a life, then learn how to do it yourselves c**k suckers. Now shut the f**k up and let the man work. You wanna get banned? If so I am sure he would gladly release his work without further testing to the world. I swear the world is f**king stupid and it only gets worse huh? C4Eva, f**k these ppl yo. Make them pay for a release or put your custom firmware on the X360USB Pro or the Lizard. Then they have to buy it. simple as that. So, keep bitching ppl. You really think it gets you somewhere? All it does is piss off the man in charge of this campaign. Again, to you c**k suckers that just can't wait for some reason, quit pirating, quit playing, you do not deserve to be on this site or own an xbox…. sorry f**kers. :!:

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  4. avatar ☠๒เ๏ђคzคг๔☣ says:

    omfg I cant believe this shi* let the man fu**ing be and maybe you might get some answers I read through these pages and all I see is a bunch of little fking brats crying like there daddy took them to a candy store and refuses to get them what they want I have a slim xbox as well with 0225 and I spent money on 360usb and other things just like the rest of you fking tards I dont blame him a bit for not saying jack sh*t I wouldnt either as much as you guys whine and cry like he fking owes you something "Write Your Own fking Firmware or STFU and wait" ffs like a bunch of fking kids running around on the internet does your mommies and daddies know you are going to non-school sites by the way you guys act I surely doubt that

    C4eva dont listen to these whiney as* brats they are obviously spoiled keep up the good work and thanks for well made products go go C4

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  5. avatar ulien says:

    Hi everybody, and Bonjour Mr C4eva :)
    I think that the minimum required here is respect for C4eva. I undertand the frustration, and I'm frustrated too, but No C4eva –> No Flash !! So please respect him !! My english is not good, but the message is written.
    I have the X360 USB and it works very fine : thanks Team Xecuter, Jungle Flasher an C4eva!
    I will juste ask this question with a lot of humility in front of you C4eva : Could you please tell us what you have done, and what you need to do before releasing the 0225 firmware? A release date (or approximation) will have the benefit to let us sleep like a baby while we are waiting for you work :)

    Thanks a lot for all

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  6. avatar The Joker says:

    You are all such dumbasses. There is no problem with the 0225 firmware – the drive does not allow the chip to be written to !

    You guys are so retarded. Kill yourselves morons.

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