c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-16 #x360usb)

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[2011-04-15 08:21PM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> ciao
[2011-04-15 08:35PM UTC] #x360usb <yogie> ciao
[2011-04-15 09:58PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> hey all
[2011-04-15 09:58PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i'v faced a problem
[2011-04-15 09:59PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> yes?
[2011-04-15 09:59PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i'v just update my moded xbox slim to 12625, then it doesnt read any disk. just say open tray
[2011-04-15 09:59PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> is there any solutions on it?
[2011-04-15 10:00PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> a 9504 is in the console or a fat liteon?
[2011-04-15 10:01PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> its 9504 liteon slim xbox
[2011-04-15 10:01PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> and it read games at a lower dash?
[2011-04-15 10:01PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i moded it, then just put my assassin creed:brotherhood, and it says update dashboard. then i'v faced this problems.
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> is there any way to go again old dashboard?
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> the ac patched with ap 2.5 data?
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> i bet its not
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> repatch ac bh with abgx so ap 2.5 is applied and reburn
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> or grab a game thats not assasian creed fable 3 needs for speed hor pursuit halo reach or backops and test it
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> all those titles need ap 2.5 data and reburning
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> yes, i tested it with different games
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> no disk is readable
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> so grab another game from your stack and try man
[2011-04-15 10:04PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> even, cd, movies, dvd etc,, nth
[2011-04-15 10:04PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> well if cds or movies don't play lasers dead i bet
[2011-04-15 10:04PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> cause cds and movies will play without a proper key on the drive
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> but, its a new xbox
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> it was alright before
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> just from yesterday, after updating, its not working
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> :( (
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> did you turn the box on and back on yet and try loading a game?
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> yes
[2011-04-15 10:07PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i did it, but same results
[2011-04-15 10:07PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> i dunno what to tell you man thats pretty weird
[2011-04-15 10:07PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> goto #jungleflasher
[2011-04-15 10:09PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> ok
[2011-04-15 10:09PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> anyway thanks for your help
[2011-04-15 10:13PM UTC] #x360usb <frazzeld> have you tried to reflash?
[2011-04-15 10:45PM UTC] #x360usb <TX628> could someone help me out with x260usb pro driver setup
[2011-04-15 10:46PM UTC] #x360usb <TX628> the damn thing keeps giving me hid complient device…and before anyone says switch is on or off..its OFF
[2011-04-15 10:49PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> you following the guide?
[2011-04-15 10:51PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> wanna install teamviewer i'll take a look for ya
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> on a benq i keep getting this and i have no clue why so does anyone know what the prob can be
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Sending Magic Keys to Drive on port 0×0000
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> ………………………………………….
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Done!
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Sending Vendor Intro
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Vendor Intro Failed
[2011-04-16 02:57AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> nm
[2011-04-16 03:08AM UTC] #x360usb <sciswin1> pebkac?
[2011-04-16 06:26AM UTC] #x360usb <X360USB72> When it is expected 0225 ?
[2011-04-16 06:28AM UTC] #x360usb <X360USB72> hey

[2011-04-16 06:28AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> when its done!
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[2011-04-16 07:43AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> and the ps3 isnt that great in grphx
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> MY horse and me 2 boots fine on my 9504
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> hahahaha
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> im curious
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> how IS that game?
[2011-04-16 07:45AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no idea
[2011-04-16 07:45AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> sounds like the intended audience for the game are female children between the age group of 3-7
[2011-04-16 07:46AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> sounds like the kind of people you'd opt to abduct, no?
[2011-04-16 07:47AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> no mate…i got my sexual preferences right
[2011-04-16 07:47AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> so not like when abandoning a sinking ship …
[2011-04-16 07:47AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> Women and children first ?
[2011-04-16 07:48AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> that's gentlemanly…i think you're confusing being honorable with being horny
[2011-04-16 07:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> likely
[2011-04-16 07:50AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> hey 0ggie
[2011-04-16 07:50AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> since you're an admin on the channel
[2011-04-16 07:50AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> are you part of the store?
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> what store ?
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> No I am not
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> but I figured Id ask, anyway
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> oh ok
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> i ordered off ck3.co.uk
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> wanted to know the status of my shipment
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no idea
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> nm
[2011-04-16 07:58AM UTC] #x360usb <marko_> send them an email
[2011-04-16 07:58AM UTC] #x360usb <marko_> they'll reply asap..monday =)
[2011-04-16 07:58AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> oh ok
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> will do
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> but it's not like im in a hurry anyways
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> i mean…0225 is not yet out
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> its my friends that are bothering me
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> I like how you pretended to have friends, on irc
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> I done that before
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> not on IRC
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no,youre pretending on IRC to have friends IRL
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> its called…THE REAL WORLD
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> ah
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> lol
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> ok
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> do they sell modded 9504 consoles on ebay?
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> just the consoles
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> not pb,not controller
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no idea
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> gonna go check
[2011-04-16 08:04AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> will x360usb work with future versions of the dash
[2011-04-16 08:04AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> or can it be blocked
[2011-04-16 08:05AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> it has 0 to do with dashboards
[2011-04-16 08:07AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> i mean
[2011-04-16 08:07AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> don't the dashboard updates update the drives' fw?

[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> doesnt matter!
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[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> still, that as nothing to do with the x360usb :)
[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> alright :)
[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> morning / evening c4
[2011-04-16 08:09AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> hey c4

[2011-04-16 08:09AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> hello
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[2011-04-16 08:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX672> c4,can we expect 0225 firmware in two month or not?
[2011-04-16 08:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX672> c4,can we expect 0225 firmware in two month or not?
[2011-04-16 08:13AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> ask again
[2011-04-16 08:14AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> lol
[2011-04-16 08:16AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> can't wait to get mine
[2011-04-16 08:17AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> it's less than a price of a game
[2011-04-16 08:17AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> theyre so fuckign mint
[2011-04-16 08:17AM UTC] #x360usb <TX672> c4, you said that a release of 9504 and 0225 will not have much time
[2011-04-16 08:19AM UTC] #x360usb <Kuken> is it possible to power a 9504 drive with the first connectivity kitt from 2006?
[2011-04-16 08:19AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> sure
[2011-04-16 08:19AM UTC] #x360usb <Mosquito> hello c4
[2011-04-16 08:20AM UTC] #x360usb <Kuken> great
[2011-04-16 08:21AM UTC] #x360usb <Mosquito> c4eva, how going works?
[2011-04-16 08:22AM UTC] #x360usb <ribbit1> can i put a logic board from phat 9x series into a 7x series to fix a play dvd error sometimes
[2011-04-16 08:27AM UTC] #x360usb <Sleepy2> c4e -> 0225 write solution ?
[2011-04-16 08:51AM UTC] #x360usb <cccc> no release for the moment
[2011-04-16 09:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX284> hello
[2011-04-16 09:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX284> when i use the x360usb pro it will not see any drives conected to it?
[2011-04-16 09:18AM UTC] #x360usb <Baz> you installed the drivers
[2011-04-16 09:45AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> c4eva_ .. any news on the xgd3 disc?
[2011-04-16 09:46AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> It's colourful
[2011-04-16 09:46AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> lol..
[2011-04-16 09:46AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> i mean.. it can be ripped?
[2011-04-16 09:47AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> Probably, with a new xbc yeah
[2011-04-16 09:48AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> i hope so.. :| i also hope to fit on a DL disc :-s
[2011-04-16 10:11AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> the whole point of the new media is so they don't fit
[2011-04-16 10:13AM UTC] #x360usb <Kuken> verbatim maybe will release a new type of DL disc. Because its all about the money!!!!! :) if the se a market they will go for it
[2011-04-16 10:14AM UTC] #x360usb <frazzeld> Exclusive Deals to manufactures only/
[2011-04-16 10:16AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> I'd bet money on verbatim just happening to introduce a disc with overburn :)
[2011-04-16 10:16AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> let's face it who burns movies any more, its all media bricks
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> I did once
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> and never on DL, too expensive etc
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> My tv wouldn't play whatever codec was used
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> But yeah it was single layer
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> How much more space is required?
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> For game partition
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> 900mb I think
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> its significant
[2011-04-16 10:38AM UTC] #x360usb <psnem> hi there
[2011-04-16 10:38AM UTC] #x360usb <psnem> any news about 0225 ?
[2011-04-16 10:40AM UTC] #x360usb <psnem> you threet customers of usb360 like shit …

[2011-04-16 10:40AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> ?

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349 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-16 #x360usb) (Including 54 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Krauser_Xp says:

    so fw 0225 it's ready for testing?

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  2. i think i heard that one b4 !
    release the fkn FW dudeeeeeeeeeeeee, please.

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  3. avatar Xboxgamer says:

    C4eve when do u thank it will ne done

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  4. avatar seba says:



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  5. avatar roman says:

    Опять бля бля бля всякую хрень, и ни чего за 0225… :!: :!:

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  6. avatar hustler says:

    another dull answer

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  7. avatar Waiting4Slim says:

    When its done….. Coming soon ….. Coming along nicely….

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  8. avatar BLA BLA says:

    you cannot ask c4neva something la this .. the answer will be always the same

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  9. avatar Xbox360Slim says:

    When is release of 0225 LiteOn? not news :( :?:

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  10. avatar CJL says:

    OMG i cant believe you ungrateful POS's c4eva works so hard for you pirates to play your backup games and for FREE might i add and all i hear is release 225 hurry up whats taking so long. WHY DONT YOU MOTHERf**kERS RELEASE IT YOURSELF THEN STOP BITCHING AND WAIT you ungrateful f**ks sorry i had to say this it's just crazy how selfish people can be these days!

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  11. avatar GNT says:

    0225!!! 0225 !!! 0225!!! 0225!!! 0225!!! 0225! 0225! 0225! 0225!!!
    C4eva plz!!!! Come on dude! I'm trust in you!

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  12. avatar gael says:

    When its done like he said . More you ask less you will have ;)

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  13. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    when its done! thats no info. they are selling 360 usb pro to all, but we cant use it because the 0225fw isnt done. So we are sittng with a device we cant use because the 0225fw isnt done. Thats the way we customers are treated, like a peace of s**tt. So pissed of right no only some info and no silly comment should be written.

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      You intelligent people explain me this, how they gonna sell more usb360 without releasing the fw?
      They gonna sell what the people NEEDS, i mean no one its going to say "s**t what can i do meanwhile… i know !! can buy a usbpro !!!! " ,
      Suppose 0225 its released, they are gonna sell less usbpro ?!?!?! less than if they holding it for a couple of months ??? :S :S :S
      "Oh s**t i'm so f*****king desperate for waiting that i´ve buyed 3 usb360pro HELLPPMMEEEEE"

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        it was marketed in a way which hinted and insinuated u could flash all slims and slim firmware was done and being tested with it thats why so many people angry they feel mis sold mis informed clever selling tactics but nobody likes being tricked dude…..

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        • avatar juanitopel says:

          WTF!! you wanna flash old way ?? DO IT, it's hard to do for an non expert modder but if YOU wont it f*cking do it, nobody says you must buy usbpro to flash 9504, 0225 nobody knows, just c4 will know.
          Marketed, yes like all products from TX, insinuated?? you'r saying that they should'nt use it as example and testing? come on this is a BIG product…., really, what do you have with it?? i dont get it, maybe you are modders and usbpro makes final users don't depend on you?? i don't know

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          • avatar Anonymous says:

            I am a modder…..and well after new fall update litoens are all mra hack to get key off not so easy for the 2 clicks flashing brigade anymore !!! has it made it less hassle and mess yes upto now till mra comes back did i buy it thinking slim firmware was going to be released with it or soon after it damn yea i did but not just me tho many many others in this forum too it couldve been marketed a little better like i said yes insinuations "were testing with slim firmware who can claim that" if you was or wernt it leads end user to believe sum firmware exists its you who doesent get it my friend am entitled to my opinion i buy xectutor products i donate wen i can and no we dont know if you can flash 0225 with existing sata setup c4 eva does in conjunction with team xecutor the people that know wont say but they will show you a video of a usb pro extracting the key errrrr yea m8 !!!

          • avatar Anonymous says:

            seen as my last reply didnt post al rewrite it but simpler…deffo am a modder the usb pro has made things easy for now until the update which will reflash ya drives i can do mra hack these other 2 click flash brigade that have bought the device cant so its only temporary simple for end user seen as phat liteon make up 80 percent of xboxes around today alot of 2 clickers will be disapointed in around 6 month have u mentioned this in any advert NO !!! can 0225 be extracted and wrote with exsisting sata setup err c4eva and team x are not saying but they will show us a lovely video of the 0225 key getting extracted via usb pro errrr yea m8……do 90 percent of the people on here think that firmware was complete and being tested with usb pro errr yea thats why there in ere moaning m8 we cant all be wrong we all feel misled folks you marketed it s**tly like a prize fight that doesent live upto its billing and we get u flaming us for voicing our opinions errr yea m8…thanx alot any ways we have no info about sod all from c4 or team x bout anything in months yet they have time to post a product comparrission video showing how good usb is against lizard errr yea m8 its propper not about sales and money and errr bulls**t is it !!!!

          • avatar jaycboy says:

            does new dash update thats coming in 5 month stop usb pro reading keys via po go thoin i do believe it does so how easy is going to be for end use in 5 months unless they can mra and solder they will be stuck not seen team x telling people this just keep selling probe on websites also key from slim 9000 unreadable after update no info on these m8 jus keep trying to sell kits !!!…no one knows if exsisting sata setup can read or write to 0225 the people that do kno team x and c4eva arent saying altho they can show you a lovely video of usb pro reading key off a 0225 errr yea m8..im a modder and me like the hundreds of others on this site really thought when you said you were testing slim firmware with usb pro i actually thought yes al pre order that the firmwares already about and in testing errr ye m8….were all feeling tricked or misled dude thats why everyboys in ere now pissing and moaning it was very misleading altho u guys left enuff room to step back and say whoa its c4eva who does firmware we dont know him he part of our team but we dont know him he release wen dun (but you guys were testing the slim firmware with usb pro months ago !!!) and now we crave info but you guys are too busy making videos comparing how good the usb pro compared to the lizard to release any info….is usb pro a decent product for now yes i use it a lot will it be easy remains to be seen but the gripe is how its marketed and sold in conjunction with and all that crap like i said sensationalised hence the backlash m8……….

          • avatar StillWaiting says:

            funny how you shot down the x360usb pro without knowing whats coming.. The way you talking let us think you know what you are talking about though.. the USB Pro thingy is only an advanced adaptor so we dont have to work on getting a working driver for our via card.. Also i think you didnt get the part where the x360usb pro can be flashed with new firmware to make them run on different setup.. as for the 0225, i am one of those with the lucky number. I am frustrated to see the change from near completion to in progress but remember its not C4eva or TX who create protection and change it from model to model. So far each drive previous 0225 got flashed so lets just be patient since I am, and for most that yell, for sure unable to code a firmware myself.

    • avatar The Joker says:

      You are an idiot. WTF has c4 or the 0225 fw got to do with the X360USB PRO ? Nothing ffs.

      The X360USB PRO was never advertised to have anything to do with the 0225 other than able to dump the key.

      Some of you guys are so retarded.

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      • avatar jaycboy says:

        I have no idea what c4eva in conjunction with team x have to do with the firmware seen as there working together now m8 and like to brag about the partnership c4eva is releasing videos of how good the usb pro is compared to the lizard and you have no idea that people would assume seeing a video of a key being read off 0225 along with a statement saying…testing usb pro with slim firmware who can claim that…on the same page people would assume the usb pro wouldnt be able to write to the 0225 team x have been slippery over this one i sir am an idiot i fell for suggestion not facts like everybody else in here who now is intitled to an opinion cause they are end users who feel tricked have you read some of the comments are you blind m8 everybodys wrong are they…ffs indeed some of us are retards but retards that will support the other devs now !!!…team x in cojunction with c4eva my ass !!!

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  14. avatar Borland says:

    Сборище даунов.

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  15. avatar Malapope says:

    and when it done ? can we have a percent ?

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  16. avatar Soxx says:

    i f**kin bought X360USB PRo and i see this answer "When it's Done" makes wana through it there faces, piece of s**t TBH. :(

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    • avatar Sub Zer0 says:

      Boo Hoo.

      Crying like a little bitch wont speed up the release of 0225 fw.

      I have a 9504 and its flashed. Great work c4eva. No rush for 0225. LOL :D

      LMFAO @U ALL!!! :p

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  17. avatar rambo182 says:

    It will be done when it's done, SUCK ANSWER!

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  18. avatar gael says:

    make it yourself, or you can buy your games too, what do you think about that ?

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  19. avatar chupacabra says:

    c4eva you are the biggest lier in the world, just tell us the truth: you want to get money selling X360USB? we gonna buy this s***t, i just buyed and if you want more money i buy 1 more to help you, but release the f***k fw.

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  20. avatar Kopas says:

    We want more infos about 0225. Tell us about write method ? The fw is similar to 9504 or you must start from the beggining.

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  21. avatar Bunker39 says:

    WTF are you guys stupid?! C4eva is working his ass off to get the custom firmware to work, and yet you’re complaining? If it's so damn hard to wait; well just create the firmware yourself! No, sorry I forgot, you can't! And they didn't rip you off with the usb360, it's a device for flashing all 360, not just a 0225 device! And it's not like they had in mind to sell this in order to f**k with those that have the 0225. And since c4eva numerous times have said that the 0225 for the moment only can be dumped, then it's your own f**king fault for buying the usb360. And creating a firmware takes time, everything must work! It's not like slicing a pizza or taking a crap. So just f**king deal with it and wait like everyone else! And if you still can't do this, then you either got to; 1. Create the firmware yourself (which you can’t) or 2. Die, so that we don’t have to hear you whine.

    This is all that I have to say, and for the record; I have the usb360 and a 0225 drive. And it was a great purchase! Thx c4eva for your hard work : )

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    • avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

      But remember this that they are working on it..hmh.. one year? maybe not one year but almost… It's really long time.. people are tired of waiting…

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      • avatar Bunker39 says:

        "people are tired of waiting" what kind of sentence is that ? c4eva never said that it wouldn’t take one year, it might as well take 2 (why not 3) years. He doesn’t have to do this, no one is making him do this and he might as well stop. So you are in no point of demanding stuff from him (like a release date and such), instead you should just be grateful that at least someone is willing to do this for the community (even when 50% of them act like douc bags).

        And to c4eva I'll have to say this; Keep up your hard work mate and don’t try to push the release, release it when it’s completed! :)

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      I dont know why i keep reading in here, there are the same stupids like before but with 0225, dont worth the time to answer'em , do like me, just read the headers and thats all.

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  22. avatar ludovic says:

    0225 !!!!!!!!!!!

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  23. avatar 0225 says:

    when will the flash out for 360 Slim 0225
    0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 ???? :wink:

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  24. avatar Аноним says:

    Блять этот конченый троль ебучий , досих пор не может выпустит прошивку , он же блять сказал , или он просто даун что , она ничем не отличается от 9504 так хуля ты сука сидишь и со всех стебаешься , мразь ебучая …. ты ведь всех тролишь сука а люди вы тебя верят , ты поступаешь как последнее говно со всеми , гнида , таким верить себя не уважать только пизит с пустого места гнида !

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar Stunna says:

      Че ты несеш, он потом говорил, что 0225 отличается от 9504… Откуда столько ненависти, ебаный уебан…

      Reply | Reply with Quote
      • avatar Borland says:

        Да хуйню гонят опять.

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        • avatar Аноним says:

          ебаный уебан ты , если ты троль тупорылый и читать не умеешь он сказал что ты мразь тупая , что они не отличаются только программая прошивка будет отличаться , сука где таких чмырей берут , очередная школота которая лижет жопу что бы ему прошивочку побыстрей выпустили …. несешь * с мягким знаком неуч , тут уже ясно что ты тупое буратино ….иди ему ещё отсоси мб ексклюзивом тебе прошивку на рот накончает ….

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          • avatar Bad Russian says:

            "Э"ксклюзивом , а не ексклюзивом, неуч"Ь" с мягким, ты сам мля тупой дЭбил, "в чужом глазу щепку заметишь, в своем бревна не замечаешь" )))) Я тебе уже сказал, что таким как ты вообще не ХУЙ тут делать, иди клоун лучше выучись на програмиста и сделай прошу лучше, а "просто так пиздеть, не мешки воротить"

  25. avatar tchekoo says:

    what is the method to unlock the 0225 ?

    FW ?

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  26. avatar beorange says:

    0225 its already done
    but c4eva always do this to us so we should wait no prob

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  27. avatar Borland says:


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  28. avatar Anonymous says:

    C4eva muchisimas gracias por este trabajo tan desinteresado ovbiamente el tiempo de espera a sido largo pero no importa gracias amigo.

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  29. avatar Fugno ETG says:

    OK toma tu tiempo c4 igual ya esperamos lo mas hayq ue tener paciencia muchachos y si lo precionamos depronto nos demora mas el fw de castigo, ademas es el unico que esta haciendo esto si el no lo hace entonces quien podra ayudarnos

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  30. avatar chupamos says:

    fds lança maze essa merda caralho. fds, tantos filmes pra lançar ca pra fora o caralho do firmware que ridiculo. caso nao saibas ha mais gente com o firmware 0225 que o 9504. c4eva nao te escondas bem longe nao

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar chupamosv2 says:

      Ele nao lança o FW porque ele nao sabe desbloquear o Write no 0225… Ate agora tem nos enchido de tretas e mais tretas como "soon", " write is no problem ", é tudo mentiras. Isto foi'me confirmado pelo um membro da Team Xcuter … Eles simplesmente nao conseguem desbloquear o leitor 0225 pa permitir escrever o novo fw. Porque o fw ja ta feito..Agora falta a parte em que eles ja tao amarrados ha mais de meio seculo. Vou é vender a minha slim e comprar uma das antigas… Esperar que a lua exploda ja tou eu farto.

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  31. avatar Moi says:

    c4eva has a life you know!! i have a 0225 but i don't whine about it.
    let the master do his magic and … just be patient!!

    thx for everything so far c4eva

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  32. avatar Хабиб says:

    Жопу закройте ебланы бля, не хватает что он старается и делает прошивку, вы еще имеете наглость что то говорить на него! может вам еще надо чтоб он персонально домой пришел к вам и прошил консоль? Если он скажет что вообще не выпустит прошивку, вот тогда я посмотрю на вас! Он не обязан вообще делать ее! Если че то не нравится, идите меняйте привод или меняй те консоль, если нет завалите ебало и сидите! Если сами такие умные идите и создайте прошивку сами! Не вы первые, не вы последние кто ждет! Может прошивка задерживается из-за обновленного дашборда, может по каким то личным причина нет времени на нее, не вам его судить!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  33. avatar beorange says:


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  34. avatar YOYO says:

    I speak with Him Earlier, He said around September or maybe Xmas this Year. Patience… :)

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  35. avatar Gael says:

    Agree with bunker39, say what you want, FW 0225 won't come faster
    despite your comment !!!! C4Eva don't care about this guys !!!! Carry on to make your good work.

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  36. avatar Hypnos says:

    In c4eva we trust!

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  37. avatar tchekoo says:

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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  38. avatar Anonymous says:

    NO FW HERE HAHAHAHAHAHA, Until they've become Millionaires You'll have to buy your games :evil:

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  39. avatar CJL says:

    BOOO f**kIN WHOOOO so you have a device you cant use..exactly how much money did you save form playing your downloaded games….yeah tahts what i thought STFU!!!

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  40. avatar Darkville says:

    When will the 0225 firmware?? Pleasee ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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  41. avatar TNT says:

    Nooooooo !!! the return of "when it's done" ^^

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  42. avatar kolvik says:

    please eat my hole
    and release the fw 0225
    i have xbox 360 slim a 6 month;.

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  43. avatar Psycho says:

    What the f*ck is your problem guys, it will be ready when it's ready.

    Stop f*ucking around

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  44. avatar Psycho says:

    So C4, when is it ready?


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  45. avatar Anonymous says:

    maybe you should release firmware.

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  46. avatar chupamosv2 says:

    Its all lies, there isnt a Write solution yet for 0225, so all that "soon" , " write no problem " is all lies.
    This was confirmed by a development member of team Xcuter that is workin on the fw too. So dont expect anything new "soon" … They've been on it for a long time and still there is no solution for the write problem. SAD !

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    • avatar whatastupid says:

      oh, so where did he told you that? in coffee shop or laundry? no, i know, you hear someone that knows someone who f*cks the girlfriend of someone who knows someone that lives near to the place where lives someone that hear thru wall to someone that speaks with that gay from TX, dont you? It's that or just your homemade rumors.

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  47. avatar Tchekoo says:

    i go cry ): : (

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  48. avatar Tchekoo says:

    that way, I'm older, I have 7 children and 9 grandchildren yet but the FW will not have left! :evil:

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  49. avatar CJL says:

    if i was c4 i would start charging for it or just cancel it all together it obvious most of you ungrateful pricks dont appericate the mans work. You must not know how much time it takes to code and write firmware stupid little f**king kids.

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  50. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    Okey, i have read some of the comments from all this. Its not booohooo an so on.
    maybe whe are taking a litle lift off but all in all its just a little (INFO) people are locking for.

    It says that the 0225 is IN PROGRESS, NEARING COMPLETION. To me it says that the buy of 360 usb pro is the thing we need to flash 0225series…

    We buy a product, we need some info. we get some info we can relaxe:)

    C4eva is doing a great work, just some info on progress would be great thats all….

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  51. avatar El Majico says:

    Per la prossima settimana ce la fai a rilasciarlo?

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  52. avatar harrison says:

    C4eva simplemente pedimos alguna noticia sobre firmware 0225 ya que vamos en el dia 49 de TESTEO y aun no Hay novedades D:!

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  53. avatar teclado says:

    People who buy X360USB PRO, who does?? stores it in the kitchen?? that lack of respect for the people! and would have to be ready and free FW 0225 and 0500.!

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  54. avatar ermeglio says:

    ciao c4eva, che dici c'è la fai a rilasciare per la prossima settimana? grazie, dai che ci conto

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  55. avatar corey says:

    I agree. I'm a big fan a c4eva and don't ever wine about something I get for free but with most work comes set backs and progress…….and just to say almost there compared. To. 50% there or even half makes people get off ur back….good work c4 keep it up bud

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  56. avatar Psycho says:

    Hey C4.
    Ignore these ungrateful SOB's.

    You are doing a great work and for free, we are all grateful.

    And for those of you who doesn't seem to get that, I suggest you go to the nearest game shop and buy you're f**king game.

    When he says it will be ready when it's ready then he means exactly that.

    I have a 0225 and I go in too see if there is any news, if there is, then good, but if not, you just have to wait.

    Great work man

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  57. avatar xfxgames says:

    c4eva at every moment microsoft will change the firmware solution for this?

    microsoft because it proved that it can change the time that the version you want.

    you are working on this?

    you are working to support making firmware changes, mutations, and adapt to new dashboard.

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  58. avatar diablo says:

    ill be happy to wait for new firmware till after the new dash no use hacking it if they are just gonna reflash it

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  59. avatar Tchekoo says:

    gogogogogo c4eva (yn) :wink: :)

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  60. avatar retribution says:

    Hey c4eva I hope you release firmware soon. When you release I might buy the x 360 usb pro or pay someone to flash it. Thank you for hardwork

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  61. avatar CFWpwnzrs says:

    Heh, I always wonder when some 'ungrateful firmware modifier' comes out and makes noise about their personal needs, if it's just a fake name pretending to be an ass to prove how idiotic every other one begging for release dates really is. Do they ever read their posts and see how bad they fail at life? I'm guessing the weren't even in diapers yet when original c64's were still on the market… Go c4eva!!! Your modded firmware is where it's at!!! =0D

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  62. avatar Spangl says:

    If team-xecuter and c4eva wiill release, for example x360usbpro-2(0225) with fw, i'll will buy it immediately, and i'm ready pay more than 60$… If the question is from a commercial point of view, but I doubt that this is so..

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  63. avatar atsoo_music says:

    we are all waiting for 0225 news.can you tell us some thing???

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  64. avatar sasa80 says:

    ciao, c4eva, quando pensi di rilasciare il firmware 0225? non ne posso più, l'attesa è brutta. Puoi dirmi se per questo mese viene rilasciato? grazie

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  65. avatar waiting 0225 says:

    13141,0225 not flash.
    is that mean 0225 no way to write?
    or hard to find write solution?

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  66. avatar onlyforchildren says:

    ciao c4eva, dai rilascia il firmware 0225, sto attendendo da ottobre 2010, non posso + aspettare, rilasci per questa settimana?

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  67. avatar BTX says:

    é um filho duma puta q não liberou até agora a porra do destrave ! fica nessa merdinha aí de ficar vendendo a porra do x360usb e até agora nada de destrave.

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  68. avatar classified says:

    if you want the fw to come out make your own if not stop bitching

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  69. avatar Darkville says:

    please need the firmware of 0225 before the start of the new xbox dashboard :(

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  70. avatar aleks says:

    IN PROGRESS, NEARING COMPLETION 0225!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(((((((((((((((((((((((((
    Сколько еще месяцев,лет,дней,часов будет это надпись!!!Кинули прошивку 9504 и отвяжитесь и народ спокойней стал!!И все лежит мертвым грузом,тишина о 0225!!Бред,уродство,плохая работа!!IN PROGRESS, NEARING COMPLETION 0225 Прямо как в мексиканском сериале а результатов ни каких IN PROGRESS, NEARING COMPLETION ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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  71. avatar good says:

    I cant wait. BTW I am 22 and in college and I still love video games. I hope when after I graduate I still play video games every day. My first game was Wario Land for the game boy back in 1993, so color was only black and white. I feel old now lol…

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  72. avatar Backup Master says:

    I don't normally comment on such things, but thanks to c4eva and team i have over 700 games to my collection that i wouldn't have otherwise, well not unless i won the lottery.

    Anyway i thought i would pass on my thanks for his hard and im sure often stressful work, and please guys stop bitchin about 225 fw. So you bought the x360usb, people have saved thousands of pounds due to this work.

    @c4eva – quick question, presumably since M$ can now flash the drives they can keep doing it each time there is a dash update, or do you plan to block / lock this somehow. Maybe too early to say, just wondered if you'd thought about how you would tackle it.

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  73. avatar Vektox says:

    C4eva cuantos dias de testeo lleva la 0225?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar Pedro says:

      Amigo creo que ni siquiera esta en testeo! si mas no me equivoco aun estan trabajando en flashear la 0225 y luego de alli ira a testeo! yo tambien espero este FW con ansias! fue decepcionante abrir mi slim y ver el 0225 en mi lector! no nos queda de otra que esperar que c4eva le vaya bien y termine rapido!

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  74. avatar Антошка says:

    Молодец c4eva

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  75. avatar Anonymous says:


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  76. avatar ema says:

    FW 0225 NO ETA???
    X360USB NO BUY….

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  77. avatar shazlong says:

    hi c4evaa i have xbox 360 slim 250 gb lot no. 1038X yellow sticker mfr date 16-09-2010 so its probably to be 0225 i wanna ask when u will modd it i hope u do it in this week plzz make it soooooooooooon i wanna play with it my bro gives me it as a present and i have exams after 3 weeks so i want to play with it inshallah alittle b4 i got in exams plzzzzzz tell me when u will modd it

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  78. avatar CJL says:

    chewbaca STFU you whinny little bitch a couple pages back you were insulting the team and now your begging STFU you little bitch!!

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  79. avatar Антошка says:

    Самый главный сосальщик это ты

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  80. avatar sasààààààààà84 says:


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  81. avatar brutwurst says:

    omg… he said only minor changes to 0225 and now we wait and wait and wait again… BORING!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  82. avatar good says:

    good things take a while…

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  83. avatar mordos says:

    i think C4 must close all works after reading comments (or this site)
    all freebie lover sitting here and Stink all days

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  84. avatar QQQ says:

    omg release that fw!1!!

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  85. avatar sebapin8 says:

    es necesario abrir la slim para saber que lector tiene????
    por que en la parte de atras la mia dice 18-09-2010,eso significa que tengo 0225????????

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  86. avatar chupacabra says:

    Si sebapin8 tiene que abri-lo, e quase ceirto que és 0225 por manufature data

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  87. avatar happy :) says:

    im gettin my xbox 360 slim 0225 exchanged for xbox360 arcade model… :) :)
    guess it will save me pain of visitin this site hundred times a day.. :p :p
    wish 0225 fw came sooner…
    i just wanna play screw MS and their stupid protection schemes

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  88. avatar Darkville says:

    happens to c4eva?? have not answered anything about the 0225 firmware :(

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  89. avatar Hans says:

    You may have to wait for 0225 a lot longer:

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    • avatar teclado says:

      Pero si hace una semana atras c4eva dijo que escribir bien, que verificacion en tiempo real, que escribir no era el problema, que el emperador en 0225 cometio otro error critico, que mintio c4eva???

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      • avatar Hans says:

        According to k3rn3l they thought they found a solution to write 0225, but apparently they where wrong. So they are currently not able to write 0225, meaning no point in creating a firmware.

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  90. avatar PitFall says:

    They never installed Debian GNU Linux?
    If he says "When it's done" it wil be ->"when it's done" .
    I prefer wait and have a good FW :lol:

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  91. avatar Anonymous says:

    i'dont understand becouse if the issue is 0225 pcb c4eva can't relase a firmware for write on 9504 pcb

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  92. avatar beorange says:

    c4eva will release this fw when its 100% ready
    so its not the 1st time we wait and see a good job
    keep going c4 we support u.

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  93. avatar nicoda says:

    vamos C4eva, como bas con el 0225, esta por finalizar? lo tendremos antes que acabe el mes?

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  94. avatar chewbaca says:

    0225! relase this man

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  95. avatar Retire says:

    if han's comment has any truth to it, then we're going to anticipate a long long wait. even worst and seem logical, c4e might have discontinued the 0225 and moved on to the upcoming fw.

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  96. Please release now finally the 0225 slim FW !!! its not funny anmore.. you are really a joke C4EVA !

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  97. avatar Steve Ballmer says:

    damn…..Everyone look at Hans Post…..forget FW for 0225!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
    :-( :-(

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  98. avatar JudgeDredd says:

    thank you c4eva!!!!! I should have bought a PS3……..i relied on you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  99. avatar Chico says:

    Уважаемый C4eva обнадежьте нас хоть чем нибудь по поводу 0225! Заранее спасибо за ваш не легкий труд !

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  100. avatar ehiiiiii says:

    c4evaaaaa……è pronto il firmware 0225….grazieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  101. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    Then it is the 20.04.2011. seems like the guys is on vacation, so em i :D

    Happy hollydays to all thats waiting for info. Maby on monday we get some :?:

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  102. avatar k3rn3l wutt ? says:

    I think you did NOT read the article guys. It said that they need to see how the next update will interact with the firmware. Not that the firmware will not be released you noobs. After the tests are done with the new dashboard, C4E will surely give us some updates

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  103. avatar teclado says:

    hace una semana c4eva dijo sobre 0225, que el emperador cometio otro error critico, que escribir bien, que escribir no era el problema, que pasa ahora c4eva mintio?

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  104. avatar nicoda says:

    c4eva realmente lee lo que escribimos aqui? si es asi deberia pronunciarse rapido sobre esta noticia.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  105. avatar Javi says:

    Yo no me creo nada de eso, c4eva conoce el tema mejor que nadie, y dudo que nos mintiera… no se arriesgaría sabiendo lo que tiene entre manos, tiempo al tiempo….

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  106. avatar Jay Webster says:

    If han’s link is legit then I have lost some respect for c4eva, He should have corrected his mistake and told everyone there wasent a way to write to 0225 yet, more waiting to be done :(

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  107. avatar anonimo says:


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  108. avatar CJL says:

    you guys are SOL anyways once the dashboard update comes out because you wont beable to reflash your slim

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  109. avatar jaycboy says:

    we need tons more info now !!! people cant extract there keys after updating to new dash on 0924 and its back to mra and soldering for phat liteons after we need to kno if there will be updates to usb pro is the pogo thion people have bought going to be useless and whats happening else were the scenes going crazy no info jus xecuter on the sell sell sell cumon guys !!!!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  110. avatar fuckingboughta0225 says:

    Meanwhile I'm buying original games… s**t, it's hurting my pride! C'mon, c4eva, you're making me pay taxes!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  111. avatar anonimus says:

    ciao c4eva, non è giusto non rilasciare il firmware 0225, ho fatto una donazione anche io per incentivare lo sviluppo del firmware…c'è la facciamo per questo mese? daiiiiiii

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  112. avatar C4 ELVIS says:

    A little less conversation, a little more action please
    All this aggravation aint satisfactioning me
    A little more bite and a little less bark
    A little less fight and a little more spark
    Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
    Satisfy ME

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  113. avatar True says:

    the emperor win the game ! I leave the scene

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  114. avatar good says:

    I dont trust that source saying it is all f**king hardware and no firmware. I will believe it when c4eva says it. I doubt it too because c4eva many months ago said both 9504 and 0225 are similiar drives.

    If it is all hardware and no firmware what is the point of the usb pro? Majority of users have 0225 so making that device is some what pointless. For now I think that totall conversation is complete bull s**t

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  115. avatar Bartagl says:

    ….x360usb? …..maximuslizard? 0225!

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  116. avatar jaycboy says:

    [20:43] am waiting till 0225 solution is found before i buy one so then if i need anything else will buy at same time
    [20:43] i doubt you will see a write solution for 0225
    [20:43] thats not what c4eva says
    [20:44] he was mis quoted
    [20:44] we thought a solution was found – it was a mistake
    [20:44] im sourcing a couple of thousand 9504's
    [20:44] negotiating atm
    [20:44] hahahaha!!!!
    [20:44] nice
    [20:44] good business move
    [20:44] i wanted 20k
    [20:44] they told me to f**k off
    [20:45] so its likely no write solution yet? not even in progress?
    [20:45] arana we have spent thousands on extra equipment to diagnose the write issue
    [20:45] it has nothing to do with the fw
    [20:45] its all hardware
    [20:45] MS did something right?
    [20:45] for now.
    [20:46] og course
    [20:46] a write once chip?
    [20:46] no it cant be write once
    [20:46] as they can write to it via beta dash
    [20:46] thats what we are sniffing atm
    [20:46] they may give us the answer themselves tbh
    [20:46] but as of today – its a no go
    [20:46] it will require a full dump thats for sure. so FU lozard

    read this guys no write solution for 0225 yal after buy other pcb to do it by sounds……

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  117. avatar TheLeon says:

    When it done? 0225!

    Please, c4eva?

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  118. avatar GS says:

    Do you ever trust everything that is on the net ?
    I have no idea who this "k3rn3l" guy is so stop spreading rumors about no writing solution on the 0255 FW

    C4eva said they succeed in writing the FW a long time ago so please stop with this bulls**t

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  119. avatar sebapin8 says:

    jaycboy ,so no write solution for 0225??, its a joke???, :(
    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar jaycboy says:

      i took that from the actual team x forums m8 they say its real ther tranna order 9204 pcb maybe to flash with 022 firmware like back in day :s we dont know anything they dont tell us mere mortals !!! wer just here to by the products !!!

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  120. avatar brutwurst says:

    hey guys… again a day without new infos :(

    I hope all of you have a nice long weekend and a good Easter with his family! Maybe we get sunday a little present… i hope it so, but i don't believe it… otherwise we reading from each other on tuesday.

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    • avatar brutwurst says:

      …and by the way, to the quote post from jaycboy… k3rn3l told this, and he told the same s**t on april 1.st as april fool hoax, he said to this time that the 9504 drive is not writeable… don't trust him so much. I think he will josh us all!

      See the full quote here: http://pastebin.com/VXGDai5b

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    • avatar brutwurst says:

      …and by the way, to the quote post from jaycboy… k3rn3l told this, and he told the same s**t on april 1.st as april fool hoax, he said to this time that the 9504 drive is not writeable… don’t trust him so much. I think he will josh us all!

      See the full quote here: h**p://pastebin.com/VXGDai5b

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  121. avatar nicoda says:

    c´mom Eva tell us somethin, anything…

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  122. avatar o.O says:

    Twice deleted posts while I comment this article of k3rn3l. Does this confirm that he's right ?

    Because as far as I know, C4E said write is NOT A PROBLEM !!!

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  123. avatar Darkville says:

    please ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 0225 ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ :(

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  124. avatar wander says:

    C4Evas voce esta esperando a nova DASH?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  125. avatar Al says:

    Slim coming along nicely

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  126. avatar dimon says:

    what can't be written?

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  127. avatar nicoda says:

    la verdad es desconcertante la que hace c4eva, 20 días o mas sin noticias sobre el 0225, y ahora llega una filtración que dice que no hay manera de escribir en el 0225.
    y lo peor c4eva no dice nada, al menos deberia decirnos si esto es verdad o mentira,
    o que tomara algo mas de tiempo.

    Eso significa que ya tiene listo el firwm y solo necesita inyectarlo?, vamos que lo libere y entre todos buscamos la forma, y si no hay solución solo que lo diga y ya.

    Agradezco a C4eva todo lo que ha hecho por la scene de xbox, pero a veces es necesario que entre todos colaboremos, entre los miles que hay dispuesto a investigar en como meter el 0225 en las lectoras, encontraremos una solución.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  128. avatar CJL says:

    There will be no 0225 hahahahaha sucks to be you

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  129. avatar WAITING says:

    C4EVA, give us an update on 0225 man!!!!

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  130. avatar kadijono says:

    do you think its strange you havent heard from c4eva… im not suprised after reading the insults and threats made by most of the people.
    how much did you pay for your xbox ? and how much are you gonna pay for cfw?
    i supose you go to work every day without payment as well .. do you?
    so what gives you the right to speak to the man/woman in that way !!!!
    what in life is for free these days ? you tell me
    you should be gratefull instead writing this crap here.
    the adm. should ban those people from the site.
    and if you cant wait sell the damm thing or buy org.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  131. avatar My0225plAysBkUps says:

    I want 0225 to be released just a bad a everyone else. But if you JUST CAN'T wait…..Oh yeah, you were too busy waiting and wondering instead of remembering you CAN read 0225! Grab an old effin
    drive (benq,lite on, sammy) and flash the d@mn thing. That's what I did and guess what, I play back ups on my 0225 slim. BTW, stay away from live ;-)

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  132. avatar c4ever80 says:

    ciao a tutti, ma sopratutto a c4eva e team…volevo solo dire di lasciare in pace questo ragazzo che sta lavorando per noi…dategli tregua e vedrete che il firmware 0225 arriva. Anche lui ha una sua vita privata e quindi che se la goda…

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  133. avatar Darkville says:

    is truth to the rumor that the reader of 0225, can not write???, Please answer and say that time will be the 0225 :(

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  134. avatar aryaei says:

    write solution : NO ETA
    They are just trying to sell X360 USB

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  135. avatar Killer_LG says:

    don't worry /// c4eva did not say anything : P

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  136. avatar c4always says:

    hello, what you do not understand is how the hacking of the Xbox 360 Slim is in the hands of one person. The hacking of the ps3 is of all, many people experience, often fail to give good news. Mathieulh., waninkoko, Grafh, kmeaw, GH, and many others. In short, this is an invitation to get interested in hacking and slim … thanks !!!!! sorry for bad english

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  137. avatar Retire says:

    can you stfu already. he'll release it when its ready..

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  138. avatar sweet says:

    I bought it, but I only can look at it to do nothing everyday!! Where is 0225 FW!!! Update something news, plz!

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  139. avatar New PS3 user says:

    I bought an XBOX with reader 0225 and returned after 10 days to recover the money because I imagined what is happening. With a little more money I bought a PS3 320GB FW 3.50 and I've been enjoying several days backups on its internal or external hard drive without spending money on blank DVDs. Thanks to CFW 3.55.

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  140. avatar demon says:

    maybe it is becourse c4 is looking into the new beta-dash and want to incoroporate new stuff before release ????

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  141. avatar Martin says:

    C4eva: SPEAK!!!!!

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  142. avatar Jose says:

    Hello c4eva. I need to ask you something! :) Is there any news about 0025? please answer me.so we'll be more quiet. thanks :)

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  143. avatar thebestest says:

    Is there any development about 0225 cuz i cant see nothing since the last 6 days

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  144. avatar thebestest says:

    I have got like 2 suggestions about 0225 :
    1st c4eva has a normal live too ;
    2nd c4eva and his team are working too hard on it and they have no time for replys in this site

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  145. avatar thebestest says:

    Seriously ?

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  146. avatar pga says:

    Respected c4eva! Very much it would be desirable to receive already on the end an insertion for 0225. I have bought your piece of iron for this purpose. 360 pro.

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  147. avatar thebestest says:

    Did c4eva died or something ? ( seriously )

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  148. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hey people r saying that c4eva needs money so he can release it how much does he need :idea:

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  149. avatar nacho says:

    hello friends! I'm from Argentina and wanted to know if there is anything new flash saute the 0225 … because here in Argentina are as crazy and are losing hope that the longer the flash c4eva I would I have great faith that very soon will leave the flash! please just have information about the flash let me know to calm colleagues here thank you very much. Greetings from here in Argentina. :)

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  150. avatar Sergey says:

    0225 COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  151. avatar Jochem says:

    Just be patient guys, C4eva has vacation too!!
    Without this almost one-man-army it would not even be possible!!

    Anyway good job C4Eva!! You have my respect.

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  152. avatar cxv says:

    Bulls**t, we need to wait more 1 year to realease te f**king firmware –´ f**k this

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  153. avatar ema says:

    Sometimes just to say they sell a pack of lies … No more a product Xecuter.

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  154. avatar FED UP says:

    IN PROGRESS, NEARING COMPLETION???!!!! what does it means? 1 week, 4 months?

    I know it is not easy to develop the fw but don´t play with us!!!
    Give us a real ETA!!!

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  155. avatar FAiRY says:

    Im giving them time till the end of the month if it won't be ready by then bye bye slim.

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  156. avatar Sub Zer0 says:

    Go buy the original games you whiney little cu nts instead then.

    Take your time C4EVA, this is hilarious watching the miserable tight fisted poofters crying everyday.

    9504 FW is perfect by the way. :p

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  157. avatar Аноним says:

    ахаха , он всех накормил , этот тупой троль , вон ксекутеры выпустили юсб прошивальщик hdd , они деньги только друт а 0225 не будет , судя по словам кернела , с4ева ты тупой троль , ты только врёшь людям чмо , тебе денег мало с продаж , животное ты ….

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  158. avatar nicoda says:

    Is this true?:

    New Statement of an team xecuter member:

    "For those that don't read – there is no issue with the 0225 firmware. The issue is with the 0225 hardware. There is currently no way to write to the drive. It could be months away."

    c´mon eva tell us something about this!!!!!!!

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    • avatar teclado says:

      Pero c4eva dijo…… 2011-03-26 11:56PM UTC] nope, 0225 write all good, just verifying [2011-03-26 11:57PM UTC] 0225 fw shortly [2011-03-27 12:11AM UTC] the emperor made another critical error [2011-03-27 12:11AM UTC] yep [2011-03-27 12:47AM UTC] tnx to ******* Esto es todo mentiar!?!?!?!?!?!

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    • avatar chewbaca says:

      i think this is not true, but c4eva and tem xcuter need money to surviver, so will sell thousands of x360usb before release a FW, and i think his is wright, cause everybody need money, but i still angry cause he dont tell nothing about this

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  159. avatar teclado says:

    Miren lo que salió hoy a la venta en Team Executer!!!! http://team-xecuter.com/xecuter-x360usb-pro-hdd-hacker-tool-released/, dicen que es un exito mundial la venta del x360usbopro, yo no creo que sigan vendiendo sabiendo que no se puede escribir 0225 y que sea todo una mentira!!!! que pasa C4eva, ?????

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  160. avatar retribution says:

    better not be true or I am setting my xbox 360 on fire and then I am gonna piss on it

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  161. avatar El Majico says:

    sei vivo o sei morto?

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  162. avatar Russian says:

    Почему молчит C4eva???

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  163. avatar Russian says:

    А может C4eva -это сын Касперскова?)))

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  164. avatar Khurram says:

    It seems totally unprofessional approach, when you say near to completion then no reason to not to have ETA( no harm if they say it will take months or years , all can wait or find out alternatives in that case) , and above of it person is on MUTE , I know he is not on my payroll but being a professional there are some SOPs must to follow which I found missing .

    Anyhow , instead having frustration in shape of waiting just bought modded one slim with 5 games free and feeling relax , not don't care whenever they release for 0225 , once done will apply and will dispose else in worst case will dispose in parts.

    My suggestions to end users gamers , leave them to ask , as u ask much they will show more attitude.

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  165. avatar jc265 says:

    Stop bitching and making up stories. I want the FW just as bad as the rest of you, but you need to learn patience. You don't get what you want in life by crying, unless you're under the age of 3.

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  166. avatar Darkville says:

    and c4eva without saying a word, what a shame that is not said nothing yet of 0225

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  167. avatar GaussY says:

    no matter which way, release the method to hack 0225, that's what i want to see

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  168. avatar fuckingboughta0225 says:

    Yet another day of silence… Man this silence makes me believe there's really no write solution. s**t, I just wanna know if I'm gonna need to sell this f**king crap with 0225 and buy one with 9504.

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  169. avatar good says:

    I am going to by an xbox 360 eltite by the end of may if 0225 is not out. However, I would rather play on my slim and not spend a couple hundred dollars. I have been waiting around 9 months ever since the video in the fall. I am not buying usb pro untill 0225 flash is possible. Have faith guys I am giving c4eva 1 more month and thats f**king final!!!

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  170. avatar btx says:

    c4eva dont know how to unlock 0225. its true. =(

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  171. avatar 4ever says:

    Here we go again :( :p

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  172. avatar darkville says:

    support the previous comment. this is too much, c4eva even deigns to answer anything about the progress of frimware 0225 if this goes for long or that process going and when will .. :(

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  173. avatar c4evaSpeaks says:

    Вот лохи реально небудет вам прошивки ХА-ХА
    Лицензию покупайте гавноеды. :: : P

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  174. avatar Konfused says:

    i think c4eva left 0225….
    maybe not possible at all…with all the hardware lock nd stuff..
    he should be clear at all if possible or not and dont f***k with us

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  175. avatar Anonymous says:

    hey steve, your vocal cords will break if you shout from the rooftops like that ….

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  176. avatar PitFall says:

    Hey Steve your vocal cords will break if you shout from the rooftops like that…

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      this is bull s**t just release 0225 i am waiting and waiting every dame min i min i look and it is not out what the f**k come on c4eva not to be rud or anythang but is it done or not or r u just waiting to get more money or what come on c4eva just release it so everyone will stop bugging u about it
      :idea: :D :p

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  177. avatar #weareabandonned says:

    #weareabandonned :(

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  178. avatar StillWaiting says:

    I can understand people being impatient about infos, though remember this C4eva guy is a human and this is the easter week end… I am one of those who bought the x360usb pro and i do have a 225.. sadly the FW isnt ready and might not be ready before next microsoft patch.

    From my understanding of the situation, probably C4eva is working on 0225 AND the upcoming patch since he is going to need to update the whole bunch of FW for this. I would be frustrated to flash my drive and find out the patch break it a couple hours/days later.

    On a side note, it would be nice to have some infos from C4eva, at least to counter the rumor which say the 0225 isnt writable.

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  179. avatar darkville says:

    The page should be called from now does not speak ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ c4eva hahaha.

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  180. avatar out2getu says:

    Happy Easter.

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  181. avatar Anonymous says:

    C4eva were r u reply to all of us that r asking u weft pleases or is it be causes ur working on o225 or u don't want to answer us or what come on c4eva

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  182. avatar cxv says:

    c4 is gone ahahah

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  183. avatar ethanol says:

    Here's a song for all of you.. ehemm.. ehem..

    "I have got a nine five o six
    i have already flashed this s**t
    you will keep waiting for ten more weeks
    and i could not be any happier
    cause your boxes are stil legal bricks, yoooo!

    When its reeady.. when its reaaaady..(8)
    Maybe or maybe not.. but
    when its reaaaady… ooohh

    when its reeeady, when its reeeady
    love or hate c4eva, when its ready…

    Authorized! yooo! Peace!

    and out!"

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  184. avatar thebestest says:

    Why is he hidding ? C4eva , please post something , it doesnt matter what .

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  185. avatar Hey says:

    I think C4Eva is dead ._.

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  186. avatar Suckerwith0225 says:

    When I read about c4eva coming out with 9405 and promising the 0225, i immediately bought the x360usb, but from what I'm hearing, I might as well take a dump on it and throw it out the window. Team-executor and c4 are laughing all the way to the bank with this. f**k microsoft and their 0225 consoles, i should've went for the PS3.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  187. avatar thebestest says:

    He has a girlfriend you fool :wink:

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  188. avatar Anonymous says:

    i know that is wht i say

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  189. avatar thebestest says:

    Does any1 know his phone nimber or something ?

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  190. avatar Karel says:

    calm down people… it will be all right soon…
    let's move on for a while…
    soon we will have the fw….

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  191. avatar Suckerwith0225 says:

    This is like being put in the situation where, because of some illness, you have only a few months to live and you want to know more about the illness and a rough date but the doctor just won't open his lips. Common doctor c4eva how long?

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  192. avatar greatcornholio says:

    i do not care when, but let it be

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  193. avatar JudgeDredd says:

    Oh damn!!! I just want to know if it is worth waiting for 0225 another days or sell my slim and buy an elite or another slim with 9504 drive….DAMN!!….why cant you update news man!!!!!! Waitin toooooooo long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sadist!

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  194. avatar chupacabra says:

    cause c4eva dont have anything to tell us

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  195. avatar Stunna says:

    Shut it down people! He waits 4 new dashboard release! Calm down MF'z! Заебали тупить… :!:

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  196. avatar PitFall says:

    Come on C4eva is probably the only person which can make this FW, so you should let him do what he have to do …
    if you want a FW quickly, make yourself !!! grrr ->

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  197. avatar ice says:

    ….news 0225 ?…

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  198. avatar Killer_LG says:

    no good and no bad news… silence….

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  199. avatar Yellow says:

    Got desperate and bought a Slim Glossy (console only) on ebay, according to seller mf date is 05-2010 so IT MUST be a 9504…right? waiting for console to arrive

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  200. avatar nicoda says:

    f**kkkkkkkkk!!!!!! tell something c4eva!!!!!!jeje :D

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  201. avatar LOVE says:

    For c4eva soon is translate in about 1/2 years.

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  202. avatar darkville says:

    c4eva already gave signs of life changed the status of a 0225 firmware in progress ….

    The rumors were true has not found a way to write to the reader 0225

    this is already f**ked :(

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  203. avatar Khurram says:

    Very funny situation, C4EVA could be enjoying holidays , having lot of money by releasing 9504 now only stupid person can work over holidays when have hot chicks in surroundings and hot pocket in pent….. and here people are refreshing site for any updates….

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  204. avatar ronaldo says:

    I RECEIVED THE XBOX360USB TODAY, IT´S DIRECT FROM CANADA…AND waiting for firmware to unlock my xbox 0225 firmware, i pay 125U$$ for it…


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  205. avatar Anonymous says:

    Is the end…

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  206. avatar fuckingboughta0225 says:

    Great!!!! "IN PROGRESS". Man if you're having problems finding a writing solution, why don't you tell people? Maybe we can help. We don't want your money or your glory, we just want the f**king fw.

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  207. avatar genius80 says:

    ok, c4eva, we understand that you're not a genius and we need better-trained people in the field xbox. Come forward, this is just a kid who does not know how to get on. But it is possible that there are people working on these players?

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  208. avatar formalin says:

    from team-xecuter forum:

    Sorry to put you down, but there won't be a write solution for 0225, the SPI is locked to read-only, a case which was never seen before on Xbox drives. To quote a big gun:

    [20:43] am waiting till 0225 solution is found before i buy one so then if i need anything else will buy at same time
    [20:43]fake i doubt you will see a write solution for 0225
    [20:43] thats not what c4eva says
    [20:44]fake he was mis quoted
    [20:44]fake we thought a solution was found – it was a mistake
    [20:44]fake im sourcing a couple of thousand 9504's
    [20:44]fake negotiating atm

    They're now going to flash CFW of 0225 on 9504s..

    Response on this post:

    OK this thread is opened again as the 0225 info has been corrected on c4evaspeak.com

    Confirmaing (again)

    There is no problem with 0225 fw. The problem is that the drive cannot be written to / flashed / programmed.

    This is being investigated and could take weeks/months/never.

    There is NO progress to report but when there is you will hear it here first.

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  209. avatar hustler says:

    what happend here?
    i seems 0225 problem is serius
    the 0225 drives are never writeable?!
    why c4 is shutting up and dont answer the questions?
    is it true he must say it

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  210. avatar jaycboy says:

    well finally i hope the bottom falls out of the usb pro now cause i bought it believing they had all solutions covered and how it was marketed but we can flash everything now with our existing sata setups but am sure they didnt know any of this and didnt sensationalise to sell a couple more thousand units team x your brand name is badly damaged word of mouth is a bitch !!!….. check this site guys we wont need to firmwares soon http://www.x360key.com this will run our backups and hopefully is nothing to do with team x hopefully it will break the strangle hold cause am sick of listening to the god like team x team mock and miss sell products to ordinary consumers…am gutted on one hand cause i have 0225 and i purchased usb pro thinking i could flash it who wouldnt with the sales pitch they hyped it with but no worries like i said months ago looks like other devs have smelt the money and joined in thank god !!!!!

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  211. avatar genius80 says:

    all to buy ps3, and then the change is more simple, but the thing that makes me angry and that there are many people who work on the ps3. The xbox 360 slim, it seems almost an exclusive c4eva

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  212. avatar jaycboy says:

    like i said few weeks ago theres no write solution but team x wouldnt tell us same as you will have to mra after the fall update on every fat liteon and you cant retrive the key from the slim 9000 anymore after update too so no easy end user stuff as they claim !!! they are not telling you this either the usb pro is useless seen as you can flash everything with existing sata setup but they had a good marketing campaign sucked me in too i bought one i have 0225 i am also feeling misold and tricked at the moment…but every cloud has a silver lining new product coming guys no need for jtags or firmware connects between drive and sata cable lets you play games from external hardrive i dont think its made by team x either so al be buying it like i said the other devs have smelt the money to be earned and hey presto bye bye team x you lose your god like status thru your sheer arrogance and lies the ride down will be rough the tricked consumers like myself will make sure i have bought most team x products concievable from ck3 probe to jtag kits to mod kits i bet i do not order 1 more thing no matter how good it seems if it has the team x logo i wont be able to trust it !!!!….

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar Anonymous says:

      So when do u thank it will be done for 0225 fw

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      • avatar jaycboy says:

        i dont think there will be a need for firmware if they can get this emulator working solid and update as the new dashes come i cant see a problem the wii been doing this for years with the wode and these are the same guys am just gratefull more devs are on the scene things mite start moving along now and i believe the firmware is done the actual pcb on 0225 is not flashable just an opinion but i give it a month tops before team x are selling 9000 slim pcb to flash with 0225 firmware and wen they made some money and sold stocks a magic way will be found to unlock the spi but by this time hopefully the usb key will be operational and if microsoft plan to flash drives back to stock on every dash update every 6 months or so this is deffinately they way to go…..

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  213. avatar genius80 says:

    GREAT jaycboy!!! we have an alternative to 0225, right?

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  214. avatar ice says:

    so, nothing 0225?

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  215. avatar Comunidad Xbox 360 says:

    Look this page c4eva! http://www.x360key.com

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  216. avatar Haters gonna Hate says:

    Haters hate, sip hatorade and spew garbage. Big ups to C4Eva!

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  217. avatar tilley002 says:

    Man if you are such a hurry just remove the key gen from the 0225 drive and flash to older model lite-on drive and you will be good to go. Man let the man do what he does he will provide it when it is safe to all.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  218. avatar nicoda says:

    thanks c4eva for everything, you are the better!!!!!!!!!!!! is not your foul,
    C4eva. 4 Micros**t. 1

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  219. avatar N4h1rnh4k says:
    Reply | Reply with Quote
  220. avatar mordos says:

    microsoft in next update remove support for any usb devices and all today haters will be sit on http://x360key.com/ forums and continue stink there ))))

    best way for piracy in xbox i see in modding dvdrom

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  221. avatar Khurram says:

    Check 0225 status , NEAR COMPLETION removed :)

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  222. avatar karrington says:

    Oh my God, dudes, firmware on 0225 not needed! C4eva almost done X360 key, that thing working without firmware!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  223. avatar tosho says:

    ppl relax, you don't need c4eva anymore, just wait for http://www.x360key.com,…. :)

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  224. avatar Al says:

    Now I believe in god again! They even communicate on releases date and work in progress!!!
    It does not enable live login, and that's cool cause I don't give a s**t about live! (I have a ps3 for that)

    It's so good not to have to rely on one guy on earth !!!!!!

    Bye C4

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  225. avatar jaycboy says:

    in reply to stillwaiting if you read i say i use x 360 a lot yea its a good tool for now until ms updates hit no gripe with the hardware just how it was sold they made out they were writing with slim fw thats why everyones pissed m8 it gives the impression its finished no problems plus its they still saying its easy for end user how will mra hack be easy ???? after dash update thats how you do phat liteons the only way the key is masked and whats coming probly knowing microsoft a dash that reflashes firmware in the dvd rom after every boot just taking them time to perfect it…..what updates to usb pro do you know about m8 you seem informed too so what update are they planning for usb pro and whats it going to do then cause they aint telling us s**t they not even telling us it wont be easy for end user in 5 month or are you one of the people that dont think team x stretch the truth a bit to sell products (usb pro being tested with slim fw) just curious so dont flame me pal……

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    • avatar StillWaiting says:

      I got my information on TX forum, they are saying the dash update isnt a big security update and from what i have read on some forum here a copy/paste (from TX forum)

      C4E is totally onto this issue. He's even optimistic about it:
      [2011-04-10 06:59AM UTC] #fw there is no problem in dumping/key extraction for any of the new fw from beta dash!already looked at them all! will wait and see what is used for public release!

      You can go here for The System Update Preview FAQ by Defosho for more detailed info:

      there you go, good reading.

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      • avatar StillWaiting says:

        As for the x360usb pro, the firmware is upgradable, as we already have an upgrade from stock to 0.18.1 so we can believe there is a way to adjust to new M$ content :P

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        • avatar jaycboy says:

          cool a fellow smartass forum treader like myself lol :p yea av read that a while ago m8 and i cant trust it now av been in this scene a long time modding since the spectrum days lol big change in the last year or so with this c4eva team x conjuntion all of sudden c4eva gets misquoted or a team member mis communicated a little too much especialy on facts that would harm ther product image (as to what it really can do) and sales like av said before the pre marketing was bs thats why everybodys not the happiest theyv been in a while in here if you had the sata setup allready you didnt need this extra expense it was marketed in a way which hinted you would it was like = were team x we have c4eva this device al be the bomb it will do this that and other were the only players weve never lied before move with us or get left behind we have no info for you only how great this product is and were testing slim fw with it buy it (we were foolish enuff to believe so guess its our fault !!! )thers even non pro modders in ere complaining they bought it as a 1 time deal to flash there slim they read the same ads as i did and purchased it to find out it was suggestion more than facts as the 0225 finally came out as not writable they feel tricked we all do i think m8 deffinately let down…..theres other devs on the scene now things can hopefully go in other directions cause when the new dash comes and c4eva was mis quoted that slim 9000 key could be read after update and really it cant we will have other options my friend as theyl probably mask the keys hell of a lot more seen as its only a beta dash/firmware c4 is looking at not the real thing…gd luck to every dev working on for us free or not but they misold us this time and cant be trusted in my and a lot of others eyes

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  226. avatar bruce says:

    c4eva..this is for you from others hacker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAMs7XYTHDk

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  227. avatar Al says:

    Did you notice?

    "NEARING COMPLETION" was removed hours ago, C4 must have heard about http://www.x360key.com and told himself:
    "Maybe now that I'm not the only one on earth, I should stop buls**tting people"

    C4eva=Muhamar Kadafhi

    C4eva=Team Executer=GAME OVER

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    • avatar Paula Tejando says:

      Looks like things ain't going the way you planed…
      New competition in the market with this never ending release!
      1 – We don't know if is good quality, but who gives a s**t? (it's worth a try)
      2 – I bet you more and more will come… and in the end, wins who's got it first.
      3 – Monopoly ends!
      Thats all I got to say!

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  228. avatar gerico79 says:

    e meno male che non ho comprato l'x360 usb…questi sono solo dei buffoni

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  229. avatar مشایی says:

    چند روزی که از احمدی نژاد خبری نسیت c4eva هم معلوم نیست کجاست فکر کنم یه رابطه ای با هم داشته باشن
    مموتی یه خبر خوش برای داره 0225

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  230. avatar mauro says:

    With X360KEY tool, if it will work properly, we'll be able to play our backups………. goodbye lies4eva

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  231. avatar x360key says:

    X360KEY RULES!!!


    Bye Bye C4eva…

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  232. avatar asmsa says:

    Этот говнопидор может подавиться своей прошивкой. Насрал всем в уши и съебался. И никакого отношения этот гандон не имеет к x360key.
    Hey, C4eva eat my sh*t, you MFr.

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  233. avatar ice says:

    I speak little English, so I understood almost nothing, 0225 can 'do or not? and after that I go to the site http://www.x360key.com where should I go?


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  234. avatar 7even says:

    Don't get too enthusiastic until you see x360key on the market. They say mid July. But it is a great thing we have alternatives. Hopefully they will manage to put some pressure on c4eva to speed up things. At least we have a deadline (mid July) let's see who reaches first. so, let's enjoy the race.

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  235. avatar r3play says:

    You are not decide X360 key is fake?
    My english is too bad

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  236. avatar nicoda says:

    c4eva you can try inject the firmware 0225 with the dashboard beta?

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  237. avatar o.O lol at that crap not compatible with slim yet XD says:
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  238. avatar o.O l says:

    ol at that crap not compatible with slim yet XD

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  239. avatar TZ says:

    x360key prototype running AP25 protected game, XBox Dashboard version 2.0.12625

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  240. I wanna play "LA Noire", so fking release the firmware before this game is relesed c4s**t !

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  241. avatar d4rk5ky says:

    notice how the status on the chart went from "in progress.. nearing completion" to "in progress" for 0225. I'm guessing that they are having a very hard time with a write solution. :(

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  242. avatar teclado says:

    Alguien confirma si es verdad lo que se dice de 0225? C4eva confirme por favor.

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  243. avatar darkville says:

    if c4eva not ready, better buy the x360key, much better than waiting to do something. :idea:

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